This following story contains:

-A crossover between Harry Potter and the DC Comics Animated Universe or DCAU, albeit an AU version. Book One is set before the formation of the Justice League. Any changes will be conveyed.

This story will be a trilogy. The pairing for Book One will be Harry/Kara Zor-El(Supergirl).

Book Two, three other women will be joining Harry and Kara. It will be Harry/Supergirl(Kara Zor-E)l/Power Girl(Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr from Earth Two), Matrix(Justice Lords Universe Kara)/Galatea(Kara's clone created by Project Cadmus).

Book Three will add two more women. Harry/Supergirl(Kara Zor-El)/Power Girl(Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr)/Matrix(Justice Lords Universe Kara), Galatea(Kara's Clone)/Supergirl Prime(Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Supergirl, who just managed to survive by the skin of her teeth)/Ultra-Girl(Kara Dru-Zod, Crime Syndicate Version of Kara, daughter of Zod, and dresses like Kara when she got brainwashed by Darkseid in the comics.)

NC-17 Version is linked in the profile.

Will feature rather darker and potentially morally ambiguous versions of many characters. Both on the side of good and the side of evil.

Chapter One: Kara

Harry Potter vowed to never drink again.

That vow was the first thought that passed through his head when he struggled to wake up.. His head felt as if centaurs had stampeded on it. He mused that he took a few years off of his liver for one night of fun.

He blamed Sirius. This night of debauchery that Harry could not even remember was his godfather's idea.

The previous year, Sirius had been killed in the Department of Mysteries. Harry witnessed it with his own eyes. Sirius died, no questions about it. Or so it seemed. Sirius pulled the most masterful prank of all time.

He faked his own death.

Harry, along with everyone else, had to believe it was real. So Sirius did not enlighten anyone on the fact he was alive until his death was confirmed by the Ministry. At this moment, only Harry, Remus, and Tonks knew of the rumors of Sirius Black's death being greatly exaggerated.

Sirius was hexed for his little scheme at first, but everyone was relieved that the rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated.

Harry on the other hand was liberated from the Dursleys to celebrate his sixteenth birthday in style, in sin city, Las Vegas, Nevada.

It took some creativity to maneuver this little vacation.

Magic was capable of many things, so getting fake identification was no problem. Getting the Dursleys to agree to sign the emancipation papers was also not a problem. Tonks could be very persuasive and scary. Even the Dursleys were not stupid enough to disagree.

Plus, when she told them she was going to be their best friend forever and come over every day for a visit, that was the icing on the cake. With pink hair and her style of dress, Aunt Petunia nearly tripped over her own feet to find a pen.

Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix was the bigger problem. Yet, they were currently on the hunt for Harry elsewhere.

Misdirection was a wonderful thing.

Drinking tended to open the mind to some new ways of living life, and a fresh new perspective.

These thoughts went through his head as his eyes slowly opened. The lights inflamed his eyes and his head pounded with a throbbing headache.

If he had not been a wizard, he would likely be dead.

Then again, he could say that about many other instances in his life.

Perhaps he overindulged just a tiny bit, but he felt he deserved some slack. The entire fate of the world rested on his shoulders after all.

Harry willed himself to look around the room. The walls were colored in red and gold, The carpet had been turned into a Technicolor mess, the windows broken, and there appeared to be a sizeable chunk of the ceiling was missing. Scorch marks by the look of things with the slight smell of burning.

What the hell happened last night?

For some reason, Elvis came to mind. That was all, and it did hurt to think in his present condition.

As some more of Harry's brain cells resurrected themselves from alcohol induced death, it began to register that there was someone else sharing his bed.

Harry happily verified that it was a girl next to him and a rather attractive one at that. She currently was asleep, snuggled against him. As far as Harry could see, she was naked.

This fact was something Harry approved of. His hormones still worked rather well, even if his brain was slow to react.

Still he was in a bed, with a girl, in a room that was not his. Not to mention the room appeared to be redecorated in the most insane and scatterbrained way possible.

Harry decided that it would be best to get some answers straight away, because nothing made sense.

"Hi," whispered Harry in the girl's ear as she stirred slightly. He was at a loss to what to say next. So he opted for the first thought that came to mind

"Um, listen, it might be a good idea for us to get up, because…well…"

"Comfortable," murmured the girl in her sleep induced state. "Don't wanna."

Her attitude indicated that she was around his age or just slightly older. At least that's what Harry guessed.

Harry remained silent as he pondered his predicament. "I need your help, I can't quite figure out what happened last night, and…I think you might know."

