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Chapter 11

Uncle Francis was lost pondering on the confidential reality William had revealed to him. With his wife Emma lying next to him peacefully sleeping, he knew he was in no position to judge the man. He was actually in high spirits and chuckled during his solitary contemplation. When he had examined Lizzy, he didn't want to force a delicate and intimate exam on her. He had thought there was no way what his instincts were telling him was true. There was no way that his nephew could be that careless or carefree. Yet now he knew in his gut through instinct and knowledge that they certainly would be welcoming a new Darcy babe. For now he would get the rest his body yearned for and he would confirm and declare Lizzy to be with child in the morning.

Darcy couldn't keep his eyes off of his beloved wife. She had been asleep for a little over an hour. He just kept thanking God that he had found her once again. He thought his heart would burst with his love so strong that he could feel it in his bones. His dreams were filled with her, his waking hours were filled with her and now he would experience fatherhood with her; again. Yes, they had Annalise and he loved her as a father should and always would deeply but to experience fatherhood and family with his Lizzy again was truly a blessing. He felt himself light and calm with her cradled in his arms. He was wealthy with what was important; love. There was a great deal of love surrounding them; not just the love they shared but the love shared as a family. He was content on many different levels when he finally succumbed to sleep.

Lizzy was enjoying a cooling bath when Polly came in to tell her that Uncle Francis was there to see her. She helped her dress and went into the parlor.

Once greetings and pleasantries were fulfilled she sat down on the settee next to him.

"How are feeling this morning Mrs. Darcy?"

"I feel fine this morning. Energetic; I really would like to go for a walk. Please, we are family, call me Elizabeth or Lizzy. I do not want the fact that you are my doctor to come in between our relationship. I do not like to be so formal with my family Sir."

"Of course, I apologize. Elizabeth, I must tell you that Will has confided in me as your caretaker all that has transpired in your relationship. I will never use the particulars to underhandedly gain advantage over you."

"He has discussed everything with you then? So knowing that we were not virgins on our first wedding night does not bother you?

"My main purpose is to make sure you are well and healthy. I will not judge the two of you for something I myself did years ago. There is nothing to be bothered about."

"Thank you for understanding. I do not know how I would be sitting here trying to have this same conversation with someone who would judge me as immoral or immodest. I certainly wouldn't be able to trust that person."

He paused and then looked her directly in the eyes. "We must discuss something that is delicate and intimate and it will only end up with an exam that will leave you vulnerable and exposed to me. Please be assured that I would never touch you inappropriately. We must be able to trust each other completely. All of this will be done with complete strict confidentiality."

"I understand. Please understand that the only other man to ever look at me or touch me for that matter is William. I know it will be completely different but for the first few times I will still be mortified."

Noticing her blush he had to calm her sensibilities. "I do apologize for speaking frankly but there is no way to not speak frankly on this subject Lizzy. As you know I am a father, an uncle, a cousin and a brother. All of these titles identify me before the title doctor can. I will always tell you exactly what is happening and what to expect. I will never touch you in a way to make you feel like it is inappropriate, indecent or wrong. Our relationship will be an intimate relationship due to the exposure you will have to endure and experience with me. This will never change the way I will treat you in pleasant company or as my niece. William will always be made privy to any and all information and exams. I will see to it myself to persuade him to even attend if you do not mind."

"I would like it very much if he were to attend the exams."

"Very well, that is settled. May we find him in his study? We need to get this exam done so we know what we are dealing with."

"Yes, he is taking care of correspondence I believe. Please follow me."

She stood and he followed her to find her strong rock. Francis knew she needed Will.

They stood knocking at the door and heard him say "enter". As they did he smiled up at both of them.

He stood and bowed his greeting to his uncle. "How are you uncle? I am glad to see that you are back to take care of my beautiful wife." He hugged Lizzy and kissed her cheek.

"Will I need to exam her and she would prefer that you attend. We have discussed the particulars and we both feel that you will need to be there to comfort your wife."

"Yes, of course we can go up to our chambers. Is there anything else?"

"No not at the moment. The exam needs to be concluded before we can come to a diagnosis. May we begin or is there work or something that cannot keep?"

