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To answer Guest's question, yes I know how old Mokuba would have been. This is an AU story, so none of the other events of Duelist Kingdom happened, in this universe it was just a tournament.

Epilogue: The Trip

Joey's P.O.V.
The past 3 weeks have been insane. I have gotten a new job, new boyfriend, moved in with said boyfriend, gotten engaged, and gotten married. I looked out the window of the plane we were in. Since our relationship has been going at warp speed, when I asked Seto about our honeymoon, I was surprised when he said we were taking it during the week of the advancement exams.

"So the one thing that usually happens quickly after the wedding, is what we are going to do slowly?" I said smirking at my husband.

"Yes, but in my defense, the original plan was too take a helicopter right after I do. But, doing this way means we could actually have time to ourselves." Seto smirked back.

Bakura had already agreed to watch Mattie. Seto refused to tell me where we were going, but knowing him it, will be somewhere really warm…. so he can see me in as little clothing as possible, not that I would complain.

My thoughts of Seto naked were interrupted. My husband leaned across me and shout the screen on the window. He winked at me and I crossed my arms.

"No peeking Puppy, it is a surprise." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Everything with you is a surprise." He gave me a quick kiss.

"You love it." With my scenery gone, the air phone got more and more tempting. I Have never been away from for Mattie more than a few hours, now I am leaving for a week. The only thing keeping me calm was that Bakura was watching him…and Ryou promised not to let Bakura out of his sight.

Bakura was not my first choice for a trip this long, or Seto's…. But Tristen was still in Europe on business, and Yugi and Yami just got baby Yusei. The little guy, is our new godson.

Seto noticed my familiar look of worry. When I looked over to him he glared at the phone, like he is fighting it for my attention. Seto grabbed hold of my hands.

"Mattie is fine. You know better than anyone how strong and responsible our little guy is. Plus, the only thing he is going to do all week, is spend every waking second he has making sure Jaden is ready for his test." I turned and smiled at him.

"Thanks love. I do not know what I would do without you sometimes." He kissed me on the head.

"Go absolutely insane with sexual frustration, because no other man can satisfy you like me." I rolled my eyes.

"Cocky bastard." He gave me a smirk.

After a while I got really bored. "How much longer do we have?" He thought for a moment.

"About three hours." I sighed, how people can just sit still for so long is a mystery to me?

"Seto, what should we do?" He gave me one of his famous smirks.

"Well, there is one thing that I have been dying to do with you." I sighed, what the hell did I get myself into.

"What is that?" He smiled, got up from his seat, grabbed my hand, and began leading me somewhere. I have no idea what plan he has cooked up right now, I can only hope that I will not completely hate it. When we ended up at the back of the plan, I gave him a questioning look and he pulled me into his arms.

"Puppy, were going to play a game now. Do you know what it is called?" I sighed.

"No, but I have a feeling you are going to tell me." He chuckled.

"It is called, Seto and his Puppy have sex constantly in the air plane bathroom!" I did not even have a chance to respond. He opened the bathroom door, grabbed me, and pulled me in.

Lots of Sex Later…

When Seto helped me out of the bathroom, he looked at his phone, and told me we have thirty minutes before we arrive. That is one awesome way to kill a few hours, although, I would never tell him that. When we got to our seats, Seto told me that we should buckle up because there was going to be some turbulence, and he was not kidding.

I gripped Seto's hand through the landing, and had to take a few moments when we were on the ground, before I could move. The only thing that kept me going is the fact that I was on vacation with Seto. But before I was allowed to get off the plane, a guy handed me a thick coat and when I stepped out of the plan, there was a huge blizzard.

"Seto! Why the hell are we here?! We will not be able to do anything!" Seto smiled and pulled me into his arms.

"I am sorry Puppy. I guess we will just have to stay inside…all week, but do not worry, I am confident we can find something to do." Seto smirked. Ra I am going to need a vacation after this….

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