Author's Note: So I've recently become totally obsessed with Thor and the Avengers. And even though Loki is the villain he's still my favorite character cuz he's so tortured and complicated. I also love the dynamic between him and Thor as that being said I had to do a story about their brotherhood and childhood together. And even though I already have tow stories that I'm still working on I had to put this out there because I've got way too many Loki feels going on right now. Let me know that you think and God bless.

"Brudder, Brudder," a small voice called to Prince Thor who had just turned five-years of age by Midgardian standards. Thor tossed and turned rolling over dismissing the small voice with a snore. Little Loki pursed his lips he would not so easily dissuaded from getting his older brother's attention. He started tapping him this time. "Brudder," he said a little louder his small finger tapping Thor on the head. Thor groaned finally rolling over and coming face to face with bright, wide, green eyes that were staring innocently back at him.

"Loki?" the fair-haired prince asked groggily to his dark haired little brother. "What?" he groan as Loki waved at him eagerly with the hand that hand previously been tapping him and the other hand was being used so Loki could suck on his thumb. Thor rolled his eyes and flopped back on his bed pulling the pillow over his face. "Did you have a bad dream?" Thor asked things we still a little out of focus.

"No," Loki said shaking his head and giggling.

"Why are you up then?" asked the young blonde child as he rubbed his eyes.

Loki leaned over into his brother's face a big grin lighting up his little features. "No," he whispered like it was a secret.

"No what?" Thor inquired with a yawn. He started to sit u since it seemed as though his little brother wasn't going to move. Loki held up a book picture of a book and pointed eagerly at the picture on the front cover. Thor strained to make out the image with only the pale light from the torches in the hall penetrating the dark abyss which was his sleeping chambers. He squinted trying to see what Loki was presenting to him: A woman on a mighty sled being pulled by a polar bear across a arctic landscape.

"No," Loki pointed out again to the picture on the book, flashing an energetic grin toward the sleepy older boy.

"No, story time Loki," Thor said with a yawn then ruffled Loki's soft midnight hair. "Sleepy time," He tried to explain to his little brother putting his finger to his lips before attempting to nestle back down into his bed.

"Not story, no!" Loki huffed desperately throwing his book down on the ground.

"Ok, just go back to sleep," Thor stated his words slurring since he was already drifting off again he rolled over one more time ready to get back to the good dream he was having about wrestling ogres. Loki stood there for a awhile smiling and laughing to himself, but when he started to hear Thor snoring again he started tapping him again. "Loki, stop!" Thor growled in annoyance using his left hand and pushing his brother's face way from him. The push came out harder than Thor had intended, he just couldn't control his own strength. He sent his two year old year old brother flying toward the ground. Loki hit the floor with a thud and automatically started to tear up. Thor flung himself out of the bed and scrambled to get to the toddler's side. "Loki, I'm sorry," he apologized sincerely. He often played to rough and Loki who was so small and frail for his age often got hurt. "Are you ok?" he asked pulling the younger prince to his feet and hugging him.

"Tor mad?" Loki asked looking up at the older child his green eyes still watering.

"Nope, I'm not mad, I didn't mean to hit you so hard, you forgive me?" the eldest son of Odin asked as he took his little brother by the shoulders.

Loki looked up at Thor happily and wrapped his arms around his brother's waist, "No!" he said cheerfully giggling.

"No?" Thor asked completely puzzled "Why not?" Thor demanded putting his hands on his hips.

Loki laughed harder shaking his head, "No!" he declared pointing to the window.

"No what?" Thor continued to question. The 3 year old shuck his head at his sibling. He started to walk over to the window, but Thor grabbed him and held him in place. "Why don't you forgive me?" Thor asked once more. He had done everything right like his parents told him to. He apologized, he asked him if he was ok, he gave him a hug.

Loki continued shaking his head pointing to the window excitedly exclaiming, "NO No! NO!"

"No what, Loki?" Thor asked now sounded irritated what right did Loki have not to forgive him. Eventually Thor released the little tike and watched him dash off to the window,

"Lookie Tor," he called enthusiastically over to the taller more firmly built boy, he waved his hand beckoning him to come over to the window. Thor lumbered his way to the window. Coming behind his brother and peeling the beautiful embroidered drapes back so he could peer into the darkness. "No!" Loki tried to elaborate pointing to the white powdery that was gathering on the windowsill.

"Snow?" Thor questioned scratching his head and yawning. Loki nodded excitedly. "SNOW!" Thor exclaimed jumping up and down. "Loki it snowing!" Thor bellowed flinging out his arms and throwing the curtains back so that he could take in the breathtaking view of the palace grounds all covered in white. "It's snowing little brother!" Thor told him once more.

"I know!" Loki huffed his hands coming to his hips in frustration, "Dat's what Loki tell Tor," he explained.