"Uncle, it can all keep when it comes to my wife's health and safety. Please, shall we go up?" He made his way to the door with Lizzy's hand in his. He could feel her shaking. Uncle Francis walked up the stairs before them.

"Lizzy my dearest, I understand your nervous. I will be with you at all times. I can only hope that my presence with give you some comfort. I will help you undress if you like."

"Yes William please do."

Uncle Francis waited outside the door for Lizzy to get undressed and to get comfortable on her bed. When she was ready Darcy opened the door.

"Uncle" He allowed the man in. Lizzy was only dressed in a dressing gown with no other pieces of clothing on.

"Lizzy are you ready?" The older man sat down his bag and ventured closer to the bed.

"Yes I believe I am. I am anxious for this to be done." She turned pink from blushing.

"Will, I want you to get on the bed and hold your wife's hand. Have her look in your eyes and support her. You can talk to her while I do the exam. I will start with her breasts."

"Lizzy darling would you like to stroll in the garden before luncheon?" He saw her eyes close. She blushed a fierce red and it was all due to Francis's probing hands on her breasts and he hadn't even really touched her really. He felt bad for having her submit to this kind of an exam but it had to be done. She jumped a little. Will glared at his uncle.

"I am sorry Lizzy; I didn't mean to startle you. I need to make sure that the nipples are strong and supple enough to feed a baby. You are tender I presume?" He stopped touching her.

"Yes." She paused for him to continue. "Please continue I am well." She answered him in a small voice. He as well as Darcy could hear the stress in her voice. Darcy squeezed her hand and caressed her face.

"Elizabeth I am going to start talking you through the exam. Everything I do you will know beforehand and know what to expect.

"Please continue."

"Elizabeth, lift and spread your legs." She did while he guided her.

"I am going to lift your gown." She nodded and looked at Darcy.

"I am going to exam you now Elizabeth. You will feel my fingers and my hands. There will probing and I will have to touch from the inside and then the outside. I need you to relax as much as possible. It will not take long."

She nodded and looked into Darcy's eyes again.

"I am going to begin." He saw her close her eyes and heard Darcy softly speaking to her.

He noticed the color change of her most intimate body part. A sure enough tell-tell sign that her body's hormones were being changed due to pregnancy. Continuing the exam he felt what could only be an enlarged uterus. But what he felt and what had been disclosed and the timing of the conception, her uterus was a bit too large and that could only mean there was more than one baby but it was consequently sizeable that it could mean there was more than two. He was surprised and concerned all at the same time. He didn't want to give Elizabeth any more anxiety and worry so he finished as fast as possible, but thoroughly examining her and leaving nothing out.

Once he covered her up and asked her to get dressed he washed his hands and waited for Elizabeth to come back he went into their private parlor and waited. William went with her to help her dress. So he took out his quill and paper and tried to calculate a time frame at the desk in the room. What he came up with was what he believed earlier; maybe more than two babies. The couple came back into the room and he gestured for them to sit down.

"Elizabeth before I tell you what I believe and what my findings are, I need you to answer me truthfully."

"I understand"

"What was the date of your last catamenia?'

"The last week of February; the twenty third was the first day." She was calm but Darcy was not.

"Uncle we are ending the second week of April. Can you please tell us what you believe? What did you find?"

"Elizabeth is indeed expecting the Darcy heirs." Neither Darcy nor Lizzy caught the plural representation.

"Oh my Lizzy; I'm so happy." He was hugging her and kissing her forehead; she hugged him tighter.

"I am concerned though." They both stopped and looked to the uncle.

"Why Uncle; whatever is the matter for you to be concerned to this extent?" Lizzy was becoming alarmed.

"I believe that you will be having Children Elizabeth, not a child but Children."

She gasped and squeezed Darcy's hand. "So why are you concerned about that? Twins are not unheard of."

