Hey there. A new story. I hope that the next chapters will be longer, this is just the prologue. And I hope it doesn't have too many mistakes. I spellchecked.

Chapter: 1/?

Main Pairing : Sterek

Warnings: mpreg,slash,violence etc

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Finally. The Summerbreak was there. Best time of the year if you asked Stiles and Scott. As they had been best friends since they were little, they spent almost every minute of their time together. They even shared almost all of their classes. Now, that school was over with for the whole summer and Scott fortunately managed not having to go to summer school, so they could spent every day together, doing whatever they wanted.

For two years now their routine also included one Derek Hale. The only difference was that Derek didn't go to school with them as he was already 21. They met him 2 years ago after Scott got bitten by the Alpha, Derek's uncle Peter Hale, who had survived the arsen burning of the Hale Family home over 8 years ago.

Derek helped Scott immensly when he taught him how to control his inner werewolf, so that he could continue his life as normal as possible and without being afraid that he may hurt the people dear to him. As Stiles was always right by their side, he learned some pretty wicked moves as well. Bot Derek and Scott wanted him to be able to defend himself, which was extremely important with a crazy Alpha on the run.

When Derek killed his uncle, he was automatically turned into the alpha and took away Scott's chances of ever turning human again, though Scott wasn't really angry at him. He came to like his life as a wolf.

As the alpha, Derek yarned to enlarge his pack. Scott was right by his side as his first Beta but he needed more. Of course, Stiles was pack to both him and Scott and his human completely understood that but while his wolf liked and accepted him, Stiles wasn't a full packmember yet. He would need to accept the bite first. Then it would be official. Derek was pretty sure that Stiles would be a submissive, taking the role of a powerful mate and the packmother. The boy had a very caring nature and he was very strong, though more in the supporting kind of strong. Like a rock in the storming sea every Alpha needed.

He had twice tried to enlarge the pack by biting two older teenagers but unfortunately they didn't accept the bite and died. He hadn't tried since.

This summer though would be the turning point and would put an almost end to Derek's yarning. Stiles had decided to become a full member of the pack by taking the bite from Derek. He always knew that he would take it one day but consciously decided that he wanted at least be halfway through his puberty as he could see how much strain it put on Scott. Even Derek said that his puberty had been harder than the one of a normal teenager and he was born a werewolf.

As a pack they came to the conclusion that the first week of summer break would be the wisest point in time to change Stiles. This gave him the whole break to heal and get used to his new identity. He would have his full moon without having to worry about his fellow students and he could tell his dad that he was sleeping over at Scott's place. Easy.

So when the day came, the three of them sat in Derek's bedroom on his mattress.

"I'm so excited. I just hope that the bite doesn't hurt that much. I'll finally be like you. " Stiles smiled. He'd waited for this moment for so long. And he hoped that he would have a lighter case of his body adjusting to the bite. Scott had been lucky but Derek told him to expect some pain. Scott had always been the lucky one.

"I am,too. My wolf is amost purring at the thought that you will officially be pack. So wicked", Scott said, wearing his dreamy facial expression. The one he wore, when he for once wasn't confused or angry. Sometimes Stiles thought that he and Kristen Steward were siblings. Seriously, the same emotional range.

"Okay, Stiles, ready when you are. "

"I'm ready. " He hastilly tore of his T-Shirt and laid down, closing his eyes and waiting for Derek to bite him.

His heartbeat sped up and his breathing was slighty faster than normal. He licked his lips as he felt Derek moving towards his left hipbone. He would bite him at the same position were Scott was bitten by Peter. Before he could say anything more, he felt a sharp pain that made his eyes snap open and his mouth opened for a slight yelp.

This moment marked the beginning of a whole new chapter of their life. The beginning of their actual pack.