The girl yawned as she opened her eyes. Long blond hair flipped out of her face. She considered Harry, as she looked at him with blue eyes, and studied him intently. "I figured as much. I'm not much of a morning person, so give me a sec…"

Harry checked a clock off to the side of the bed. "It's afternoon."

"Well, not much of an afternoon person either, I guess" said the girl with a grin, as she looked at Harry and a mischievous grin appeared on her face. "Although, you could cut me some slack. You did put me through the paces last night."

The girl sighed, a smile on her face.

"They always said your first time would be magical, but, I never imagined. And the second time and the third time and the fourth and the fifth…and well so on."

Harry's eyes widened. "Did we…"

In spite herself, the girl giggled. She shifted slightly, so she could kiss him.

"Poor you, you don't remember it do you? That's okay, babe, we're going just going to have to do it again when you're of sound mind. Cool trick with the walls, by the way."

There was a moment of silence.

"So the walls, the windows, the floor, the ceiling; that was me when we were…"

The girl just eyed the ceiling, torn between amusement and embarrassment. She took a deep breath and spoke. "Um, yeah, that was me actually with the ceiling. You see, I normally have better control, but…well all that matters is it was the ceiling and not you, Harry."

She managed to shake the cobwebs from her head.

"I'll explain everything, I swear. I know about your powers Harry. You told me a lot. More than you meant to, I think."

She knew his name, and Harry was having trouble with his memory still. Sirius had warned him that girls seldom took kindly to calling them the wrong name.

The old Marauder seemed to be speaking from past experience.

"Right," managed Harry. "You're still going to have to help me, um Kara."

She smiled radiantly at Harry.

"If that was a guess, that was a pretty damn good one," said the girl, Kara, as she clutched Harry. Feeling her curvy body really was a feeling that Harry could get used to. "Yeah, my name's Kara, you remember a bit more than I thought you would, and I guess that's the most important thing. "

She then appeared to weigh something in her mind and there was a small bit of worry that crossed on her cheerful and playful demeanor.

"Well one of the most important things anyway," said Kara, as she held out her hand and Harry spotted a curious addition on her finger.

"That's one of the Potter family rings," whispered Harry.

The Potter family rings were in his family as far back as anyone could remember. Sirius had found them and gave them to Harry. He had no idea what they did, if they did anything. All Sirius conveyed to him was that they were special and they were only to be used for that one special girl that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

His scatter brained recollection of Elvis made too much sense.

"Oh shit, we got married, didn't we?" asked Harry as he felt his headache return with full force. His stomach turned and he wondered how stupid could he be. Kara seemed like a nice girl, who did not deserve to be dragged in his utterly messed up and doomed life.

"We did," said Kara. "It does seem a bit random and sudden and…"

Kara suddenly trailed off.

"So, we're married," muttered Harry as he took a deep breath. "I need a minute, to deal with this."

Kara watched him leave. She spoke in a soft voice. "Take as long as you need.

"Where's my mirror…ah found it."

Harry turned and retreated straight into the bathroom.

Sirius rested on his bed, a bit disappointed. Remus and Harry had gone off to enjoy the bright and lively Las Vegas and had left him in the dreary rainy town of London. Remus said that Sirius could not come because he was technically dead.

Besides, it was punishment for his little near death faking stunt.

A voice jolted Sirius out of his hazy state "Padfoot, get your lazy arse out of bed immediately. I need to talk to you!"

Sirius perked up at his godson's voice and took the mirror off of the dresser.

"Hey, Harry, are you enjoying yourself for once or did Dumbledore and his bird watchers find you yet?"

"No, Vegas is great, but I ran into a little problem."

Sirius considered this statement. "Is this a little problem or a big little problem?"

"Sirius, last night, I had a few drinks, and I met this girl."

Sirius immediately gave his full attention to the situation. "Do tell, my young godson, do tell."

"Well I woke up in bed with this girl, the room looked like…well a mess, and we're married," said Harry without taking a breath.

"I knew Potters fell pretty hard, pretty fast, but that might be a new record," said Sirius as he gave his usual bark like laugh. "So is she hot?"

"Very but that's not the point, you flea bitten mongrel! This Vegas trip was your idea and now, I'm stuck with a lifelong commitment and with this entire Prophecy and Voldemort, and everything else, it's not time," said Harry as he began to think of the ramifications.

"Okay, Harry, deep breaths, breathe in and out," said Sirius. "And stop wallowing in your own angst for just one second and focus."

Harry frowned. "Focused, do you have an out?"

