The monster died as soon as Loki and Amara did, falling to the ground instantly. S.H.I.E.L.D was about to fire a weapon that could have destroyed all of New York, but stopped as it saw the beast hit the ground. The Avengers scavenged the rubble, looking for possible survivors. Iron Man moved a large piece of rubble, and froze.

"Hey guys, I think I know what happened to the gigantic thing we were just fighting."


Iron man threw the rubble away from him and uncovered his face, sighing. "Child and Loki happened."

A few minutes later, the team had gathered around, Steve and Banner looking the other way. There lay Loki and the Child named Amara, their lifeless bodies crushed. There were tears, Steve shedding a few before throwing a rock in frustration. It burst as it hit a building wall. Thor also shed tears, for the loss of his brother, and the young child.


Do you think we should tell them?

No. They don't need to know. At least, not yet.


You know that it will be dangerous with me. You should go back, and let them protect you.

I know all about the danger, but I'm not going to cause them anymore trouble. I'll visit them, someday. But until then, they'll be too busy to look for me. Let them have their peace without me for now. We'll look after each other, you and me. A little family, right? And besides, I'm not allowing you alone here. That's my apartment, and you'll probably destroy it if I do ever leave.

Oh, careful with your choice of words. You sound as if you would worry about me.

Hey, if you need the flattery, take it as a compliment. Now get out of here. You're distracting me. I'll be home soon.

"Amara! You have an order for table three! Don't be slacking just because you just got off vacation! And stop flirting with my old flat-mate, that's my job!"

The waiter smiled. "One second, Frieda!" The waitress placed the bill down for her customer. "Have a nice day, Mr. Laurence."

Mr. Laurence smiled, and walked out the door. But before he did, he turned around, and shared a wink with the waitress that had been called to table three.