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"Talking." "Thinking." Dreaming. Letter.


Chapter One: Soul Searching

Momo Hinamori closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh. After a long exhausting day of work at the fifth division, she wanted to relax. However, she needs to go home first. The raven haired girl opened her chocolate brown eyes and noticed she is fast approaching her private quarters. With a smile on her face, she picked up the pace. Before long, the young lieutenant arrived at her destination.

When she opened the slide door and entered the house, she heard a familiar voice, "I'm in the kitchen."

Happy to know that he's here, she quickly took off her footwear and rushed to find him preparing dinner. "I'm home."

Stopping what he was done, he turned around and walked over to give her a warm embrace. It soon followed with a loving kiss. "Welcome back, my sweetheart."

Hinamori smiled back before resting her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and let out a content sigh.

By the time Momo opened her eyes, she found herself hugging her pillow in her futon. "A dream, huh?"

She let out a deep sigh and buried her face in the white pillow. She wondered how can one simple dream affect her so much, but she soon remembered the reason. The cause of her sensitivity is from all the nightmares she had of her former idol and captain. She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling. Considering what she went through over the past few months, she figured it's about time to start thinking about the future. After a few minutes, the raven haired girl sat up. With her resolve decided, she quickly got out of bed and start her day.

When Toshiro Hitsugaya arrived at his office, he scanned the room for a certain strawberry orange haired vice-captain. His emerald-teal eyes soon fixated on the sleeping woman, who is resting on the sofa, and the many sake jugs and bottles scattered around. The tenth division captain let out a low growl, marched up to her, and said, "Oi Matsumoto, wake up."

In response to his voice, Rangiku stirred in her sleep. She mumbled, "Mm, don't touch there..."

He rolled his eyes and repeated, "Matsumoto, wake up now."

After letting out a quiet groan, she slowly opened her eyes. By the time she realized it, she jumped and exclaimed, "Eek! Taicho, what are you doing in my room?"

Hitsugaya folded his arms and gave her a stern look. "This isn't your room. You're in the office. Now, clean up this mess before you start on today's paperwork."

As she sat up, Matsumoto placed a hand on the side of her forehead. She whined, "But I have a headache..."

His look suddenly narrowed into a tempered glare. "It's an order."

Toshiro turned and walked over to his desk. "You need a girlfriend."

The white haired then stopped walking.

"I'm not interested..." Then, he glanced over his shoulder and added, "...and don't you dare set me up on a blind date."

With that said, he took a seat behind his desk. Just as he is about to pick up his ink brush, Rangiku asked, "But captain, don't you want to get married or raise a family in the future?"

Unable to hold back his frustration, he stood up from his seat and snapped at the older Shinigami, "Matsumoto, get to work!"

The tenth division lieutenant raised both her hands in mock stance. "Okay okay, I got it!"

Then, she began her task at cleaning up all the mess in the room. After letting out a deep sigh, Toshiro sat back down and noticed a Hell Butterfly fluttering into the room. Seeing that the insect is moving towards him, Hitsugaya extended his pointer finger out so that he can receive his message. Once he got it, the white haired captain stood up and released the butterfly flew out the window. He turned to Matsumoto and said, "I'll be back; I have a package to pick up at the Western Gate."

As he is walking towards the door, Rangiku replied, "Alright."

He stopped for a moment to give her one more comment, "I expect you to have at least finished cleaning up all the empty bottles and jugs in the room by the time I come back."

"Eh, you're not expecting me to start on the paperwork?"

"Of course not," he replied. "Besides, you never seem to seriously work on it."

With that said, he used flash step to quickly leave the office. Minutes later, he arrived at the western edge of Seireitei to see a young male Soul Reaper holding a box-like container wrapped in a dark blue cloth. He gave the captain a short bow before he said, "Hitsugaya-taicho, I have received this package from the other side of the gate. It is from your grandmother."

With a short nod, he accepted the taller Soul Reaper's offer and thanked him for his efforts. Then, he quickly dashed to a remote rooftop. Toshiro stopped to take a moment to sit down, place the package on his lap, and untied the cloth. Inside was two containers filled with his favourite amanatto and a folded piece of paper on top. He picked up the sheet and read the contents inside:


I made some amanatto for both you and Momo. Please continue to look after one another as you always did.


