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Title: Care of the song We're Forgive by The Calling. (I know, not very Sons of Anarchy, musically, but it's what I was listening to as I wrote this up and the lyric just spoke to me.)

A/N: Well, this is the final chapter.

Tig sat leaning on his knees staring at his folded hands. The gentle movement of the other man's singer in his hair soothing him more than he'd ever admit. His heart was pounding and his breathing shallow.

"It wasn't you fault, Tiggy. You were following orders." the blond announced finally.

Tig scoffed. What kind of excuse was that? He should have looked before he shot. He should have made sure it had been Opie in that truck.

The fingers vanished, causing him to look up just in time to see Kozik dropping into a crouch before him.

"It's not like you'd have killed her on purpose Tig." He whispered forcefully. "It was an accident, you know it was. Mistakes happen, it comes with the job."

"That doesn't change that fact I fucked up."

Kozik grabbed at the man's cut, forcing it forward so as to show him his own patch. "Yeah, you fucked up but this means you don't have a choice. As sergeant you have to do shit no one else is able or willing to do." Kozik insisted firmly. "Shit the president is too scared to."

Tig's head snapped up furiously, anger ablaze in his eyes. "Clay isn't a coward!" he snarled.

Kozik didn't flinch at the tone or the look. "Then why didn't he fucking do it?"

"Because it's my job."

Kozik looked at the darker man triumphantly. "I know you hate yourself…and you have every right to. But you can't change what happened, any more than I could have with Missy."

Tig swallowed hard at the lump rising in his throat, looking at Kozik he allowed the man's words to swim around his head before soaking in. Finally he stretched a playful smile across his lips. "When did you become such a wise arse?"

Kozik returned the gentle grin and laughed lightly. "Come on Tiggy, we all know I'm the brains in this relationship."

The word hung between them for a long uncomfortable moment. Both men staring at each other. Kozik wished the ground would swallow him up right then. He waited for Tig to begin calling him a chick, or more likely storming out of the room. So when the Sergeant at Arms reached out, gripped him by the back of the neck and yanked him into a hungry yet strangle gentle kiss, he was beyond surprised.

Kozik shifted his weight so he was knelt on the tiled floor between the man legs. Still gripping the leather of Tig's cut with his left hand, his right clung to the man's left thigh, squeezing it hard as Tig darted beeper into his mouth, sucking at his tongue till Kozik thought that Tig may actually suck it clean out of his mouth all together. Tig's fingers tugged on the short blond strands painfully, eliciting a hum and moan from the man to blend with his own. Kozik's fingers released his cut and dropped his hand to Tig's other leg, using it to shift him closer on the toilet seat.

Kozik heaved himself up, using his superior height and build to forced Tig back slightly, so he could deal with his belt and fly. His warm determined fingers tugging the man free of the denim confines. Kozik looked down at the large throbbing muscle with pure unadulterated hunger. Lifting his pale blue eyes to meet Tig's for a mere second, he smirked before engulfing the member so completely Tig's had to clench his jaw painfully to stop from screaming like a girl.

The blond didn't move, he just allowed the muscle to lie hard and warm against his tongue. It's leaking tip brushing against the back of his throat, resisting the insistent yanking from Tig on his hair to get him to move. After an agonisingly long moment, he hummed, sending a vibration through the member and a shiver through the sergeant. Then he waited again. Another few moments and he hollowed out his cheeks, sucking as hard as he could, he drew his head up. Tig's loud groan echoing off the toilet walls.

When Kozik sank back down, Tig's hips rose to meet him, forcing him to lean back further on the loo seat. His eyes drifting closed as the tip of Kozik's tongue brushed the underside of his dick as he moved up again, before swirling the tip and plunging back down. The sergeant's heart was pounding erratically in his chest and ears as Kozik gave him possibly the best blowjob he'd ever had. - And there were a lot to compare it to. But then the blond had always known how to work him up.

When Kozik took him so deep it felt like he was almost the whole way down his throat, Tig couldn't remain seated. Falling back against the wall with a cry of pleasure, his shoulder blades connected with the handlebars adoring the toilet wall. His yell quickly turning from pleasure to pain. Which only increased the pleasure and added fire to his already boiling lust. He could feel his gut clenching as he prepared to reach nirvana.