"I believe it will be more than two. I believe triplets. They are far rarer and far more dangerous for the mother and the babies than twins. Your body can indeed accommodate the babies but we will be looking at a dangerous pregnancy. Your body is anatomically compliant, and you will have no problems with your pelvic bones that I can foresee. I do not tell you this to scare either of you. I tell you this so you know what you are up against. Elizabeth you will be highly uncomfortable during your last months and more than likely will not reach the end of November for the birth. Your confinement will begin in October. If we can get you to the end of October preferably after All Hallows Eve there will be a far greater chance that you will deliver healthy babies. I will promise you I will do all I can to help you and your children survive this birth. I cannot guarantee that as an end result though. I am sorry. I want you to relax and take naps enjoy your time as you both should. I want you to be cautious of your surroundings but I do not want you scared and nervous all of the time; it will not do. Continue to enjoy your daily activities but do not over exert yourself. When you feel tired, rest, if you want to take a walk do so but do not push yourself. If you want to eat, eat. If you want to bathe, by God bathe. If you would like to attend a ball, do so but sit and converse rather than dance. I'm not asking you not to dance at all; you may dance, treating it as any other exercise. If you want to enjoy each other intimately there is no need to cease the attentions of each other. Will, you will have to be very careful to not put weight on her body. There is no reason as of now to terminate intercourse as of yet. I will soon be here at Kensington Place House every day and will be helping you and watching out for you. If you decide to go to Pemberley for the birth we will follow. I would not recommend traveling after July though. If you experience any pains or bleeding please tell me. If you get dizzy please speak up and sit. Lizzy you should have someone near when navigating the stairs. I believe that is it for now. I will leave you two to discuss whatever you need to. Before I take my leave, do you have any questions?" he looked at them expectedly, but the looks spoke volumes; surprise, comprehension, apprehension, concern.

Darcy was the first to find his voice. "Uncle, at the moment I believe that Lizzy and I need to process every detail that you have declared and instructed. I know we will have questions but at the moment I know I have many thoughts that needed to be sorted out before asked. May we call on you in two days time?"

"Of course, Will. Please take some time with each other and confer the present and future. Please know that I do not see any complications or foresee the worst. I believe if you, Elizabeth, take heed to be cautious and eat nutritiously, walk a little for exercise and take care to not stress; the only concern would be the time for the birth. Prepare as you would with any birth; happily and excitedly. I believe that we should tell any family or staff that will be with you every day or that you will be in company with the majority of your time. I should warn you that the outward signs will come faster such as the growth of your womb Lizzy. Speculation and gossip will run rampant here in London. Would you like for me to speak to Lady Anne and Georgi or would you like to?"

"I would like to speak to them myself along with my husband Uncle." Lizzy was adamant that she and Will would be the ones to speak to their families.

Uncle Francis took his leave and hugged the couple goodbye. He knew that having Lizzy here in London would be difficult for the private couple. He just hoped he gave them enough to think about before he seen them again. Georgi's ball was only a two days away.

Will and Elizabeth retired to the room for the remainder of the morning. The held each other and talked in great length about the pregnancy. Lizzy reassured her husband that she would be fine. He was his over protective self as always. He was ready to pack up and to return to Pemberley; she was not. She wanted to speak to their families and visit with her parents. She wanted to visit with the Dowager Countess and with Darcy's aunts. She wasn't ready to leave London in spite of her condition. She knew that she would have to be careful but she didn't want to panic herself into a fit of worry. She was going to enjoy her time. She would do what was expected and do what she needed. She needed to be around family and friends and enjoy the season the best she could.

The following day she along with William called on Uncle Francis and Aunt Emma. The couple talked in length about concerns that he had not touched on. The conversation went smoothly and even though Darcy was not happy about the decision he would not go back on his word of letting her enjoy the London season with her sisters and his. She wanted to enjoy herself before the charge of motherhood would command her completely. The couple explained to Uncle Francis that they would have a truncated season and return to Pemberley the third week of July. They asked his aunt and uncle to make arrangements for his own family to return with them and stay to at least March. He granted the couple the assurance they needed to establish serenity that a fully trained doctor would be with them daily. In March it was concluded that Francis and his family would vacate Pemberley and establish themselves back at their own home in Bath. Darcy asked about the Darcy Bath estate. He had not been there recently of course and was curious.