After he finished, Hitsugaya put away the note in between the layers of his uniform (from the opening in front). After wrapping the cloth again, he stood up and headed over to his next destination: the fifth division headquarters.

Tracing her reiatsu, Hitsugaya soon found himself standing in front of her private quarters. As he placed his hand on the door handle, he wondered why his childhood friend is still at home when she is supposed to be at work. Then, she heard the mentioned Soul Reaper's voice from inside. "Should I wear this one?"

Curious, he opened the door and entered the house.

"This one looks nice too." Following her voice, he made his way to Momo's bedroom.

There, he found the fifth division lieutenant standing in front of a large oval mirror with different kimono outfits in each of her hands and all over the floor. "Mou, which one should I choose?"

"What are you doing?"

Upon hearing her childhood friend, she looked over and jumped. "H-Hitsugaya-kun, since when were you here?"

Toshiro gave her a stern look. "Oi, it is Hitsugaya-taicho to you. I've been here over the past minute or two."

"Why didn't you mention anything earlier?"

"You're a lieutenant. By now, you should have felt the presence of my reiatsu."

Momo pouted. "Why does he have to be a genius?"

She resumed her attention to the mirror.

"Anyways, I'm trying to decide what to wear later."

"I can see that."

Hinamori looked at him once more. Then, she raised both kimono outfits up and asked, "Which one looks better on me?"

Hitsugaya slowly let out a sigh. Once again, he found himself at crossroads with the memories of their past together. Whenever Momo couldn't make a decision, she would ask him to make it for her. "They both look fine on you."

The older Soul Reaper then frowned. "No, I want you to decide for me! I can't seem to make a decision!"

He began scratching the side of his head. After a brief moment, he pointed his finger at the kimono Momo is holding on her right hand. Then, the peach girl let out a smile.

"I thought so too."

With that said she tossed the unneeded kimono off to the side and looked at the other outfit in front of the mirror once more. In the meantime, Hitsugaya put his hand into his wrapped package and took out a handful of amanatto. He put it in his mouth and ate it. He asked, "What's the occasion?"

As Toshiro put another handful into his mouth, Momo replied, "Oh, I'm going out with Kira-kun later."

Suddenly, he placed his hand over his mouth. He turned to the side and coughed a few times. Once he is able to breathe again, he further asked, "Y-You're going out on a date with Kira?"

Hinamori turned around and answered, "Yeah, I am."


She walked up to him and raised a finger. "Don't laugh at me, okay? It all started with a dream."

Toshiro raised an eyebrow. "A dream?"

The peach girl nodded her head. "I came home from work to meet with my dream boyfriend. He greeted me with homemade dinner, hugs, and kisses. By the time I woke up, I began thinking about my future. Considering everything that has happened, I believe it's about time to start thinking about settling down. I want to get married and raise a family someday before I live out my life."

"So, you're going out with him because..."

"To get some experience in the dating department," she replied. "I...never went out with anyone before."

"Oh, Kira doesn't have any experience in that department either. What makes him to be the perfect person to go out on your first date?"

"Come to think of it," Momo said. "Why are you here?"

"She's not even listening." Toshiro sighed with defeat and replied,"Obaa-san asked me to deliver some amanatto to you."

He raised his hand, holding up the wrapped amanatto inside. "Oh, you can put it on the table over there."

With a short nod, he walked over to the table and took out one of the containers from the bag. After placing it on the table top, he said to the raven haired lieutenant, "I better get back before Matsumoto causes anymore havoc in my office."

Momo giggled. "Okay, I'll talk to you soon."

In response, he gave her a short farewell before disappearing from sight.

As he is heading back to the tenth division, Toshiro thought about the idea of Momo going on a date with the third division lieutenant. He knew they were friends since their academy days, but he couldn't imagine them seeing each other anymore than that. Besides, he has never seen Hinamori act any differently around Kira compared to her other friends. "They're only going to be together for one night."

Japanese World Translations

Taicho - Captain, Shinigami - Soul Reaper, Amanatto - a Japanese traditional sweet treat that is made of refined sugar beans, Obaa-san - Grandmother, Reiatsu - Spiritual Pressure

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