A Leap of Faith

A/N: So I got this idea about Falling Skies and I couldn't get rid of it. I hold it works 'cause I'll need something to get me through the days this show isn't on. SPOILER ALERT!This takes place during the SECOND SEASON - so if you haven't seen it and care about spoilers, then don't read any of this. It takes place after 'Homecoming' - with my taking over and saying they got Ben back and locked up Karen before anything bad could happen.

This is going to be my OC's point of view mainly because I don't want people knowing what's going on in Ben's head a lot. Mostly because I won't really even know. I'm a girl, I may be smart, but not even a genius could figure out what goes on in a guy's mind. Especially a teenage boy who has been harnessed by aliens, has spikes in his back and is now working with the aliens who are rebelling during an alien occupation of Earth. Wow - that sentence was a mouthful and probably grammatically incorrect. Anyways, needless to say, Ben's head is messed up. I will have some in Hal's POV though - I think it will be neccessary for the plot to move on

Summary: When Hal Mason goes on patrol while he's under strict orders from Captin Weaver - scout the area, don't make any messes, and come straight back. But when he sees a girl being surrounded by Skitters, he has to decide whether to save her or follow orders. Ben M./OC

Disclaimer: Falling Skies is not mine though I wish it was.


Scout the area and come right back. Don't make any messes, we don't want those bugs knowing where we are. Captain Weaver's orders kept going through my mind. I didn't like them only because after what I saw in the harness factory the other day I'd love to blow off the head of any alien I saw. That was… horrific to say the least and Ben - it affected him too. I can't imagine what he thought being back in one of those places or what caused his spikes to glow. What was that about? I'm just glad those slug things were blown to hell and that we saved some kids from being harnessed - including Matt.

I looked around, nothing much to see except forest and the occasional animal. After a while I thought about shooting one for a little food. I can't remember the last time I had fast food, McDonalds or Chic-fil-a would taste pretty damn good right now. I'm just about to head back when I hear the foot-steps of several Mechs. I raise my gun, ready to shoot if they see me.

The sounds grow fainter and soon they're gone. The silence felt like the ones in horror movies, right before something jumped out at you and you'd jump twenty-feet in the air. After waiting a minute or two I started moving again, not wanting to be gone too late in the dark. I'm not entirely sure that the sounds I'm hearing are from animals after a while. They sound too clumsy, more like human footsteps than anything. My immediate thought is Ben is out here, so I start following the sound - which are indeed footsteps - to catch up with him.

I stop when I come to a clearing, where several Skitters are gathering around something, blocking any exit that whatever it was had. I saw the Skitters move and a blonde head came into view briefly. It wasn't Ben, but it was a human. Captin Weaver's orders played in my head - I was to scout the area, no gunfire or attacking any Skitter. I wasn't allowed to save this person.

The person dived and their head ended up between a Skitter's legs. I watched her as the Skitters started dragging her off, making me feel horrible. Then she looked directly at me, her eyes showed fear as well as deterimination - our eyes made contact and she knew I was here. Knew I could help her. Now I had to decide - follow orders and live with the guilt or disobey orders, save her, be harshly disciplined, and have a lot of unwanted attention. I didn't even hesitate in my decision.


"Boy I'm not sure how to feel right now. I can say I'm pretty pissed at you though."

"I understand."

"No, I don't think you do. You disobeyed a direct order - the Skitters"

"Are dead - they couldn't have known where we are and still don't unless somehow that girl is one of them. They were several clicks away from here and going away from this area"

"Just go on talking like I'm not here."

"Okay, little miss spitfire," I said," what do you remember?"

"I remember that you haven't told me your names yet." She bit into a peanut butter cacker - she looked like she hasn't eaten in a long time.

"I'm Captain Weaver, Leader of the 2nd Mass."

"And I'm Hal Mason. What's your name?"

"My name is get the heck out of my business."

"Hey, I saved your life out there-"

"No, you killed a couple overgrown roaches - it doesn't mean I owe you anything."

"God, you're worse than Ben."

