The Golden Realm was a sight of wonder on the night of the New Years Festival. The world of Asgard was white and wonderful. The snow had freshly fallen putting the whole realm in fine garment for the monumentous moment about to take place. The palace glowed with the brilliance of a splendid crystal reflecting the light of the sun. Throngs of citizens had made there way to the Imperial City. The halls were overflowing with royalty from all the realms and commoners in their finest. It had been a marvelous night. Filled with parades and flying flags and trumpets. The boat races had been some of teh best the people of Asgard had ever seen. The harbor was filled with the most maginificent assortment of treasure ships to sail the realms. The food had been abundant. merchants peddled their goods in the street and soldiers distributed the gourmet food from the palace for all who had come so far to partake in. Their had been games and competitions. Jugglers and Fire breathers and magicians entertained the nobles of court who had gathered in the palace. Children ran with sparklers through the streets. Women danced through the pathways of the night drunkenly for it was a night of celebration and mead and grog practically ran through the highways and byways making all merry. In a few moments Frigga would release he herd of white unicorns to run through the streets and carry the new year with it.

The people screamed with joyous fervor as the royal herald Balcadr strolled to the balcony. He came donned in regal reds and royal purples that told of his prestigious position in the realm. An entourage of minstrels and sages followed behind the great scribe. He announced that in only a few short moments the heirship ceremony would take place. This was it. The moment everyone had been anxious for. The pandemonium gave way to nervous hush. The crowd was calm and still. The Asgardians were filled with anticipation, but even thr rowdiest of Vikings and warriors dare not make a peep for fear that they'd miss out on second of the monumentous ocassion.

"Sigyn tells me, plumage is the latest trend in gentlemens apparel this year," a debonair voice said from behind the thick burgundy curtains that separated the atrium from the Grand Hall where over 10,000 guests were stationed waiting for the princes to march in and begin the ceremony.

The owner of Mjolnir smiled as he flipped his helmet up and down. He had been impatient. He was so eager to hear the crowd scream his name and roar his title, Prince Thor, Eagle of Asgard, Commander of Thunder and Lightening , King. He was eager for the proclamation, but also slightly nervous. The teasing voice calmed his jittery nerves. He caught the silver helmet by the wing in his thick hand and took a long swig from his chalice. He wiped the back of his hand over his yellow mustache and tossed the emptied goblet into the hearth ablaze behind him. "ANOTHER!" He roared.

"Not only does Prince Thor sport a magnificent mallet onto the battlefield, but that red cape and shiny new helmet complete this fetching ensemble," Loki continued as he came to stand next to the massive blonde a sneaky snicker on his narrow face.

"To bad, Loki..." Thor began "Antlers are so 3 centuries ago," he teased as he blue pupils glanced down at the bulky helmet Loki had in his hands.

"Honestly I meant it as a compliment," Loki went on a crooked smile tugging on his thin mouth.

"What do you know of honesty, liesmith?' Thor countered flashing his gorgeous grin at his brother.

"OH so skeptical of your dear brother's sincerity?' Loki teased and gave questioning glance.

"Only because my dear brother is not very sincere," Thor countered and slapped a hand around Loki's slim shoulders.

"Alright..." Loki said wincing from the rough gesture. Even though his armor Thor's blow felt like he was being hit by boulders. " I'll give you some honor," the trickster prince obliged. "Ask me whatever you want...I'll tell the truth," Loki shrugged.

"Promise?" Thor questioned back his thick blonde eyebrow raised scrutinizing the offer.

"Promise," Loki responded rolling his eyes and making a pattern over his heart.

"All night?" Thor asked eagerly.

"Don't push it," Loki warned him.

Thor laughed, "I better make this good then," he muttered more to himself than to his brother, but his voice was still loud. He thought a moment. He looked pensive and uneasy about the question. It was the question that had rolled around his mind all night. The question he dare not ask anyone else, because it wouldn't be admitting weakness. He was always self assured and confident. he couldn't allow his friends, people or parents to see him as otherwise. "Do you think I'll make a good king?" He asked his voice actually managed to drop and so did his eyes. Only for a second though, then the bright blue orbs pounced back up awaiting the answer with hopefulness.

