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Chapter 23

Lady Catherine woke in her chambers; alone. As her eyes adjusted she did notice a presence. She began to become most highly out of sorts to see him. She was panicking when the man finally looked at her.

James Darcy looked at his wife's sister with amusement. He knew exactly what she was feeling, seeing, and thinking; so he began to speak. "Calm yourself sister. Yes I am truly here with you speaking. No, you have not passed on to the Most Supreme. I am not here to guide you there. Believe me when I say you will see your great grand children as will my darling Anne." He moved closer. "How are you feeling?" She watched him move again, this time towards the pitcher of water and pour a glass.

With her eyes full of bewilderment and nervousness she stuttered "I feel... I feel... I am fine. Thank you."

"Glad to hear it." After pouring her a cold glass of water he turned to her "Here drink this, you will feel better and not so parched." He handed her the drink.

Taking the glass she looked at it, drank her fill, then handed him back the glass.

"I want you to know Catherine that you need not worry about your daughter Anne and our nephew Richard. Their souls are truly destined and there will be no scandal or gossip. The Duke of York will move on to his next... prospective lady and get her fortune. For that is truly all he was after when he entered into that jest of a courtship with my niece. Do away with any bitterness or negativity you still hold towards the marriage. It will not do and you are doing so well with change. The Lord has begun to bless you with happiness because of your effort and hard work." He paused, sat the glass on the table and walked to the window. Lady Catherine attempted to get out of bed but before she could he turned around. She stood and walked over to her destination.

"Now about my Anne. I have begun to talk to her and go to her at night. I will continue as long as the Lord allows. Do not send her to Bedlam, for she is not unstable. I miss her that is all. I wanted to make you aware of the present and the foreseeable future because you as well as my son Fitzwilliam will be voices of reason when someone sees her speaking to me or walking with me or hears her talking in the middle of the night. Yet they will not see me. She will not need a doctor." He looked at her she was seated on the chair next to the bed and looked to be at peace with what he was disclosing. "Promise me you will be her advocate and not her assailant."

Lady Catherine thought about what he was saying. It would do Little Anne she smiled as she recalled the nickname she had given her sister so many long years ago, some good to see her mate. She looked at her sister's love; her nephew's older version and said "Brother I promise to protect her."

Smiling back at her, took her hand, bowed over it and kissed it. "Thank you Sister. Now I must be on my way. I will be around; just listen for the sounds and look for the signs. One last thing before I take my leave, Randolph Aberkather is a wonderful person; a gentleman, with many fine attributes and connections. His money was made mostly from trade, his mama was a scullery maid and his father was a gentleman, a dignitary in fact. Try to be nice to him and I promise he will be nice to you. By your leave Catherine, goodbye.

"Goodbye James." Then he was gone-vanished. A few minutes later she heard a faint knock on the door. Lady Anne had come to assist her eldest sister. "Enter."

Lady Anne came into the room, shut the door softly and smiled while she took her sisters hand. "How are you my dear?"

"I feel quite refreshed actually Little Anne. I am not troubled over my daughter's pending marriage. Quite the opposite, truly. You do believe me ?"

Lady Anne blinked back tears of happiness at the use of her sister's use of a long forgotten nick name for her. It was an endearment she loved as a young child but thought she would never hear it again after that one cruel night.

"Big Sister I am so relieved to hear and see you are well. We have been so worried; Anne especially. She has been inconsolable since you had the episode. I do believe you."

Lady Catherine smiled at her sister for the use of her nickname. "Please help me dress and become presentable. I must relieve her worries. She needs to know I have not the notion of leaving this world for quite some time. As for her marriage, I am quite excited about it. I do honestly believe those two were destined for one another." She giggled. "We must celebrate this night Little Anne." The two sisters hugged one another and hurried with the task of dressing Catherine.

Elizabeth and William were with Anne and Richard in the parlor. The cousins rallied to comfort Anne but Richard was truly lost to know what to do as the other cousins and family members were also at a lost of what to do just sat mostly saying a sentence here or there trying to relieve the tension and stress. Elizabeth sat beside the cousin that she knew would be happier if she seen for her own eyes that her mama was truly well. "Anne would you like to see your mama? I know she is resting but I believe it would help you both to see one another."

Anne shook her head and just held Elizabeth's hand; squeezing Richard's hand whom held the other, she heard the parlor door open. Anne looked up as the men in the room stood to welcome their Aunts, and Darcy, his mama.

"Mama! What are you doing out of bed? Are you truly that well to be walking around?" Anne looked into her mama's eyes as she came closer. Elizabeth moved to let Lady Catherine sit down.

"My darling daughter I am absolutely fine. I am as strong as a horse and as hardheaded as an ass. I will be with you and Richard long into my days. Now we must begin planning this wedding that truly suits you my little one." Anne began to speak as everyone else looked on in bewilderment. "No ma'am, let me have my say. You and Richard are simply made for one another Anne. I will not be an impediment and stand in your way. My blessing for this union, your union with Richard is absolute. I love you Anne." She embraced her daughter as both mother and daughter wept happy tears. Once Anne calmed a bit, she let go of Anne and stood; walking over to Richard she hugged him and said "Thank you for loving my daughter as you do. I hope you will always be happy. Welcome to my family son."