Later that day, Elizabeth had her sisters and her aunt call. Since Lady Anne and Georgi were still present at home, Will and Lizzy decided to enlighten them all together. Conversation was happy and sincere. When Darcy stated that he and Lizzy had news to share, they of course were granted the full attention of each occupant.

Darcy knowing he needed to proceed looked at his wife. He was seated beside her on the settee and she squeezed his hand. "Lizzy has been examined by Doctor Darcy; Uncle Francis. I am blessed and exultant to inform you all that we will be expecting our children in November."

Squeals of joy were vibrating the windows. Thus far the reaction was highly positive with all of the women on their feet hugging both Lizzy and Darcy weeping happy tears.

"Oh Lizzy I am so happy for you and Mr. Darcy. I am going to be an aunt." Jane was beside herself but was truly in high spirits.

"We are going to be aunts, I am happy for you and my brother Lizzy. This is indeed a happy day." Georgi was very delighted in the favorable news.

"Thank you my Lizzy for my grandbaby. I am fortunate to be so blessed and joyful." Lady Anne was pleased with the news.

"Lizzy my dear, I am truly happy for you niece. You will make a wonderful mother and Mr. Darcy will be a wonderful father; you both are already with Annalise. This is indeed blissful news."

"The Lord has blessed you both with the gift of a child. Celebration of such blissful news is truly in order. I am happy for both of you." Mary, true to form, was delighted to be having a new family member. She was cheerfully saying a thank you to our Lord with her hand on her sister's stomach.

"Please Ladies, do be seated we have information that we must share with you all. You are in Elizabeth's company almost as much as me."

When the ladies sat down and calmed enough he continued. He wanted to get the reality of Lizzy's pregnancy out of the way.

"We are ecstatic to have news that Lizzy is with more than one child." Hearing the gasps he paused. "She is more than likely with three babies." More gasps and he looked to his adorable glowing wife. "We will need to monitor her condition more so than a normal pregnancy. As of this moment she is expected to be as normal as with any other pregnancy. The main concern as of yet is fatigue, nourishment, dizziness, stress and exercise. Closer to confinement will be the urgent concern of the actual birth. As yet there is no foreseeable reason for her not to enjoy the season, although ours will be abbreviated somewhat. She is to enjoy her everyday activities as she would on any other day just more cautious of her surroundings."

Aunt V was concerned for Lizzy more so than the others, her sister; Lizzy's aunt from the Bennet family died in childbirth having twins and her niece was believed to have triplets. "Mr. Darcy, has Lizzy told you of my sister, her aunt, Sofia? I am concerned, for that memory is in the forefront of my thoughts at the moment."

All three of the sisters gasped in unison. Darcy knew this was not going to be something he wanted to hear. "No ma'am she has not. I know from the reaction of the Bennet sisters that this is something dreadful. Please continue. I want to know about Sofia and since I have never met her I assume she is no longer with us."

"I am sorry Mr. Darcy" she looked at her nieces who were trying very hard not to sob. "My sister Sofia died in childbirth having twins. I do not bring this up to taint the happiness of the celebratory news. I wanted you informed that multiple births run in our family and not all of them are happy outcomes. I am sorry Mr. Darcy."

He looked to his wife, "Lizzy why haven't you said anything to me or Uncle Francis?" He was crushed with this news.

"I hadn't thought of Aunt Sofia in so long. I was barely coming of age when she past. I am so sorry William. We do need to enlighten Uncle Francis. He himself said that my pelvic anatomy was compliant with birth. Perhaps I inherited that from my mother's family. She bore ten children."

He looked at her for a moment. He knew she had many children, yet… "Lizzy you said ten, there are only six; your brother, you and your four sisters."

"My mother had three still born sons before Samuel and Sawyer. Sawyer was Samuel's twin. When Sawyer was twelve years of age he caught a fever. He never recovered from it. Our parents were completely devastated. That is why our mother is very protective over Samuel, he was identical to Sawyer. Jane was eight at the time and I was six, Mary was only four, Kitty was two and my mama was heavy with Lyddi at the time. We believe this is why he is overly protective of any of us. He could not save the brother he shared life with."

"I am so very sorry to hear this. I know it was quite some time ago, but it is overwhelming to hear nevertheless. I apologize for bringing it up." He looked to her sisters and Aunt v. "Please excuse my offence, I am truly remorseful."