Kozik didn't take his mouth off the older man when he heard the yell; he simply lifted his gaze through his lashes, took in the situation and acted accordingly. Wrapping his fingers into Tig's hips, he pulled him further off the seat. Tig understood the blonds' intentions and his hands reached up to grip the handlebars, thanking whoever's smartarse idea it was to put them there. His knuckles almost white as they gripped the cool metal. His hips snapping forward with increased fervour, seeking out his climax. With his head hanging back, resting on the wall, he panted and moaned. "F-faster." He grunted primially when Kozik did as ordered.

He was so close, his vision shot through with white stars. His fingers dangerously close to leaving impressions in the handlebars above him. Tig was only slight ware that Kozik wasn't holding him with both hands and smiled. "Ahhhh….you t-touching your….self." he panted.

Kozik hummed in answer, his hand wrapped firmly around his own throbbing member, tugging it relentlessly, seeking to be with the older man when he came. Tig groaned at the feeling that rumbled through his dick and bite his lip hard while thrusting forward.

The knock surprised them both, thought it really shouldn't have, they were in the toilets after all, it was only a matter of time before someone needed to piss. But they were too close to stop now.

"Fuuuuuccckkkkahhhhoofffff." Tig groaned angrily.

There was a long silence and both men assumed whoever it had been at the door had done. Then a rather shaky voice called through the wood.

"Huh. G-guys….Clay's back and he wants everyone at the table."

Tig huffed with frustration through his clenched teeth. Clay's fucking timing was impeccable. Well the president could just fucking wait, after everything he'd done for him over the years he could wait five more minutes for him to get off. "We're…..ahhhh." his eyes shot open as he looked down at the blond who was quickening his pace. Breathlessly, Tig spoke. "….Fi-fi….ahhh…five min….tes….noooow…..FUCK OFF!" he yelled.

The interruption was forgotten as Tig closed his eyes tight and thrust his member faster. Once. Twice. Three and…."!"

He yelled. His whole body shaking with release.

His muscles suddenly lose the ability to work, no longer holding him up and he slid right off the seat and into the blonds lap. He could feel Kozik still working himself and then he heard the man's own satisfied moan. Kozik's head dropping forward to rest on Tig's leather clad shoulder, breathing heavily. After a few seconds Kozik pulled away and reached over for the toilet paper, taking a mile of the stuff he wiped up his release off his palm before dealing with the remnants of Tig's that rolled down his chin. Completely not caring about the presence of the sergeant in his lap.

Throwing the ball of paper in the trashcan beside them, he tucked them both away before meeting Tig's gaze, smiling at the blissed out look he found there. Clearly it was going to take in a few more seconds to recover and that sent another triumphant spark through Kozik. Pleased that he'd reduced the man to a bumbling mess.

"Better?" he murmured as he saw Tig coming back to earth.

Tig grinned wickedly, though there was a spark of jealously when he spoke. "Miles. You've learnt some new tricks while you've been away."

Kozik didn't miss the green eyed monster and chuckled. "You always said practice makes perfect."

Tig climbed off the man's lap and checked himself in the mirror. "I didn't say it was perfect, just better."

Kozik laughed harder and slapped the dark haired man's arse. "You're so cute when your jealous." he cooed teasingly, unlocking the door and heading out.

"I'm not fucking jealous!" Tig yelled after him.

"Sure your not."


Juice strolled back into the chapel, his eyes fixed to the ground.

"Where's Tig and Kozik?" Clay asked from the head of the table.

Juice looked at the president. "Their coming." the instant the words rolled off his tongue he knew it was the wrong thing to say. His face burst into flames and he dropped his gaze in embarrassment.

There was a few second before the room erupted in laughter and Chibs arm went around his neck, pulling him in. The Scotsman's deep rumbling laugh resounding in the younger man's ear.

"Oh, poor juicy boi, see somethin' ya didna like." Chibs teased.

Juice pulled out of the man's grip. "I didn't see anything. Thank God." he murmured, marching around the table and dropping into his seat.

"You were lucky then." Bobby smirked, looking around the table at the others. "Most of us have."

