Hey Its K.N. I am writing a Rhythm Theif story based off the Musical Play I am doing in musical theater this year ( I am the Rhythm Theif or also known as Phantom R) So all the senteces I will say in my story is our lines. This will be from Phantom R point of veiw


I walk outside and hide behind a bush to dress for Phantom R. I then see Napoleon sitting there on a bench and his helmet is on his head gleaming in the moonlight. Whenever I see something shiny I have to steal it to feed me and Fondue. I sneak over to Napoleon and quickly pull off the helmet. He senses my fingers touching his head

" Phantom R" screams Napoleon

Vergier runs out of the apartment

"Napoleon Bonaparte" I say " Detective Vergier"

I started to run. I still had Napoleon's helmet underneath my arm as I ran. I stopped to check behind me, Vergier has left but Napoleon is chasing me. I stick the helmet out in front of me as I ran. Suddenly I felt someone slam into me who was also running. The helmet flies up in the air. Napoleon comes closer and Napolean and I look at each other to find that the helmet is on the ground I look away and started running to grab it. On of his guards come and picks it up I stop and look up at him and smile

" Hey How is the air up there" I say to him Then I turn around to run

The person I slammed into followes close behind me

" Who are you" She said

" Names Phantom R" I told her " You are?"

" Marie"

" Marie" I say " You shouldn't be following me if you don't want trouble"

" Why not" Marie askes me " Are you some kind of criminal"

I look at her and shrug

" It depends" I say to her