"Who say's you'll be named heir tonight?" Loki asked back he scowled as he did so. Thor was so conceited. Had he never even considered that Loki could become king? Was it such a far-fetched notion? Loki wondered to himself. He was still hopeful. He had seen himself as king for a moment. he had felt the power of Gungnir surging through his fingertips. It was electrifying and intoxicating and wonderful. He had a more magnificent helmet than Thor. His helmet was the symbol of the dragon. Thor's was the symbol of the eagle. The eagle was a mighty bird, but it was a bird none the less. The dragon was the most legendary and mystical of creatures. Surely father had commissioned such helmets be made as a taletell sign of who was to be the greatest between them.

"Just answer the question Loki," Thor told him. He actually looked a little nervous. His blue eyes darted about as his hands fidgeted with the helmet.

Loki paused. he took a deep breath and gathered his thoughts. "Honestly Thor?" he said wincing as if the confession was going to be painful to make.

"Yes honestly," Thor protested in a huff.

"No," Loki answered and he looked his brother boldly in the eye and told him. He exhaled after he said it and placed his hands firmly folded in front of him.

Thor's mouth started to move. His eyes looked up and they flickered with dejection. He looked like a child whose art was so terrible that it couldn't even be displayed on the classroom wall. "you'll make a great king," Loki qualified. "You're brave, strong, charismatic, relentless, proud, noble," Loki stated, 'Handsome," he threw in for good measure and he thought Thor actually blushed. "You're all the things Asgard wants in a king." he told him. It was mostly truth. The things he said had been true, Thor did have all those qualities all the things the Aesir praised. So he would be a great king to them. They seemed not to see Thor's faults. His stupidity, his brashness, his brazen disobedience and disrespect to their father at times, his arrogance and pride.

Thor wrapped his meaty palms around Loki's slender neck and immediately pulled him into a tight brotherly embrace. It was a bear hug that was almost suffocating. "Thank you brother," Thor said continuing to squeeze Loki's spine. "it means a lot to hear you say that," he confessed. "I...I never got to thank you..." Thor started again.

"For what?" Loki coughed as he tried to pull himself from the suffocating bear-hug, but Thor wouldn't relinquish his powerful embrace.

"Saving my the temple...for coming back...for coming back I knew you'd come back," he gushed. "I know I'm the older brother, but sometimes I feel like your always taking care of me," Thor laughed finally pushing Loki away from him only so that he could look his brother in the eye.

"That's because I am," Loki gasped finally able to breathe after the killer hug, which felt more like wrestling move in which you completely restrained your opponent.

Thor nodded, "Your've always got my back...thank you,"

Loki started to straighten his tunics, "I'm your brother," he stated simply looking back at Thor. "You need not thank me for doing what brother's do," He shrugged almost feeling embarrassed with how mushy his older sibling was becoming.

"You know I couldn't do any of this without your support right?'

Of course you couldn't" Loki smiled wryly, he pushed himself all the way back. "Now give us a kiss," He teased and pointed to his cheek.

Thor swatted at him, but the nimble mage dodged the blow, "Stop it," Thor scolded and punched his younger brother in the chest. The tap had been as light as Thor could muster but it still knocked the laugh out of Loki. It caused the black-haired prince to snort. "Don't snort!" Thor chided and hit Loki upside the head causing him to lurch forward.

Loki glared back at his brother but only momentarily, before long a pudgy cup bearer came along bearing Thor requested new wine. Along with two guards who asked for the princes' helmets as the ceremony would take place any minute. Thor guzzled the new cup contentedly, while Loki straightened up and fixed his tunics. "Do you think I'd make a good king," Loki asked in a quiet voice.

"Huh?" Thor bawked at the question.

"Do you think I'd be a good king, brother?" Loki questioned with a frustrated tone. Was it so preposterous for him to ask.

"Loki...I..." Thor hesitated. The recent image in his mind of Loki as King was that of a evil tyrant, but that wasn't Loki. Loki was gentle and wise. He was intelligent and shrewd, compassionate, reasonable. The most powerful mage in the realm. he was brave and gifted in combat...he had fine qualities for a king. The trumpet blast though signaling that the ceremony was about to begin.

"It's time...I should get to my place," Loki stated.

"Loki you'd make a fine king, you'd be a better one than I," Thor finally said, but when he turned around Loki was gone.