"Thank you Aunt Catherine. I will always love Anne and will forever be happy with her by my side." He smiled at his Aunt and when she let go of him he took back his love's hand. Lady Catherine stood just watching the pair for a moment before she smiled at everyone and said "Congratulations are in order for the future Mr. and Mrs Richard Fitzwilliam of Matlock." With smiles and words of happiness, love and congratulations the family came to the couple with their heartfelt warm wishes.

Darcy along with Lizzy sank silently in the farthest corner of the parlor listening to every one converse and where extremely happy with the change of direction the day had taken. The two were content with one another's presence alone. Darcy was about to catch his wife's dainty hand when one of the nursery maids had come into the room. The parents were needed in the nursery.

Both Darcy and Lizzy made their way holding hands to their babies. Darcy snuck a chaste kiss on Lizzy's cheek before entering. They were smiling when they entered the door but soon those smiles turned to frowns and panic. Ben was crying and was trying to be consoled by Charlotte; one of the youngest nurses employed for the babies.

"What has happened?" Darcy sternly asked as he took Ben from Charlotte.

"Master, little Ben here has had a spill. He was on the floor and his head made contact with one of the legs to the chair. We notified you and the Mistress immediately Sir." She didn't shy away from him and actually patted the baby while he was in his father's arms being consoled. He had already quited a bit and had laid his tiny head on his father's chest.

Lizzy began to giggle. "I dare say that this little one will be a handful" She smiled at Darcy as he reciprocated the gesture and softened his features.

"Miss Charlotte, thank you notifying us. I have seen with my own eyes what this little man can get into even though he can not walk and I believe he is one apple that has not fallen far from the tree. I was always into mischief and getting scrapes and what not. Mrs. Reynolds has cleaned many a scraped knee for me. I believe he will be fine." Darcy was smiling at Miss Charlotte. As she laughed at what he had said. All of the staff at Pemberly were greatful for the dispositions of the Master and Mistress. They were very approachable and did not force the separation of circles. It was there but it was not so tense that the staff was scared to speak.

Annalise came into the room when her parents where playing with the babies who were awake. "Papa, I want to play to. May I?" she looked up to her Papa with his own eyes and smiled.

"My sweet Annalise please join your Mama , me, and your siblings." he smiled at his mini feminine twin.

Lizzy was adjusting Liz on a blanket when she smiled at her oldest daughter. "Will you tell us about your day little one?"

"Ms. Summers spent the day with me. We were readying for the morrow. We practiced proper manners and eti..que..tte. Ms. Summers talked to me about how my actions look upon my parents."

Darcy looked at Lizzy then at Annalise. "Can you tell us what that means?"

Annalise began to touch Baby Ben's hair then looked at her Papa a little bit with an expression of contemplation before she answered. "I think it means when I do good my parents look good and when I do bad my parents look bad.

Lizzy had a softened expression and her words were soft. "Annalise, please come here." The little girl did as she was told; sitting down on her Mama's lap when Lizzy reached out for her. "We would never want to upset you with such an extreme way of thought. Yes, we must take great care in our actions but you must also remember that we are united as one. We represent each other. I don't want you to worry about your Papa or me. You have always been a delight when in company. We would be most honored if you would help all you can on the morrow by being the young daughter we most love. Ms. Summers, as will I and the others, will let you know what is expected by our actions and not our words. You can learn acceptable behavior by our actions. No judgement will be given on the morrow if it is not needed Annalise. Just be yourself, that is all we ask."

Darcy reached out for his young daughter. When she went to him he tapped her nose and said "All will be well my little one. Lessons are learned on a daily basis and when in company with others. Our loved ones know exactly what is expected of you and since you are but a small person, it is not harsh. You are still at an age where it is acceptable behavior to want to play and be silly. There is a time and a place for all actions Annalise. As you grow older, more and more responsibilities will be given and lessons, some good and some bad, will be learned. Please do not fret about the morrow."

Annalise looked at her parents and the smiles they both had on their faces. She smiled back and said "Thank you. Let's play now." As easy as it was to just play, Lizzy and Darcy laughed. Playing then eating and then bathing their children with the help of the nursery staff, both Lizzy and Darcy enjoyed the rest of the day with their children.

Once Lizzy and Darcy made their way down stairs all was calm and quiet. After inquiries were made to everyone's whereabouts, Lizzy and Darcy went to their chambers to bathe and ready themselves for dinner. Lizzy was happy with the Abigail put in place this evening to allow Polly to rest. Lily was around nine and ten years of age. She had been helping with the women of the family since she was just four and ten. Lily was a very sweet girl who worked hard and learned her way around Pemberley. She was such a pretty girl Mrs. Reynolds suggested years ago that she be an Abigail and so it was that she was trained to be one. Once Lizzy's bath was done and she was dressed, Lily outdid her self with the Mistress's hair and dress. Lizzy was definitely regal with some of her hair pinned and some curled down her back. Her long mahogany locks were shiny and beautiful. Lizzy was quite impressed.

A knock on the door that connected Darcy's chambers to Lizzy's sounded faintly through the room. While Lizzy was thanking Lily for her work and help, Darcy was on the other side waiting. Waiting impatiently that is. He wanted to see his beautiful wife and since he was trying to be the gentleman that he was bred to be, he would wait until she bade him entrance.

When the words "enter" was heard he opened the door and saw his beautiful bride standing waiting for him. He looked at her and almost lost his breath to the vision standing in front of him. She was simply stunning. He didn't want to blink. He let the image burn into his memory. She was more beautiful than he could ever remember seeing her.

"Lizzy, you truly beautiful my love...