Hey Its K.N. I am writing a Rhythm Theif story based off the Musical Play I am doing in musical theater this year ( I am the Rhythm Theif or also known as Phantom R) So all the senteces I will say in my story is our lines. This will be from Phantom R point of veiw


" Phantom R the art theif some may say. He is wanted thoughout Paris for stealing valuable painting for no reason at all" said the announcer

" I have a reason" I screamed " I am trying to find my dad"

" Is that the only reason" the announcer said

" Maybe"

" That is not a good enough reason"

" At least I am not trying to take over France like that stinky Napoleon" I said

"You" someone screamed

" Detective Vergier" I said and started slowly backing up

" Phantom R you are under arrest in the name of France"

" Lets not make rash decisions" I said

he started walking towards me

" Drat" I said and started running

" Come back here Phantom R" Said Vergier

" You will never catch me" I screamed to him behind me " Fondue attack"

My dog Fondue came and bit Vergier on the butt

" Get off me you rabbid dog" Screamed Vergier, trying to pull off Fondue

I ran until I reached my apartment and changed into my school clothes.

"Vergier lives in the same apartment as Phantom R but in his apartment he is known as Raphael" said the announcer

Vergier came into the apartment elevator just as I had been standing there

" Do I know you" He said

" No, My name is Raphael" I said

" You look familiar" he said

" Thanks" I said walking out of the apartment building