The music played loud and clear and strong. The sound was gallant and triumphant yet regal and ethereal. It was an awe-inspiring melody that the court composer had worked on tirelessly since the moment he'd been given the assignment. The blast of trumpets and the tinkering of the stringed instruments were the only sounds that flooded the halls of the gilded palace as the two prince strode to the throne of their father the sovereign of Asgard. They marched in time though they came from opposite paths. Thor's path was designated for for him in a scarlet rug and a band of the greatest heroes among the living in Asgard strode before him. Loki's path was lined with and emerald carpet and a line of Asgard's most learned men parade before him. The warriors and sages made their way to Odin's throne before the princes' did. The lined the stair well leading all the way up to the platform before Odin. Behind the great king were the highest ranking ministers in the realm. Their friends and Queen Frigga stood to Odin's left, but his right side remained vacant. That spot on their father's right hand one of them would take before all tonight.

Before Long they had both come to the base stair in front of the glittering throne where their predecessors had long ruled over the golden realm. Tonight they would official learn which one of them would inherit it next. They looked to each other and nodded as they started to ascend the steps. When they got to the top of the stair the music crescendo into a grand finale. The music halted dramatically and both princes' simultaneously fell to their knees as Odin rose. The crowd's applause swelled like a grand wave over taking the the shore as it swept into their ear drums.

Odin rose and struck the ground with the scepter of his forefathers and the thunderous adoration of the crowd stilled to a tiny murmur and finally to silence. "Children of Asgard," Odin's voice called to all his citizens. Odin of said that being king was like being a parent. All the citizens of Asgard were his children, it was his job to provide for them, shelter them clothe them, protect them and loved them just as he love Thor and Loki. It was for that reason that all the people of Asgard could refer to him as all-father. His love for the citizens of his realm was evidence in his hallow yet quivering voice. "In a few minutes the old year will pass a way and the new year will unfold before us. In this time we reflect on the good that the year has brought and we remember the sorrow it carried with it. We prepare of the new with expectancy and merriment in our hearts. Likewise tonight you shall celebrate your future king." Odin said and though the ruler was normally austere before the masses he couldn't help but allow a smile to come on his face with the statement as his eyes looked on both his sons who still bowed. The people once again roared and cheered. "Never has Asgard had two more exemplary princes. Never has a father had two more worthy sons," Odin's only good eye twinkled and misted.

A servant walked up to Odin and presented him with the shiny silver helmet. It gleamed and glimmered with splendor. It's shine was caught off the lights in the hall and bounced all around the Asgardians gaped in amazement at the fine headdress. "Thor Odinson, come forth," Odin beckoned and Thor took the forefront before Loki and moved to face his father. "Thor, my beloved firstborn son, the symbol of the Eagle I commissioned to you. The eagle is the mightiest and most majestic of all birds. It has no natural enemies, it soars higher than all. It is the master of the skies. It strikes fear into the heart of its prey and it inspired awe and wonder from those who gaze upon it. Not only is the Eagle a skilled warrior and huntsman but also a nurturing guardian of its young and a faithful companion. All these qualities I see in you my son." Odin announced before all. Frigga came over and kissed Thor's forehead. Odin then placed the winged helmet on top of Thor's blond locks. Thor immediately raise his head with confidence, beaming up at his father with pride as he started to stand and it was only Odin's steadying hand that kept the proud prince from standing up.

