I don't own The Hunger Games. Full summary: The rebellion failed, and a now forty year old Katniss Everdeen did what she said she would never do. She had children at the young age of 25. The Hunger Games comes back around, dreaded even more with each year gone and each tribute fallen. When 15 year old Lillia Everdeen follows in her selfless Mother's footsteps and volunteers she's thrown into the arena with the dangerous tribute from District 2, Michael Hawthorne and her Games suddenly seem a lot like her mother's…

I pull my spear out of the rabbit's eye and place it in my game bag and swing it over my shoulders. I have a decent haul, two squirrels, the rabbit, a turkey and some Katniss roots. My mother was named after them and told that as long as she could find herself then she would never starve. My full name is Lillia-Primrose Rue Everdeen. Rue is my middle name after my mother's fallen ally, Primrose is joined to my first name after my aunt. I am named after the Lilly, and as long as I can find them then I can sell them for a great price to the Mayor. They are rare in the ruins of District 12. It took years to rebuild my home district after the bombing before I was born and even still, it's a wreck. The coal mines are even more dangerous than they used to be. We are allowed no entertainment facilities, no schools and no hot water is available to us. Only one place remains the same as it did in my mother's day. The meadow, where her friends and classmates and my family on my father's side lay buried.

I do not belong to the strong, unforgiving District 12 that fought bravely in the second rebellion and housed the Mockingjay. I belong to the washed up mess of a District where less than three thousand people live, starving even more than twenty three years ago.

I reach the fence step through the hole. When my mother was my age, they only had a small space to climb through. Now the fence is in tatters, like the rest of my District. My mother was removed from Victors Village by the Capitol and the only way we were going back there was if I or Mitch won the Games. I make my way down the dusty path towards my house in what remains of The Seam. It has one floor separated into three rooms, a bedroom, a simple kitchen/dining room and a bathroom. There are three tiny beds in the bedroom, and my feet dangle over the edge slightly. I share the room with my mother and ten year old brother Mitch. He does not have the surname Everdeen like me; he takes the surname Mellark and is named after my mother's friend and old Mentor. My sixteenth birthday is in three weeks. The reaping is this afternoon.

"Hey mother. How are you?" I ask, dropping my game bag down on the wooden table. She jumps slightly and looks at me as I sit down on the chair next to her.

"I'm okay, Lillia-Primrose. It's just…It's reaping day." She says and we say no more for a few minutes. I never know what to say to her, she is mentally scarred after watching President Snow murder my father Peeta, my Grandmother and my Godfather Haymitch when I was five and she was pregnant with Mitch. She rarely speaks, but she functions properly at least. She is following in the footsteps of her own mother and ignoring her children. When she does speak, it's to scold me, or to ask me something. We rarely have a conversation, but she does train Mitch and me. We are not trained so that we can become rich after the Games, or bring pride and honour to our District by volunteering. We are trained for the simple reason that if we are reaped, we will survive and come home. I can use a spear almost as well as my mother used a bow and arrow. I also the basics of archery, sword and knife work and hand-to-hand combat. Most importantly, we were taught how to survive in the Arena. What berries and mushrooms we can eat, how to make a fire and how build a shelter that withstands rain.

My mother is the only one that calls me Lillia-Primrose and I hate it. I don't complain though, because I know the name is important to her and my mother means so much to me. I have been told that I am very much like Katniss was when she was a war hero all those years ago. Strong, independent, untrusting and a survivor. I even provide for my family like she did. I have her dark brown hair and my father's blue eyes. My brother has my mother's grey eyes and my father's blonde hair.

"It's okay, mother. I'm only in there seven times." I had taken tesserae three times. "If I am reaped then I'll remember everything you taught me and win. If I am not, then there's nothing to worry about." I made it sound so simple, but I had seen my mother's games once or twice on tape and I knew that it wasn't that simple.

"It's not that simple. You must have no mercy; you have to kill people in cold blood because there's only one winner, Lillia-Primrose." She sighs. I already know all of this.

"But if I am reaped, I have more of a chance than tributes from some of the other Districts. I'm trained."

"I suppose so. Now go and get dressed, Lillia-Primrose Rue Everdeen. The Reaping starts in three hours and you do not want to be late." She frowns. I make my way slowly into our only bedroom.

"Hey, Mitch. Promise me that when you turn twelve that you'll never take tesserae." I sigh as my brother gets up to leave the room. He is a dress top and knee length brown shorts. He will be stood with Greasy Sae during the Reaping and if I am not reaped we will both be staying with her whilst our mother is mentoring. He gives me a funny look.