"Who's Ben?"

"I'll tell you once you tell me your name."

"Alright - not important enough."

"See here - I'm not letting you into the Second Mass until I know you're not a threat."

"Who said I wanted to join? I was fine on my own."

"Yes, because being dragged off by Skitters is fine."

"Shut up Mason, I was fine. I was going to pull out my guns when you decided to play the knight in shining armor and killed the Skitters before I could do anything."

"You don't have-"

"I don't have guns? I beg to differ." She pulled out two silver pistols from my pant's waistband, pointing them at us. "Now, I'm going to leave, and no one is going to follow me - understand?"

"I think you've made a mistake there kiddo," Maggie's voice comes from behind her as she walks up behind her and I hear her guns being prepped to shoot," Now put the guns down and put your hands behind your head." She whips around and points the guns at her hea .

"I wouldn't do that - now let me pass or I'll shoot."

"No you won't -" I say as Weaver and I pick up our guns and aim them at the girl, ready to shoot her if we have to. "Now, put your guns down and put your hands behind your head."

"I don't like you Mason," She says as she puts her guns on the floor and put her hands on the back of her head. I put restraints on her wrists after putting them behind her back.

"I don't like you either - you were cussing at me the entire way here."

"Hal, take her to a secure room."

"So I'm being locked up - great. Just make sure it's not a padded cell so I can feel pain when I hit my head against the wall."

"It's a hospital, not a mental institution." I hear her mutter something that sounds like 'close enough' as I go through the hospital, taking her to a room that has bars on all the windows that was deemed 'secure' by Weaver and a bunch of other people.

"Just leave now," she said as I closed the door, taking off the restraints.

"Well, I can't do that - not until someone else comes"

"To guard my door. I know the protocall. Now go get someone else to guard the door."

"I'll do that as soon as you tell me your name."


"Then I'm not leaving."

"I guess I'll have to live with that." She laid down on the bed, her back facing me. After a few minutes, she whipped her head around, looking past me with the alertness of an animal. I turned my head to where she was looking and saw Ben.

"You heard him?" She flipped back over, ignoring my question.

"Who's she?"

"Found her being dragged away by Skitters while I was on Patrol, saved her sorry ass and brought her back here."

"I would've been fine - you just interfered where you weren't wanted."

"Ooh, fun one huh."

"Oh shut up moron. I didn't need this fuck's help."

"Don't talk about my brother like that - you should be thankful he saved you from those Skitters. You don't know what they're capable of."

"I've got a pretty damn good idea. I won't elaborate on the subject so don't ask."

"Hal, I'll take over from here. Tell Dad I'm here, would you?"

"Sure, have fun."


"I'm not going to answer your questions, you realize that."

"Sure, you could at least turn over so we can talk normally."

"Because talking through barred windows is so normal."

"Lately It has been."

"Do tell," I said, turning over to find a boy about my age with beautiful green eyes and honey blonde hair that was almost brown. I sat up so I could be a bit more confortable.

"They don't exactly trust me."

"Welcome to the club - we have complementary T-Shirts." He laughed a little and continued.

"When the aliens came, they uh,"

"Stuck you with those creepy slug things? Yeah, I figured. How many of you are here? The de-harnessed kids I mean."

"It's uh, just us now."


"Me and you."

"I'm not-"

"I can hear you and I know you can hear me too. Plus, I could see your spikes - but how did no one else?"

"I took off my turtleneck when I got in here - they're good for hiding stuff you don't want people to see."

"Even if you keep wearing them, someone's bound to find out - like Pope."

"I can handle him."

"Why were the Skitters dragging you off?"

"That's none of your business."

"I don't care, now why we're they dragging you off?" I ignored him and flipped back over, facing the wall again. "Okay, don't tell me. I guess I'll just have to tell Captain Weaver what I do know."

"If you're trying to scare me by threatening telling the old man I've got spikes in my back it won't work. One more person knowing I'm a freak won't make much of a difference." I heard him stand up and start to walk away, "Oh, and Ben, you've got quite the price on your head."

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