-Laughs maniacally- I DID IT! I DID IT! I WROTE A 100-word drabble! Woohoo! It wasn't as hard as I expected! Hooray! My writing skills are improving! Count all the words you like, it's a hundred words! (Not counting this A/N!) Enjoy my friends!

He shivered as he felt his partner's warm breath on his neck. But it felt good. He could feel two brown eyes stare lasers burning into the back of his head.

"What's gotten into you lately, brat?"

A second later, he felt two comforting arms wrap around his waist into a warm embrace.

"I've been so lonely lately, Dei-da-ra…"

"As if, un."

"Loneliness isn't healthy, as you know. Heartless, you're leaving me to slip into its tentacles…"

"Maybe I should, un. After what you did to me."

"Don't you love me enough?"

"I hate you, un."

"I love you too."