For my fanfiction class I needed to write a flash fanfiction. (300 to 1000 words) So I ended up writing this and I thought I could share it with you all! I hope you enjoy! And possibly review if you do? (;

"Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day." The little water droplets ignored his words as they continued slipping down the window. Kai put his hand on the cold glass and stared out into the Russian forests. He was here again. He was back in the place that he had wanted to escape so long ago.

He rubbed his hand against the window to clear the fog that was beginning to cover the glass. Though the only things he could see outside were trees and trees, Kai needed to be able to see outside. It was the only thing that prevented him from feeling like a bird trapped inside of a cage. "Young Kai, it will do you no good to sit there for the entire trip. You've made your decision, now stick to it. Come over here and talk with your teammates."

Kai looked over his shoulder to the owner of the slimy voice. Boris had his legs crossed over one another and was sitting pensively in the far corner of the train cart. Beside the elder man was Tala. Kai still didn't know why Tala was still one with the academy. The red headed boy was smart enough to know when it was time to run. So why hadn't he left? Seeing Tala like this always pained Kai. His wings had already been clipped by Biovolt.

"Just because I am with you doesn't mean I have to be with you." Kai replied dryly. He turned back to the glass that was already beginning to fog up again. He wanted to be out of this blasted container on wheels, but he would never be able to be free. He was a canary and they were the ones that told him to sing. And sing he would. He would sing until he could sing no more. But they would never be satisfied. They'd fix him so he could sing once more and the tirade would continue on into eternity. This was what it meant to be their perfect soldier.

"Young Kai, I told you to come here." The threat was now evident in his mentor's voice. Kai lowered his head so his grayed hair brushed in front of his eyes. He harshly shoved himself from the window and stalked back over to where Tala and Boris were sitting.

Tala's blue eyes reflected his apology, but Kai turned his face away. He dropped onto a brown leather seat near Tala and promptly looked back towards the window. He could just faintly make out the green shapes of trees flying by. He wanted to be out, but freedom wasn't something he could ever achieve. He had tasted it once only to have it snatched back away from him. It was like a smack in the face. If it was just going to happen over and over again, Kai wasn't sure if he even wanted to try and be free anymore.

"I'm sorry, Kai." Tala whispered softly.

Kai's face was blank as he stared ahead. Tala was the only thing chaining him to Biovolt. If not for Tala then maybe he could have stayed free with a clear conscience. Just maybe, he could have been free."It's not your fault, Tala." It was a lie.