"William, thank you but you had no way of knowing unless someone had told you. If there is fault then it should rest with me alone, I should have told you about my family."

"We will inform Uncle when he calls again; for precautionary reasons Lizzy. He needs to know your mama's history and of your aunt. There are connections between family members; you share blood."

"Yes, I know and he will be informed and we will have a more candid discussion about this later in private. Let me call for nuncheon. I am starting to feel the pangs of hunger. I apologize but I need to eat something."

"Of course Lizzy, I will call for nuncheon, please continue your visit. I will only be gone for a few minutes." He kissed her hand and stood up to call on the cook.

"Thank you William." She smiled at him.

"It will always be my pleasure Lizzy." He squeezed her hand and took his leave from the other ladies present.

The ladies' discussion was on pregnancy and what Doctor Darcy had told her. She didn't down play the circumstances surrounding such a dangerous pregnancy. They wanted straightforward answers and she was never one to back down; she only spoke the truth to their family. These women were always with her and they needed to know the truth. When a nuncheon of cold meats, cheeses, bread, various vegetables and fruit, wine, tea and water was announced the ladies followed Lizzy and William to the dining parlor to partake of the repast. The remainder of the visit was delightfully spent. When nuncheon was over Lizzy tried to stifle a yawn, to her extreme embarrassment she was not successful. Her sisters and Aunt took their leave and Lady Anne and Georgi retired for a respite. William helped Lizzy to her room for an afternoon rest and he stayed with her until she was sleeping. He went downstairs his study to finish his correspondence and unattended work. It would keep him for the rest of the day. He was not at all happy that he had received a letter from Lady Catherine. He hadn't opened the letter he just held it in his hands looking at the seal wondering if he needed the stress he knew the letter would contain. He finally sat the letter aside for later reading. He didn't toss the letter in the fire like he wanted but he did know it would be a few days before he would read it. He was not going to concern himself over it at length. He was already stressed from a letter the previous day; Mr. Wickham had been released for time served. He had to take care of his wife, his mother, and his sister. Georgi's ball was the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow would be in itself something to contend with; both Lizzy and Georgi would be presented to court; last minute details, modiste's last fittings, extra cooks to help, decorators, festivity planners from Almacks, the Lady's of Almacks. Since his mother decided to have the ball at Kensington Place in the grand ball room all matters concerned were shifted to the private Darcy house. There was no room for error at this point in time and they were expecting the Lady's of Almacks for a private dinner this evening to discuss the presentation of court and the ball. He knew he had much on his shoulders the next few days and he did not need Lady Catherine adding to it.

Tonight's dinner was extremely important to his mother and sister, Elizabeth, well not so much; Darcy knew this. His wife's and his sister's as well as the Darcy family's reputations where going to be scrutinized for the next few days. Elizabeth's delicate condition could not be made public but the fallout from being judgmental was far worse he knew for he had actually felt every emotion lying on the cold marble floor of the assembly halls in heaven. He could not judge the Ladies of Almacks because of their predilection for the rich and powerful. His own family was part of London's ton. These people have laid judgment on any person, any fashion, anything that moved or made them look better in the eyes of the rich and even though it was vain, callous, and narcissistic, this was the way of the world. He didn't want to be the arrogant, egotistical and improperly proud Fitzwilliam Darcy these people knew. Tonight would be a test for him. He was sent back to examine his life and change his way of treating people. For this reason he insisted-no-demanded that his, Lizzy's, Georgi's and Lady Anne's valet and abigails, Job, Miss Polly, Miss Martha, and Miss Virginia , were to attend tonight's dinner and later the ball. He was not embarrassed of the employees that had become friends to them all. His mother, his sister and his wife did not object to the friends attending; they were united in the same line of thinking that people should be treated equally and they would present a united front to all they encountered for the next few days; this had been the plan since the newlyweds had come back to London. If it made even one person rethink how they treat others, whether in person or not, Darcy would be happy; it would, at the very least, be a start.

