Chapter 2

Sorry it took so long :) I had a bit of writers block.. But its gone... So here we go! Chapter 2- Enjoy :P xox


The girls had eventually agreed to let Kelly and Flash out from the basement. They regretted letting Kelly out from the moment she strutted back into the dorm, Flash following behind her like a lost puppy.

"What the hell did you think you were playing at?!"

"We're sorry Kel." Chelsea was first to speak up.

"Tania! Tara! I'm ashamed of you! You led me to believe that you were in trouble."

"Sorry Kelly." They both said in unison as they lowered their heads in shame.

"The lot of you are just unbelievable." She sighed, before walking out in rage.

... Flash and Kelly were sat ontop of the roof. After a long silence, Flash spoke.

"They meant well."

"They know not to get into my buisness Flash!What's next? Eh? Them knowing that... I'm pregnant before I do?! Honestly.. Those girls!"

"Your... Your!?" Flash pointed at Kelly's stomach, a look of confusion spread across his face.

Kelly scoffed. "No Flash. I'm not pregnant...You know me... Hardly maternal."

"Right." Flash had always had a dream of settling down, getting married. The whole package. He imagined him and Kelly having a child. He was now beginning to wonder if this dream could ever become a reality.


Night fell on the grounds of St. Trinian's, and as per usual, there was anarchy, fights and lots of screaming.

"Give it back Chelsea!"

"Get off my foot Taylor!"


The sound of the headmistress put everyone to silence.

"Right girlies, attack and defence are key qualities in life... But right now you need sleep. So go on.. Shoo. Into bed!"

"Kelly usually does this Miss, then she comes and sits with us until we go to sleep" The twins moaned.

"Yeah.. Oi! Miss F, where's Kel at. Coz she always is here right.. And today she aint? I mean what's up?"

"I don't know where Kelly is, Taylor. But I think she needs a day off every once in a while... Kelly Jones is Head Girl, not your mothers!"She scoffed.


Kelly stood outside the gates of the school.

"Where the hell is he?"

She got out her phone and looked at the time.

9:12 PM

He is just 12 minutes late Kelly. Stop panicking.

Maybe he won't turn up.

Maybe he stood me up.

Maybe I should just shut up and wait.

A car pulled up.

"Sorry I'm late Kel..." It was Flash... And he was holding flowers.

"These are for you... Um. Yeah." He handed me the flowers.

I had to admit... He looked smart.

"You look lovely Kel.."

I wasn't one for dresses. Never had been, Never will. I suppose hotpants and a leather jacket was the closest he would get.

"I could say the same for you. You scrub up well Flash."

A smirk formed upon my red lips.

"Shall we?" He signalled towards the car.

"We shall..." I linked my arm in his and we walked to the car together.