Thor looked down fondly at his brother, " That's what you were trying to say?" Thor inquired aloud. Loki nodded emphatically, "Loki say Sssssnnooowww," Thor pronounced slowly so that his brother could hear all the sounds that the word was making.

Loki's little eyes eyebrows knitted together with concentration. He thought hard about the word before attempting to repeat what his big brother said. "THHHHNOWW," The responded to the effort with a hearty laugh. Loki felt shamed he slunk back and put his thumb in his mouth again. He muttered the word a few more times to himself, but still wasn't able to produce the "S" sound quite right.

"Ok,"The eldest prince shrugged. It was kinda cute, "Don't hurt yourself,Loki," Thor said putting his hand on top of Loki's raven curls seeing as though his brother was still repeating the word to himself. "Let's go play in the thnow," he lisped so that his brother wouldn't feel bad. Loki beamed back up at him.

"Loki wake up mama and papa?"

"No Loki, this is a secret ok," Thor explained to his younger brother how their parents would never let them go out in the middle of the night and play in the snow so they had to sneak out very quietly. Loki nodded while Thor went to the closet and got some warm tunics for the two of them to wrap up in. Loki was practically drowning in the garments of his much bigger brother, but didn't really seem to care he was elated by the excursion.

The two princes went quickly down the hall and snuck out the palace door and ran out into the winter wonderland before them. Thor ran and immediately fell on his face miscalculating how deep the snow was. Loki ran over top of him, frolicking and spinning about as the snowflakes fell. He stuck out his tongue and caught them. Thor eventually got up and started chasing his younger brother around in through the garden. Despite the snow being so thick Loki actually seemed to maneuver well through the tundra that was forming. He was quick and agile and was easily to out run his brother. Thor didn't know how Loki was able to run so effortless through the mounds of snow that were nearly to the little boys waist.

"Ok Loki, no more tag. You win," Thor said panting and falling to his knees in the snow. Loki giggled from behind a lacy looking tree as he watched his brother flop flat on his back. Thor laid there for a long while.

"Tor?" Loki said walking over cautiously and looking at his brother who was lying in the snow with his eyes closed. The inquisitive younger son of Odin leaned over into his brother's face. "Brudder?" Thor's hands reached up and grabbed Loki by the waist pulling his down and tickling him till he squealed and cried.

The brother's tickled each other in like fashion for a long while until a looming shadowy figure appeared over them. "What's all this?" The voice questioned. "You boys are supposed to be sleeping," The strong voice pointed out.

'Dad!" Thor exclaimed rolling Loki off of him and taking a gulp. Loki stopped laughing and looked up at his father worriedly. "Wh-What are you doing up?" Thor asked innocently as he patted the soft snow around him.

The king raised his one good eyebrow and look at his sons, "I could ask you the same question, Thor. What are you doing up at this hour? Outside? and with Loki?" Thor cringed his father's words.

"We were just playing," he shrugged.

"Thor this is no Hour to be playing." Odin chided. "Out on the grounds without any supervision," he shuck his head pacing about, "What were you thinking?" The blonde haired prince didn't respond he just looked down at his snow covered boots. "I expect you to set a good example for your little brother, not teach him to break all the rules," Odin sighed "Seems I'm going to have to teach you boys a lesson," Odin held a stern look in his face.

"No!" Loki protested jumping up and running to their father.

"Shh, Loki," Thor said trying to grab his little brother, but it was too late Loki was already standing by their father's side. he looked so incredibly small standing next to such a great ruler.

"Loki fault," the little prince insisted.

"Is it?' Odin asked his voice tender as he knelt down to his younger son's eye level.

Loki nodded, "Loki wake Tor up. Loki want go out." He said his voice small as he looked up at his father.

"Why, Loki? You know it's time for bed?" Odin questioned gently stroking the toddler's cheek.

"Like..." Loki paused trying to remember how Thor told him to say the word, "Thnow" he lisped.

"Dad don't punish Loki," Thor pleaded staggering over to his father and putting a protective arm around his little brother.

"Punish?" the king of Asgard looked puzzled. "I only meant that I was going to have to teach you boys how to play in the snow," he laughed and threw a snow that he had been hiding behind his back at his elder sons face. As his vision went white Thor heard his baby brother laughing and squealing happily as they continued their romp in the snow until dawn.

Thor smiled contentedly remembering his father carrying them back into the palace they had both fallen asleep exhausted from all the fun they'd had in the night. Thor remembered his yes fluttering open and catching a glimpse of Loki one arm slung around their father's neck his other arm curled tight close to his body so that he could suck on his thumb. And he watched his father press a delicate kiss on his forehead. Why didn't Loki realize he was never less than a worthy son in their father's eyes?