So here it is, the Doctor meets Robin Hood - I've had this one in my head for ages. Just to let you know, the characters of Robin and his men are based on the versions from the 2006 BBC adaptation, but this isn't a crossover as I only wanted to use their characters, and haven't stuck to the canon of the BBC Robin Hood universe :P As always, I own none of this.

Rose cursed loudly, picking up the skirt of her floor-length green dress and hopping, as best she could, over the enormous puddle of mud that stretched across the entire woodland path that she and the Doctor were following. The Doctor had sprung merrily over the expanse of mud, hands in pockets, seemingly not noticing Rose's increasing frustration with her current attire.

It was at the Doctor's insistence that she had trawled the TARDIS wardrobe for something suitable to wear in Medieval England, though Rose was sure that had the TARDIS not been nudging her in the right direction, she would probably still be in there now. The dress was fine really, nothing fancy, but a nice shade of forest green, with long sleeves and a bit of gold detail picked out on the front. Still, however much she sort of liked it, the dress was hardly suitable for what the Doctor had said was "just a quick stroll" to the nearest town.

Rose managed the jump, landing on the other side of the puddle and hurrying to catch up to the Doctor, who had carried on walking without her. Noting bitterly that the Doctor had not changed one aspect of his regular pinstriped suit (though he never seemed to change his clothes to fit the time period, even before the regeneration) Rose called out to him.

"How much further?"

"What?" the Doctor called back, turning to look at her and showing a moment of surprise that she had managed to get so far behind. "Hurry up, I wanna get to the castle!" he shouted, giving her a bit of a smirky grin as she scowled at his comment – clearly her struggle with her outfit was amusing to him – before turning around and continuing down the path.

Rose responded to this by quickly snatching up a conker from the trees, and lobbing it straight at the back of his head. Her anger only seemed to give her better aim, as she managed to strike the Doctor squarely in the back of the head. Rose let out a triumphant laugh, only laughing harder as the Doctor turned towards her, confusion and suspicion showing plainly on his face. He narrowed his eyes at her, folding his arms in disapproval as she began to walk towards him, stifling her giggles and attempting to pull her lips down into something resembling a neutral expression.

"Right then" the Doctor suddenly cried, snatching up the conker from where it had fallen and drawing his arm back to throw it, a delighted grin now showing on his face. Rose immediately flung up her hands to protect her face, laughing again and backing away.

"What a shocking way to treat such a fine lady" came a voice to the Doctor's left and within seconds the pair, still about 5 metres apart, were surrounded by a group of four men. The one behind Rose and the one to her left were aiming arrows at them both with unsettling precision. Just behind the Doctor, Rose could see another man, tall and strong, with a beard and a long wooden staff. There was one other man, standing slightly farther back into the trees at Rose's right, who was not pointing a weapon at either of them, though he had a deadly looking bow at his side.

For a few seconds no-one moved. The Doctor's arm had fallen to his side, still holding the conker, and Rose had her hands held up, showing that she was unarmed, a position which had become something of a habit since she had begun travelling with the Doctor.

One of the men, the one who had spoken and was not armed, stepped forward from the trees to the Doctor's left. He was the only man not aiming his bow and arrow at either of them. From this Rose surmised that he must be their leader. Quite young to be a leader though, she thought. He only looked in his mid to late 20's, slightly scruffy hair and stubble on his chin, with wicked blue eyes that seemed to sparkle as he looked between them. The man had stopped at the edge of the path at an equal distance between the Doctor and Rose, and folded his arms. He was smiling, a good-natured grin with an element of cockiness to it that Rose could only describe as being "Doctor-ish".

"And who might you be?" the man pondered, taking in their appearance and making Rose suddenly glad that she hadn't stayed in her jeans and t-shirt. The Doctor's suit and converse stood out like a sore thumb among the clothes of these people, and Rose was sure that they did not know what to make of him. You and me both she thought, slightly amused.

The Doctor slid his hands into his pockets and gave the man a friendly grin. "I'm the Doctor," he stated, removing his right hand from its corresponding pocket to gesture towards Rose, "and this is my friend, Rose Tyler. We're not from around here, as you've probably guessed by now."

"A physician?" one of the men asked, looking towards the leader for confirmation. He was about the same age as the leader, with blonde hair mostly hidden under a cap, and carried a shield as well as a bow. "Master, if he is a physician, then maybe he can help us with Will."

"Peace, Much," said the leader, eyes never leaving the Doctor, who was still smiling happily, seeming to enjoying himself though Rose was sure that, by this point, he had already taken in the 5 men surrounding them, and was planning an escape.

"So, you are a physician, but what is your name?" continued the leader.

"Just the Doctor."

"What, no real name, just a title?"

"Nope, he's the Doctor, that's it," said Rose, now finding herself a subject of scrutiny.

"Well," the leader said after a pause, reminding Rose of the Doctor even more than before, "we were only going to take some of your money to help our cause, but as we have one of our men injured, we will let you keep your money if you agree to help him."

"Good thing too, we don't have any money anyway." The Doctor seemed genuinely pleased to be able to help, and the leader returned his smile. The leader gestured for them to follow him, then turned and began to make his way through the trees behind him. The Doctor and Rose began to follow, pausing for a moment to give each other a quick hug before carrying on, hands held firmly between them.

"So," began the Doctor, as they made their way in and around the trees, Rose inwardly cursing the way her skirts kept catching on branches, "what is this cause? Must be pretty important if you're robbing anyone who wanders through the woods."

"You could say that," the leader agreed, looking back at them as they made their way up a slope, "we are giving the money to the people, to help them live and pay their taxes until King Richard returns from the Holy Land."

At this the Doctor stopped in his tracks, which Rose only realised when her hand, still held in his, was jerked sharply backwards as she attempted to follow the others. "What?" she asked, taking in the expression of confusion and wonder on his face.

"You don't mean-" the Doctor said, eyes wide and mouth beginning to take on the normal ecstatic expression that Rose knew so well, "you can't be—what's your name?"

The leader turned around to face them, strong and determined and completely in his element. "I am Robin of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon."

The Doctor laughed then, clapping his hands and throwing his head back in a way that amused Robin, though Rose was not yet sure why. Seeing that Rose still looked confused, the Doctor turned to Robin. "You've got another name though, haven't you? Go on, I'm afraid Rose still doesn't recognise you."

Robin turned towards Rose and grinned, giving a short bow before answering. "They call me Robin Hood," he said, and Rose took one wide-eyed look at the Doctor's beaming face before throwing her head back and roaring with laughter.

Hope you liked it, I couldn't resist making Robin Hood real, he's one of my favourite characters of all time, plus I think the Doctor is a lot like him. Or he's a lot like the Doctor. Whatever. Anyway, thanks for reading, next chapter will be up within a couple of days.