"I don't know; do you want one?" asked Sirius. "Putting the Voldemort factor aside, do you really want an out to this marriage? If you're married it could solve so many problems with the flock of blood thirsty witches that will be after your money when you become of age. And what is the new Mrs. Potter's name, by the way?"

"Her name's Kara, and well…I don't know, but I think so, but I can't be for sure," babbled Harry. "Damn it, I can't focus with this headache."

"Ah, how precious my godson has his first hangover."

"Will you be serious for just one minute?" asked Harry and Sirius opened his mouth. "Don't say it. "

Sirius put his hand on his chin, in thought. "An out, an out, well you see, that's a tricky one. You see magic tends to really make divorce a tricky proposition. Annulment is possible, I suppose, given that you weren't likely in sound mind given your hangover."

Harry felt a bit of relief. For a second he thought he had dragged another person into his life that did not deserve it.

Sirius continued. "Providing of course, you didn't use the Potter family rings."


"You used the rings didn't you?"

Harry slowly nodded.

"Well, you're stuck now kid," said Sirius with a grin as he wiped away a tear. "They grow up so fast. Does the heart proud, really it does."

"You gave me those rings, it was almost like you knew something like this was going to happen," said Harry in an accusatory tone.

"I don't have the slightest clue what you're talking about," said Sirius as he looked rather innocent and nonchalant. "Plus, after last year, after your temper, after you spent most of the year in Capslock Rage mode…"

"Capslock Rage Mode?" asked Harry. He wondered who could have come up with such a stupid name.

"That's what Tonks called it," said Sirius with a shrug. "And hey, if you are married, that means you consummated the union later that night. So thank me later for getting you laid, which you desperately needed by the way."

Harry just remained silent, unable to form a response. At least a response he could make without using every one of the seven words.

Sirius grew suddenly serious.

"If your tongue was as loose as your mother's was when she was drunk, you likely spilled a lot of big things to Kara and she didn't run. That seems to me like there's some potential for something there. Marriage might be a bit much but…what's done is done."

Silence once again.

Sirius had something to add and looked somber. "And, Harry, as your godfather, I should tell you to focus on what you truly want and not what other people think you should do. This is your life after all."

"I'll give this a chance," said Harry, resigned. "Maybe we can make it work."

"That's the spirit," cheered Sirius. "I just wish I was there, but I'm sure Moony will be able to fill me in on the finer details later."

It struck Harry he had forgotten something. "Uh, Sirius, I don't know where Remus is. I lost track of him after last night."


Harry winced. "Very easily but, we'll get this sorted out."

"Yes, let me know when you find him, please," said Sirius as he took a deep breath.

Kara admired the ring that Harry had given her when they were married. She did not know much about Earth jewelry, but it did look beautiful.

As she got dressed, the consequences of the previous night weighed on her. She was married, at the age of seventeen to Harry, who had just turned sixteen.

She would be in so much trouble once certain people found out.

Yet somehow, it was worth it.

Four months ago, something really bad happened. Her cousin, known to most as Superman, known to his friends and family as Clark Kent, born Kal-El, had been kidnapped on the orders of Darkseid, the feared ruler of the planet Apokolips, a slave like hell hole. Darkseid was worshipped as a god by his enslaved followers.

He was brainwashed by the minion of Darkseid, a demented, mannish, hag by the name of Granny Goodness. Darkseid used Clark as his pawn to destroy the Earth, so he could pick up the pieces and conquer it. While he was not in violation of the treaty between New Genesis and Apokolips, given that he would be acting in a matter of benevolence.

Under her moniker as Supergirl, Kara tried to stop him, but she was overwhelmed. Clark had many more years where he trained his powers under the yellow sun and thus was much stronger than she was.

Lois Lane showed up to snap Clark out of it. Seconds before the two super powered beings got zapped with a Kryptonite gun, fashioned by Lex Luthor and the fanatical alien hating General Hardcastle. They were kept under red sun radiation which zapped their powers.

Luthor planned to inject Kal-El with liquid Kryptonite to slowly kill him. Kara was strapped to a table and she awaited her fate.

She suffered a broken arm, along with other minor injuries. She had been an inch from death.

Lex Luthor ended up getting punched in the face by Superman before he could do the deed.

It was a shame his broken jaw healed.

Clark won the fight with Darkseid, but Darkseid had won much more. He still ruled his home planet Apokolips, worshipped as a god by the enslaved and impoverished masses.

The general population mistrusted Superman, despite the fact he was brain washed by Darkseid and Granny Goodness. While there were some minor signs of thawing, it would be a long time before everyone forgave and forgot.

