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It was a pretty normal day at Titans Tower. Robin was training, Starfire was feeding Silkie, Raven was reading another goth novel, and Cyborg and Beastboy were playing Monster Truck Race 2. BB was in the lead when the doorbell rang. Neither one of them got up to get it.

"Aren't you bout to get that?" Cyborg asked still trying to win the race.

"No way, dude. I'm about to beat you for the first in my life! You go get it."

"No way." Both heroes kept their hinds planted firmly on the gray couch.

By this time, the other Titans had come down because of the constant ringing of the doorbell. Robin looked at the two, shook his head, and went to answer the door. Meanwhile Raven used her powers to unplug the tv. Beastboy shot up like a rocket.

"What did you do that for? I was in the lead and that may never happen again!" he screamed at his fellow teammate.

"You should have got the door."

They glared at each for about a minute, before turning their backs to each other. Garfield and Raven had feelings for each other,but neither one would admit it. Robin cleared his throat and all eyes turned to him.

"We have guests." Robin said with a visible tick above his eyebrow. He moved to the side and revealed the guests and everyone's mouth dropped.

"Hi, Garfield."


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