Just as the laughter died down, Tig and Kozik strolled in looking thoroughly fucked. Juice looked up only to drop his gaze again, his cheeks flaming red beneath his darker skin. Causing everyone to erupt into fits again.

"What?" Tig frowned looking around the table as he sat.

"Ya traumatised our juicy." Chibs chuckled.

Tig looked over that the young Latino and laughed. "Anyone would think you'd never heard someone getting a blowjob before." he winked at the young man. "And I can highly recomm…."

"Dude." clay cringed. "We don't want to know."

"What?" Tig gestured. "It's not like you guys don't know what me and Kozy get up to." he smirked wickedly, flashing the man a wink. "I mean it's always hotter when you hate the guy."

Everyone groaned loudly.

Kozik met Tig's gaze and knew he didn't mean it. He rolled his eyes as he dropped down into his seat. "Fuck you." he shot back.

Tig blew him a kiss as he flipped him off.

"Can we get back to business, or do you to ladies want to take a cold shower." Clay complained looking between the pair. "Cause there's a hose outside and a table full of increasingly disgusted volunteers."

Tig looked around the table, smirked as slide down in his chair. "Fine. What happened with Otto?"

Everyone relaxed and turned their attention to the business at hand.


It was finally time. Everything was in place. The money. The guns. Stahl. Everyone stood in the lot of Teller Morrow saying their goodbye knowing it would be a long time before they saw each other again. Kozik watched Jax with his old lady and couldn't stop his gaze from shifting to Tig. They hadn't spoken since the incident in the bathroom, not that they were avoiding each other; it was just that they had so much to do that time had just gotten away from them. But there was a new air between them, a feeling of reunion. Kozik didn't know if Tig had finally forgiven him, and in all honesty he was too scared to ask. Too afraid that the man would say no, even after everything they'd said and done. He could only hope that by the time they got out, Tig would have changed his mind about welcoming him back into the fold. Because he really couldn't face returning to Tacoma. It had been too hard leaving the first time.

Tig glanced at Kozik as Jax bid him farewell and tired to ignore the tightness in his chest. He felt a spark of regret, wishing he'd taken five seconds to say his own goodbye. A proper one away from the guys. But it was too late now. As they headed for their bikes, Tig gripped the man's muscled arm, wishing the feel didn't send heat through him. Why had he wasted so much time fighting with the man over the past week? Well, they'd make up for all the lost time when he was out.

"Be careful brother." Tig said coolly, not wanting to show any emotion.

Kozik meet the blue gaze and gave a stiff nod. "You too."

They stared at each other for a long moment until Bobby called them back to the present. "Guys."

The pair gave each other a brief man hug before climbing onto their bikes.

Jax and Clay exchanged words and then they were heading away from the MC and for Tig and Kozik, from each other. - At least for a while.

A/N: Okay guys that's it. End of the road. At least for now, who knows what season four (if I ever get to see it) will do to me. I will admit that part of me doesn't want to stop, I've had such fun writing this story but I also don't want to write on without knowing what happens when Tig gets out of prison.

I'd like to thank you all for sticking with me and for the absolutely brilliant feedback. I've loved reading them. I hoped you enjoyed TiKozi's last hooray. I really enjoyed writing it. Yet again, more than I usually do, as I tend to stay away from blowjob scene. I'm never any good at them, but as with everything about this story, it just flowed easily from mind to paper. (Of computer screen as the case may be.)

The thing with the handlebars was because of my terrible slash brain. Having seen them in the toilet in an episode, my head couldn't stop playing over what the hell they were doing there, and what they could be used for. I must admit that I'd originally envisioned Chibs and Juice using them but Tig and Kozik got there first. lol.

Talking of Juice, I know the scene with him use slightly off plot for a few moments, but I just had to write that scene. I totally couldn't stop laughing at the image in my head of a very embarrassed Juice tripping over his tongue. I hope it wasn't too much of a distraction. I also wanted a light-hearted moment before the final farewell.

In the final farewell screen the moment where Tig looked at Kozik is actually on screen (as I'm sure you all saw.) Its only brief but I love it. It makes my slash fan-girl grinned happily because he really looks like he regrets being so stubborn.

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