Clark on the other hand, had strongly suggested that she stay out of trouble and at the farmhouse in Smallville with the Kents for her own safety. Kara fiercely protested, but Clark had been firm and would not wane. The Kents backed him up.

Supergirl was grounded for the infinite future, with no tights and no flights.

In a way, she kind of understood it was to keep her safe from people who would want to do her harm after the brainwashing fiasco, but at the same time, she was a teenager. Understanding went so far.

She needed freedom and not to be able to be cooped up in a farm house in the middle of Kansas.

Kara loved the Kents, but it could get boring after a while being indoors. She needed to get out of there and do something daring.

Vegas appealed to her sense of teenage rebelliousness. Granted, there was a bit of problem getting through the doors due to her not being of the legal age to enter most of the establishments.

Of course, she had a guardian angel on her side, with emerald green eyes and messy black hair. He allowed her to circumvent that little flaw.

She had a few drinks, she was stressed from over boredom. She would not recommend it to anyone especially without her powers but still she got to know this guy and really became fascinated.

He told her some things about himself and what he had been forced to do. At first, she thought that he was telling some BS story, but over the night Harry convinced her of his sincerity. They had some fun, and got to be teenagers.

One thing led to another and eventually they were married. She was more sober than he was but they went through with it. She was Kara Potter.

Kara Potter, she liked it. It fit.

Her husband had been in the bathroom for ten minutes. She resisted the urge to use her super hearing to check up on him.

"Better go see what's taking him so long," she muttered but the door opened and Harry just walked out. He was already dressed. Kara surveyed him, a bit more nervous than she would normally show. "Yeah, I know, you must hate me."

"Kara, I don't hate you, trust me," said Harry as he grabbed his wife's hand and she hugged him. She took care not to exert too much strength, as not to break his ribs.

"But you might hate me, when I tell you this."

Kara led Harry over to the bed and they sat down.

"The marriage is pretty binding, as in unbreakable, as in there is no chance for divorce, annulment, or anything," explained Harry and she indicated that she understood. "I trapped you in something that there's no escape. Till death do us part is taken very literally in my world. You know about my world? You did say I told you something."

"Bits and pieces, some big ones," said Kara, as she nodded in confirmation. "Backwards as it is, to get married and then get to know more about each other, we should really share everything. I have my secrets, and…well there are some doozies, I'll tell you that. Over dinner later, maybe?"

She laughed as she looked over some items on the floor.

"Marriage certificate is over there, and the money you won last night, you were on a roll," said Kara, as she went through the bags on the floor and she closed her eyes, hazed recollection. "Even more impressive when you were winning on machines that were very rigged. You got the room comped because they didn't want you to bankrupt them."

"Nice," said Harry as he looked at the winnings. He was rather well off, not the richest wizard in the world by any means but he could live a comfortable lifestyle for decades off of his vault if he didn't make stupid purchases. "There's something you need to help me with."

"What?" asked Kara.

"Last night, I was out with, a friend of mine, named Remus. Middle aged fellow, grey hair, the only person who looks more angsty than I do," explained Harry.

"Oh, I remember him…well I don't know where he went, but he was at the wedding," muttered the girl as she was deep in thought. "He was there when we got to the chapel, but then…everything is a blur. "

"Great, just wonderful," said Harry, but Kara gripped his hand tighter and kissed him in reassurance.

"Don't worry, we'll find him," said Kara with a warm smile. "Um, we might be able to find him quicker if we weren't on foot."

"What are you saying?" asked Harry and Kara approached the window, before she stepped onto the window sill and stepped off.

Harry's eyes widened and his heart went a mile a minute.


"Is she mental?"

"What?" asked Kara as she peaked around the side of the window. A mischievous grin was once again was plastered onto her face.

The girl floated in mid-air.

"She can fly?"

Harry stood there, dumb struck.

"C'mon, Harry, take my hand," said Kara, as she reached out and Harry considered this. "Don't worry. I won't drop you."

"Are you sure?" asked Harry as he took a step forward.

"Trust me," said Kara as Harry grabbed her hand. "Hold on tight."

The two teenagers floated through the air. Kara kept Harry suspended in the air by her hand.

It was wonderful.

Harry was so overjoyed. In his enjoyment and glee, only one coherent thought was in his head.

"My wife is awesome."


A white skinned woman with blue hair dressed in black appeared directly outside of the city. Sparks shot through her finger.

"So this is this is sin city," muttered the woman as she looked up, with sparks flying from her hand. "The place that is perfect. Las Vegas will never forget tonight."

The woman, known as Livewire, stood and was ready to rock this town. No tight wearing boy scouts to wreck her fun tonight.