Loki heard Odin's feet shift ever so slightly as he came to stand in front of him he was nervous, he could feel perspiration dripping down the back of his neck in his hot ceremonial garments, but he dare not fidget. Father hadn't named Thor his heir. He hadn't given him the title. Save the best for last he told himself! He felt his stomach twist in knots. He held it in the crook of his arm and winked at Loki as his turn approached. From the other angle a servant came carrying Loki's helmet. Odin Smiled at first turning to receive the relic that he had commissioned for Loki, "And for Loki my cherished younger son," he began his strong palms outstretched to take the helmet, but when he looked down at it he froze. What was this? This strange horned headdress was not what he had asked be made for the younger prince. There must have been some mistake. But there could be none, Loki had gotten this as his was his. The crowd noticed Odin's reaction. So did prince Loki. the king almost seemed horrified with what was being shown. Loki's shrewd green eyes narrowed to his father's reaction. Perhaps Odin felt Loki trying to use his magic to burrow into his psyche. he immediately corrected his face. He turned back to the dark-haired prince and smiled slow. "For Loki," he began again as he picked up the golden piece. "My cherished younger son," he started once more and swallowed as he placed a firm clasp on each horn. "The symbol of the...Ox I commissioned to you," he said and let out a sharp breath. Loki's eyes went wide. Ox? Ox? Cow? What? That was impossible. It was a dragon. He'd fought a dragon. A dragon was shrewd, calculating, magical, powerful...the things he was how could no one see this. "The Ox could be the noblest of all creatures," he said as if explaining it to himself. "It is a creature of diligence and hard work. It is self-sacrificing. It is an animal that performs its task faithfully never looking for thanks or recognition. It is an honorable beast. With out the Ox the farm would fall apart. The farmer is dependent upon the Ox. It is a co-laborer. It plows the fields. The Ox gives to all. It is dedicated and gentle, a trusted friend. The Ox is a strong creature. The ox is indeed a very mighty and powerful creature," Odin reiterated. Loki raised his seemed a bit unnecessary. "The great strength of the Ox though, is drawn not from its size or muscles, but from its heart. It choses not to dominate, but rather to serve. To come alongside and help, to be a buffer and a support. That is honorable in the greatest sense of the word," Odin said he turned his gaze from the citizens gathered in the hall and to his son. "Loki my son I see these qualities in you," he stated. Frigga stepped forward and planted a gentle kiss on Loki's cool forehead. Odin stroked Loki's like he was a small tot before he a fixed the ornament on his black hair.

Claps and whistles, hoots and hollers rang out among the assembly. Loki boiled in his crouched position. Thor was an eagle. A might magnificent bird master of the skies, awe-inspiring regal and proud. He was an Ox? A lowly ox. Plowing the fields and tilling the wheat. Thor was free to soar as high as he could fly right into the sun if he desired, but he, Loki was to wallow in the muck and the mire working hard, toiling endlessly and reaping no reward and should expect none, because his role was that of a beast of burden. Loki cringed under the weight of the heavy helmet. When he had first seen it he had loved it. It was strong and powerful looking something fit for a king. he thought it was his crown, but it was a yoke to keep him in place. He clenched his fist and bit his silvertongue to keep from screaming out in protest. He looked up at Odin, he hope to play off gratitude but he couldn't help the hint of resentment peaking through his jade eyed. He knew what the helmet symbolized and he searched his father's good eye he realized Odin did too.

A dark voice in the back of his head slithered its way into his mind, "I told you, you could never be his equal while he was here," the voice said pityingly. So there it was said before all he truly was no more than Thor's dog. His faithful companion. Was he just to be his puppy trialing along behind him hoping that his spoiled brother would drop him a bone here and there, but if he did it was only out of benevolence because an ox expects nothing and a dog requires nothing. No that couldn't be true. That wasn't his symbol. He wasn't a hound and he wasn't a cow! He was a dragon. Powerful and intelligent, rich and mystical and dangerous...he was oh so dangerous. For dragons devoured little Loki wrestled with the dark voice inside his head. The voice that he thought he had defeated, their father announced Thor as heir. He only knew because he heard Gungnir slap the ground and heard the roar of the crowd go ballistic. That was it was done. He'd lost.

"Father," Thor called now that his shoulders had been tapped with the gold scepter and the rights had been read and his vows had been pledged. The trumpeters were ready to start their music up again but the thunderous baritone voice halted them. "As my first act as king in waiting, I want to make Prince Loki my Head of Counsel," Thor announced before all. Loki's eyes darted from their down cast gaze. "You are the wisest person I know. You are the most powerful enchanter in the realm and you are my truest friend."He looked up his mouth must have gaped because his golden-haired brother started to laugh at him. "Rise brother," Thor beckoned and Loki stood to his feet. "I'd be honored if you would work with me," He said as he pulled Loki into a hug and gave him a brotherly kiss before the entire congregation.

Loki's eyes misted. he couldn't stop the tear that trickled down face as he felt Thor slip the Crest of Valor, which their father had given his after he killed a Bilgeschnipe around his neck. Loki fingered the ornament. "Th-thank you," he whispered back.