Everyone was dressed and ready for the Ladies of Almacks and their husbands to arrive. Lizzy had rested for the remainder of the day and had tea and a small snack to eat to deter nausea so was very much anticipating the guests; just to see for her what the big fuss was really about. Miss Polly had dressed her in a new, elegant, dark blue satin and lace gown; it was a flowing gown for the sole purpose to veil any change in Elizabeth's body. Georgi and Lady Anne had rested and dressed in new dresses that fit their station and their positions in society; Georgi had been dressed in pale pink and Lady Anne was dressed in emerald green. And as always the Darcy women were dazzling with intricate hair styles and beautiful smiles; they were simply and naturally sophisticated. Darcy was dressed in his blue jacket and pants with a light blue pinstriped waistcoat. (Lizzy couldn't keep her eyes off of him and it was bordering on impolite!) His cravat of course was tied to perfection by Job and the knot was a very unique and superior design only for Darcy and Job was very proficient when tying it; it covered all of the love marks that Lizzy left on him without strangling him.

Martha, Virginia and Polly, whom arrived on Job's arm, were dressed very nicely and looked absolutely stunning. Each abigail made over the others while Job was tended to by Ephraim once he had tended the Master of the house. Darcy was truly proud to call these individuals friends; if it was not for them and their loyalty the Darcy's would truly be hard pressed to realize the worth of another person.

Happy conversation was the order of the evening. Darcy and Lizzy only excused themselves once and that was to bid little Annalise goodnight. They read her a story and tucked her in. This was something she truly enjoyed so they easily complied. Miss Bethany, her nanny was to stay with her in the same room tonight. She usually stayed in the next room with the door ajar, but with the Ladies coming into the house, it was necessary for her to be with Annalise at all times since her identity was still oblivious to everyone except for the Darcy and Fitzwilliam families and Mr. Bingley and the Bennets. Darcy was however concerned particularly because she was at the wedding and many of society's elite were in attendance, yet no one has heard any mal rumors or him about the small child thus far.

Darcy had captured her hand and led her into their bedchamber. He cornered her by a wall before going downstairs. "My sweet Lizzy how are you this evening?" He cupped her small, beautiful face in his hand. He nuzzled her neck with his lips.

"I am fine my dear husband. I really feel like Georgi will be happy with the outcome of tonight's dinner. I have heard much from our mama about these Ladies but I can say I am not intimidated. Lady Anne is not one bit nervous on the outside but if you look in her eyes you can see the anxiety clinging to her last bit of valor. I do hope these Ladies are not as audacious as painted in conversation; they border on uncivil, sassy and impertinent. My hope is that I will persevere in being one step ahead of the impolite assaults. I will not let them disrespect anyone in our home; especially at our dining table. It would be uncouth to let it happen. My courage is enduring and I will do my best to bring a united happiness to everyone tonight. I do know for a fact that our abigails are highly nervous and have been asking questions about etiquette for the past few days. How is Mr. Reynolds faring?"

"He has been fine with the idea of meeting the Ladies. He did mention that the ladies of our employ are quite nervous; so nervous that they have been practicing to have civil conversations with everyone here at Kensington Place. I know that this is going to be hard for them. I will try to protect them as well. I want them to feel welcome; not as a commodity to look upon and crudely remark about. The reason I am so adamant about them attending is because I want the Ladies of Almacks to understand that the Darcy's are united in respect for one another and others. They cannot dictate their polite society demands here. I for one will not bend or bow to demands that disrespect and demean others."

"Fitzwilliam Darcy, are you telling me that you would disgrace yourself for your family and friends?" she said it with a smile.

"Yes, of course I would; you would also Lizzy." His hand moved pleasantly to touch were their babies were growing.

"We will come out of the next three days completely fine. Do you want to know why I believe this?" she placed her hand on top of his on her still small womb. He bent down to kiss her hand.

"We are strong and confident in our convictions and will not tolerate offensive manners in our home." She was already in sync with his thoughts and he smiled at her.

"Yes my enchanting Lizzy." He kissed her.

She enjoyed his lips on hers. They were soft yet unyielding. The passion that evolved from his kiss alone was beginning to surface with an intensity that was only relieved in one way and she had to woman up and step away. She did with the little room that she had.

