Marco was doing his usual morning paperwork at his desk. Since Annie and Jimmy had been gone, their team had been assigned the bulk of paperwork for the department. The Chief had not intended to make it a punishment. It had just been a necessity until their leaders were back. But over two months of desk work was making Daisy, Luke and Marco feisty and frustrated.

Like brothers and sisters, the three had begun bickering the past 3 weeks and frequently weren't speaking to each other. Bouff had had enough. He missed Annie's drive and focus. He yearned to hear Jimmy keeping her in line. He was just about to go whine to Chief Edwards for the 4th time that month when he ran into the two coming in for their regular therapy session.

Annie appeared animated, just a live wire of excitement. Jimmy was rolling his eyes behind her and stirring the pot. Bouff looked at the floor and chuckled to himself. This was the happiest he had seen the partners in many months. Then it hit him. He looked up again to see Jimmy grab Annie in a headlock as they wandered down the hall .

"Yep" Daisy startled him from his thoughts. "I saw it too."

"Are they…?"

Daisy shrugged as her answer. If they weren't by now, something was wrong.

He smiled. "You think they'll be back to work soon?"

She paused in her walk to the kitchen to respond. "I think they are just waiting for their final releases from PT. Jimmy has to pass the shooting range, again. Should be soon now." And as she walked away, he heard her mutter, "not soon enough for me."

I hope everyone liked this story. I apologize profusely for the love scene. I am CLEARLY NOT good at writing that so hopefully, in my next story, I will get better.

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