Chanting rolled out from the masses. "LONG LIVE PRINCE THOR! LONG LIVE PRINCE LOKI!"

Thor's eyes finally sprung open. What time was it? He felt like he had slept for years with all the restless dreams that tumbled through his head. He wouldn't have been surprised to wake up and find it was the afternoon. He groggily raised his head from the pillow. He blinked blearily trying to get his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He rubbed them as they dilated and took in te sliver of pale light that peaked through the think burgundy curtains of Prince Thor's chamber. He forced himself from the comfort of his mammoth sized bed and made it over to the window. He dragged his strong hands over his blonde beard that was scruffy from a restless night. His large hands managed to pull back the thick drapes. It was snowing. The world was white and wondrous. It was the first snow of the season! All this right on the Eve of Solstice. A broad grin claimed Thor's face. He couldn't wait to tell Loki.

He ran like a child through the halls of the palace. Eager to pounce on tope of Loki and drag him out into the snow. He could already hear Loki moody and complaining. He'd say they weren't children anymore and they didn't have to run outside every time snow touched the ground. But Then Thor would just pull him out of bed anyway and Loki would be exasperated and complaining but all the while Thor thought he was secretly enjoying it. He laughed to himself as he made his way closer to Loki's bedroom. He clapped his hands over his mouth forcing himself to stifle the giggling. It wouldn't be very good sneak attack if Loki heard him coming from down the hall. He quietly pressed his back to the door before bursting in shouting "SNOW DAY!"

But the young magician prince's room was so quiet. It was eerie almost. It was untouched and sterile. It was prim and polished but uninhabited. It hadn't changed since the day after the Bifrost accident. The servants came in and cleaned and dusted under mother's orders, but no one lived there anymore. No books left the shelves, no clothes moved from the closer, no covers were ever pulled back. The water in the bathroom never ran, the balcony was never walked on. The knickknacks and gizmos went untouched. Sparks didn't fly from the room from Loki practicing his craft. No one lived there anymore.

No one set foot in Loki's chambers. Mother one day found a servant who was new to the palace going through the bedroom. The young maid had just been dusting. She had moved some things around. Pulled out a chair, drew back the curtains, organized the bookshelf. She simply lit a fire only to make it warm as she tidied the space, but Frigga spied the life in the quarters and she dashed to the room. She broke forth running frantically, she had been in the midst of talking with a few noblewomen, but she tore away from them dashing down the corridor. She tripped in her long elegant attire but she cared not. She scrambled back to her feet running full speed, her friends at her heels. 'Loki! Loki!" she shouted joyously coming to the door. 'My heart! My love!" she exclaimed. "I knew I could still feel you..." she said starting to cry as she came to the doorway. The queen was horrified to find the handmaid in her son's room. The girl innocently hummed about as she dusted off the trinkets and magical gifts that littered the domicile. "What are you doing in here?" Frigga asked the servant in a demanding tone. She didn't give the girl a chance to speak. "Tampering with my son's things?" she accused. The frightened servant wagged her head. Frigga slapped the maiden across the face. The loud pop echoed in the lifeless chamber. Frigga never struck servants. She felt awful, but she was just so overwhelmed. She was horrified by her actions. She sank to her knees and wept on the floor. The servant tried to comfort her queen, "Leave me," Odin's wife managed to gasp through her tears. "Tell no one to enter here, ever!" she decreed.

Thor's face crumpled. Mother had been given false hope, but he forgot. Just that quick he forgot. Loki had seemed so real and vivid, full of character and mirth. They were laughing after the announcement ceremony at the New Years Festival. Father had just named him as the future king and all though he had known the title was his all along his heart still swelled. He looked from father, to mother, to friends and then to Loki. At first Loki's face had seemed so stoic almost angry. Thor then went and declared that Loki was to be his Chief and Advisor and Odin made Loki Chancellor of all the courts and Loki's eyes flickered with tears. Loki was normally so stoic and austere and the ceremonies unless he was causing mischief, but that day he glowed and beamed ear to ear.

He'd forgotten that those were just dreams…just memories of times so long passed now. Loki had been gone for nearly 6 months. Thor staggered forward he touched the head rest of Loki's bed so many nights they'd camped out in each other's room, telling secrets and jokes. He dropped to his knees and wept on the evergreen silk sheets. He didn't know how long he'd been crying when he felt a sturdy, commanding hand come and rest on his head.