"Why did you stop and move away my dear? Do you not want me kissing you?" he took her hand.

"I am sorry William, but your touch has always made me wanton and we cannot at the moment relieve the feelings that you are arousing in my person and as I can see for myself, in you also. We need to compose ourselves before it is too late."

He looked at her with dark eyes laced with desire. He caressed her waist and pulled her close to his body. Nuzzling her neck and kissing her he whispered her name with a love and desire so powerful she became overwhelmed once again but when his lips found hers again she surrendered. He backed her up into the wall and lifted her hands above her head. Pinning her beneath him she was powerless to his touch. He found his way under her skirts and began to work on her. Taking her moans as an agreement to proceed, and her wrapping her legs around his hips he swiftly managed to free his manhood and sharply enter her; she was ready for him. Their lovemaking was rapid with him pounding into her hard and solidly; never removing his hand from her womanhood. When he felt her quiver around his rigid member he pounded harder. She soon cried out and lost all control. When he soon followed with his release and loss of control she was utterly spent, her energy drained and her body flush. When he finally slipped out of her he held onto her and let her arms go. They fell to his shoulders where her head lay resting. He kissed her forehead and carried her to the bed.

Lying together tangled up in each other's embrace, they regained their composure and the clarity of their muddled minds.

"Lizzy are you well my darling. I didn't hurt you or our babies did I? " Leaning down he kissed her bosom and then her lips.

She looked into his eyes when he moved his head just a fraction from her lips. "Completely well my love the babies and I are fine." She paused and looked into his eyes. How can I tell him I liked what he did to me? It was perfect. I'm perfect as what he did. "Your unprovoked attack was amazing William. I have to admit I rather liked how you overpowered me and how relentless you were with the dominance and intensity of your skill. Your solid and resilient beating completely consumed me. Getting pleasure by way of being conquered and being submissive has me mystified at the enjoyment you caused and I acquired."

"I am delighted that you attained pleasure from… what did you call it… my solid and resilient beating. I could never find my pleasure if I knew that you hadn't gained yours. It is my duty to always make the Mistress happy. You are my one true vice Lizzy. Since you rather enjoyed the dominance of your person I will make certain that I will do it again in the future, but I must warn you I will not make you privy to my choice. I will force myself on you as a husband's right and duty to satisfy his wife. That will not disturb your sensibilities will it Lizzy?" He leaned down to kiss her lips again.

"I dare say William that it certainly will not. Especially when we are not supposed to, it adds to the enjoyment; like now. Our mama and our sister are most likely wondering what is keeping us. The Ladies from Almacks are due at any time now. I am feeling rather energetic now; let us make haste at remedying our presentation. I do believe that it is the order of the moment."

The couple helped clean each other and arranged and put right their clothing and appearance. They were in the parlor not two minutes when Mr. Thatcher announced the Lady Patronesses of Almacks.

Mr. Thatcher was all business when he announced the Patronesses. He commanded the room with dexterity and poise and instilled a polite manner. "Lady Castelreagh, Mrs. Lieven, Lady Sefton, Lady Cowper, Lady Jersey, Lady Palmerston, and Mrs. Benckendorff." He knew this was a night of tradition and a night of importance for his employers. He was very proud of the family that he worked for and considered them family. He would not fail in his duties and the men that he himself commanded would not fail either. He himself handedly picked the servants working tonight and the rest of the weekend. It was his reputation on the line as was the entire household and for that sake alone he was confident that they would pass the scrutinizing analysis of the Patronesses and all of the le bon ton if it had anything to do with him. He was determined that this inspection would be passed; there was no other option.

Darcy and the others stood to make the proper greeting bow or curtsy. He had Lizzy by his side and was certain that this evening would go as planned. What he was not certain of was the conversation. He had never been self assured during gatherings and even though he was far better at socializing than before, he was nervous; nervous for his wife, his sister, his mama and his friends. He was not nervous for himself. He knew that no one could judge him. He had been and still was being judged by one being; God the Almighty and he would never again lose courage or cower in front of a human being.