"Um, okay Lillia. I promise." With that, he leaves the room. I pull off my hunting clothes and throw them onto the floor. I put on my Reaping dress. It's white with elbow length sleeves and it reaches me knees. I tie my hair in a bun and make my way back into the kitchen. My mother cooks us a meal of turkey and Katniss roots and we eat it then leave.

I join the crowd of fifteen year old girls. In front of me, in the fourteen year old girl's crowd, is my friend Ruby. Her birthday was last week and this is her third Reaping. It's my fourth. I have known since I was thirteen and she was twelve. She fell over in the street and some boys my age laughed at her. I yelled at them, and they ran away. I helped Ruby up and bandaged her leg. We've been friends ever since. Most people in District 12 are scared. They know that I train but that's not why, that's only a small part of the reason. I am the daughter of two war heroes, one fallen and one the Mockingjay. I have many of my father's traits. I enjoy joking and laughing with my brother and I can be kind. But I also have some of my mother's bad traits. When I really lose my temper and snap, it can be catastrophic for the people around me. When my mother lost her temper, she shot the President, Alma Coin, for killing my Aunt Prim and namesake. I would have done the same, and the last time I lost my temper I ended up blowing up a house in Victors Village. I received a whipping from the Head Peacekeeper. But it was worth it. The son of our only victor had been mocking my father, saying that it was probably best he had died. I blew up his house and all of his stuff. My temper had gone at moments before that, but this stunt had made the other teenagers terrified of me. It was okay, there were no schools in District 12 so I rarely saw anyone other than Ruby. I was always training or hunting.

"Welcome, people of District 12, to the Reaping for the 98th annual Hunger Games!" Our escort, Maximillian Jonathan says into the microphone in his annoying Capitol accent. He has lime green hair, and wears an orange suit. To me, he looked like some kind of puppet. The Mayor does his speech, and then Maximillian makes his way over to the girls Reaping bowl.

"Ladies first!" He grins, and pulls a slip of paper out of the bowl. I close my eyes tightly. Not me. Not me. Not me.

"Ruby Howard!"

It takes me a while to process this. Unlike my mother did, I don't immediately run forward and struggle with the Peacekeepers. I take a few deep breathes as my best friend makes her way out of the crowd and then calmly step forward.

"I volunteer." I say, loud enough for everyone to hear but not shouting. Ruby's head snaps round. I can see in her eyes that she doesn't want me to do this. But she's younger and smaller than me, and has less of a chance at winning. She knows this and she is scared of the Games, so lets me walk up to the stage. She won't look at me as I pass her; she is too ashamed of herself.

"What's your name, darlin'?" He asks me. I take another deep breath. I have also trained for this moment. I know that I need to look strong, like I'm not worried about dying. I need to look like a winner. However, I also need to be likeable like my father was. I glance at my mother behind me. She has her face buried in her hands.

"Lillia-Primrose Rue Everdeen. But you can call me Lillia." I grin cheekily. I'm not old enough or big enough to pull off the murdering, merciless tribute look that most volunteers give off, even though I am tall for my age. I am underweight, so I will be sure to eat a lot in the Capitol.

"Everdeen, huh? I guess you really do take after your mother, volunteering like that! I'm glad to see you getting into the spirit of the games, Lillia." He grins back at me, and then moves over to boys bowl. He pulls a slip of paper out, and I am glad that my brother is only ten.

"Harrison Felt!" He exclaims, and the sixteen year old Victor's son whose house I blew up makes his way up to the stage confidently. He must think that because his father is a mentor and a victor that he would win. He hasn't been training, and people seem to forget that my mother was a victor too. It's just so easy to forget these days because of all that she has lost.

I am sat in the Justice building, awaiting anyone who may visit me. My mother will not come; she will have plenty of time to speak to me as she will be my mentor. My brother enters first and flies into my arms. He sniffles a bit, but does a good job of keeping his tears in for me.

"It's me okay, Mitch. I'll use my training and win for you and Mom, okay?" I stroke his soft blonde hair.

"Okay, Lillia. Promise?" He pulls away and holds out his pinkie finger. I lock mine through his and smile.

"Promise." I hug him again, but soon he has to go. Ruby visits me next.

"I'm so, so sorry Lillia. I should have stopped you, and now you're in this because of me and-"

"Shut up, Ruby." I cut her off and hug her. I pull away and she smiles at me.

"I'm really grateful. I should have stopped you, but I didn't. So let's focus on you winning." She smiles again and I smile back.

"That was my plan, too."

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