He pulled his face away from the bed and turned to look into the mournful visage of his father. "Father," he gasped. "I…I…I…I'm sorry...I'm sorry," he blubbered helplessly. He turned and pressed his face into Odin's night tunics. He felt ridiculous but yet he could think of nothing else to do. "I shouldn't be in here...forgive me," he went on still weeping like a child. He felt even when he was a little boy he hadn't carried on like this before his father. They hadn't spoken about Loki since the funeral. That was many moons passed now. Sometimes his friends would mention Loki, sometimes the reminders made him laugh other times they made him want to scream. He would broach the subject with his mother here and there. She'd help him sort through his grief. He'd ask if Loki always hated him. She'd cup his face and kiss his forehead and assure him of the opposite. But he and Odin never could bring themselves to actually mention Loki. They subtly dropped hints at the subject, but together they just couldn't seem to make the conversation happen.

"It's ok," Odin soothed his voice gentle balm in his son's ear. "Sometimes I think he's here too," he said slowly rubbing his thick hands through Thor's hair.

"It's my fault…I…I…I should have been a better brother to him I should have told him how much I looked up to him…I would have given him the throne. I'd give it to him now if that's he really wanted...I'd do anything for him to be here"

"Shh," Odin began as he stroked Thor's thick blonde mop. "It wasn't your fault," He assured the sobbing young warrior. you were a good brother to Loki,"

"He was a better brother to me than I ever was to him," Thor confessed through watery eyes.

"You loved him and Loki knew that,"

"If Loki knew than why did he let go...why did he just give up everything...didn't h know... how much we'd suffer?" The blonde demanded.

"Loki has suffered the most. My poor son," Odin muttered his voice shook ever so slightly. "I pray he is at peace in Valhalla," he confirmed. He started to turn away. His grief for Loki was so deep. As all of their's was but the way Loki had looked into his eyes telling him that all he had done was for him. Pleading for praise and recognition, why had all he been able to say , 'No Loki?" "I had gone to Loki's lab," The old king began. "I was just trying to sort through some of his things see what could be given away…"

"Father, no" Thor said clambering from his knees to his feet, "Don't give his things…"

"I think Loki would want his hard work to be studied and continued and not locked away here to collect dust," Odin reasoned. "he was such a hard worker...I should have commended him for his diligence..." Odin't good eye stared vacantly for a minute. "He would want someone at the universities to have these, don't you think," Thor decided that was an acceptable reason and nodded. "I came across this though…" He reached down for the large chest made of mahogany wood and bronze. "It seems like it's a some sort of collection of Loki's. He no doubt took a great deal of time with it. I think Loki would have wanted you to have it," He offered and placed the treasure chest in Thor's hands. Thor looked at it with confusion. He couldn't imagine Loki wanted him to have any of his magical relics or trinkets. He doubted Loki would want him to have one of his books of incantations. He puzzled for a long time about what could be in the chest. He looked up to ask his father, but Odin was gone.

Prince Thor sat down on his brother's bed. He almost felt like He shouldn't', Loki always complained about how his big body messed up the sheets. He chuckled as he placed the bronze chest on his lap and opened it up. In side he found the oddest of things. He found several strange orbs. Little crystal balls that were cloudy and murky. The balls were so small the fit in the palm of Thor's hand. They were so tender and delicate that Thor felt afraid his rough palms might leave some type of scratch on mark on the lovely little spheres. Timidly he gave one a shake and he saw he and Loki ice fishing on the frozen fjord with their father. He watched as he, father and Loki reeled in a huge catch. The fish was bigger than Loki and Loki laughed when they craned the massive heron from the frozen lake and it landed on Thor and flopped on top of him. Thor laughed too. He quickly picked up another shook it and watched as the snow fell and he and Loki raced to the hill with their sleds and rode down. He picked up another, jostled it only to find he and his brother rushing down the stairs on the morning of Solstice and eagerly tearing through boxes and packages and playing with toys. He looked at all the orbs. Their must have been more than 400 in the chest. Had Loki conjured up all these images and shoved them inside the chest to be preserved. Or had he locked all their happy memories away? He finally came to the bottom off the chest and found the words "Snow Days" written at the bottom.

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