When the Patronesses came into the room, silence prevailed as in any greeting taking place. Lady Anne was the one to welcome them into her home and then William. The introductions were made and conversation began. The first of the discussion was of course simple pleasantries. Elizabeth amazed the Ladies with intelligent conversation and Georgi triumphed as well. Everyone let them take the lead in the evening's discussions Job and the abigails contributed to the conversation and when it was made clear that the occupations of the "friends" everyone seen the thrown expressions on the Patronesses faces but one loutish and disdainful glare from Darcy to each of the Ladies the obvious antipathy was squashed. When dinner was announced everyone was at ease; especially the staff that Darcy had invited to attend the evening's pleasures. Conversation at dinner was elegant and the staff felt at ease to contribute more. Their attributed charms were a delight and the Patronesses recognized the tact and the grace that each one beheld. They were quite impressed by the intelligent and cheerful variability of conversation that acquaintances brought to the party. Lady Castelreagh brought up the lunch that Darcy had attended with his friends. Her husband had seen him at the elite club and in turn had mentioned it to her. Darcy was apolitical so he was both a member at White's and at Brook's.

When it was time for the sexes to separate Darcy and Job went to his study and had a brandy and returned within thirty minutes to the ladies. The planning session had obviously been attended to and Georgi was walking to the piano. The Patronesses were thoroughly impressed with her performance and her voice. They exalted approval for her two songs done in French. He squeezed Lizzy's hand and she squeezed back. Her performance astonished and stunned the Ladies. Darcy and his family had obviously had heard her play and sing, but the other's were truly treated to excellence; Darcy was very proud of his wife and doted on her. The song she sang was in Italian. When she was done they requested another so she did one in French. Alas, she prevailed upon Georgi to play again and she sang one that the company praised her for. When Lizzy was called upon for a third song Darcy went with her to turn the pages of music for her. She sang another in Italian to satisfy the party. By the time she was done she was exhausted and Darcy could see it when she slightly slumped against him before getting up and offering her his arm. He gave Georgi and his mama a look that clearly said she's tired, wrap this up. Thirty minutes later the Patronesses took their leave excited for the next few days to come about. Job and the abigails thanked their benefactors and took their leave. The Darcy's were happy to give them the night off. They could take care of themselves this night and they were happy that their evening was a favorable one.

Darcy and Lizzy sat for a few minutes in the parlor by the fire whilst Georgi and Lady Anne retired for the evening.

"I'm very proud of you my beautiful wife. You carried this evening and everyone was in high spirits. The Patronesses were highly impressed with you and Georgi. We are very blessed that none of our worries came to fruition during the evening. The Patronesses were very amiable with Job, Polly, Virginia and Martha. But we could still see consequences from this night. Hopeful thinking will not help in this situation. We must look at this evening with adverse reality when it comes to the Patronesses. There could be a domino effect rather good or bad, but I do believe that the next few days will pass by without incident."

"No rose colored glasses then? I believe you are correct my dear husband. I would fancy to just agree to disagree with the Patronesses but I see that is even critically futile. May we retire Fitzwilliam, I am exhausted and I would rather not ponder any longer this night about decorum, grandeur and formality. The morrow will bring us back to all of it nevertheless and I along with Georgi will resemble colored fowl."

He stood and offered her his arm which she happily took. Smiling at each other they ascended the stairs.

"My dear you are right but I must advise you that I and Mama will also resemble colored fowl also. Tradition must be upheld. I so wish I didn't have to look so ridiculous but I must for our family's sake. I will tolerate it the best I can. Lord and Lady Matlock, Grand mama, and cousins Richard, Sasha and Sandy will also resemble colored fowl so I assume I will not be the only one destine to achieve greater social prominence. No, it isn't our first jaunt but it is still odious." He smiled at her and bent down to kiss her.

They caressed and touched their way into their bedchamber. Once the door was closed behind them, they were overly lost in each other to notice there was a face pressed against the window stalking and watching every intimate touch between the two lovers. Watching Lizzy obtain pleasure and orgasm from Darcy's mouth on her swollen bud was too much for the man so as he watched their hands caress each other he freed his own hard organ, masturbating as Lizzy's mouth took in Darcy's rigid member. Seeing red, he vowed he would not stop until he had her one way or another.