Dave watched. He carefully and lovingly watched after his charges. That was his job. He was a guardian angel, caretaker of certain residents on Earth. His newest charge intrigued him. There was something about this man. Why was he so familiar?

The earthly memories of guardian angels faded pretty quickly once they were accepted into the ranks. Why did it seem like he knew this man? Like he remembered him from somewhere? Dave followed along behind the man like a shadow. He observed as his charge came and went, going about his day-to-day business. Med school came and went and the man started his career as an emergency room doctor. The town where the hospital was located, some of its inhabitants... it all looked so familiar.

Dave spent his days protecting the man from the typical things. He stopped him from being hit by a reckless driver by tripping the man slightly so that he stepped in a puddle. The doctor cursed to himself at the feeling of his now wet trousers while the speeding car flew past, inches away. Dave shifted gravity slightly so that the scalding hot coffee that was about to spill down the man's lap fell back into the cup instead. These were the normal duties of guardian angles. Bigger things, such as altering the course of someone's life for the better or gifting them with something rare, were completely up to each individual guardian angel and their own discretion. The Big Man grilled each potential guardian carefully before altering their status, and trusted them completely. David was still pretty new to his job and had yet to step out of the normal boundaries. This one seemed special though. This might be the job where he really had the chance to do something life-changing for someone. That was the point after all. Being a guardian angel went beyond just enjoying eternal bliss. It was about wanting to help and give back to those who desperately needed it. Some did it because of the purely altruistic nature that they had somewhat retained from their time on earth. Some did it because they felt they needed to redeem themselves of past wrongs. Whatever the reason, it was a good way to spend eternity.

Dave walked around the small office, unnoticed by the doctor as he sat at his desk making phone calls and filling out paperwork. It had been a slow day. The doctor was a fairly cautious person by nature and secluding himself to his office for hours at a time left little for Dave to protect against.

"Yes, this is doctor Kurt Hummel. Yes, from Lima Memorial. I was wondering..."

Wait, Dave thought, 'Kurt'... 'Lima'... I know why this all seems so familiar. Making sure that the doctor was in no immediate danger he rushed off, knowing who he had to talk to.

Dave didn't have to wait long. The Big Man saw him right away.

"How can I help you, David."

"I don't understand."

"Don't understand what?"

"My newest charge. We used to go to high school together. I teased him. Mocked him. Shoved him in lockers."

"I'm very aware."

"Doesn't he deserve someone better? Someone who didn't try to ruin his life for years?"

"Maybe I think that he deserves a guardian who will understand why it's necessary to make his life truly extraordinary."


Dave watched Kurt carefully after that. The guardian started to notice small things about the man that he had been previously unaware of, being only concerned with his immediate safety. He noticed how the doctor would take extra special care of his littlest patients. Kurt would sing to and joke with them to ease any anxiety or discomfort and always had stickers and suckers in his pocket as a reward. He noticed the doctor observe any father and son duos within his vicinity, a longing expression ever present. A plan began to formulate in the guardian's mind and he slowly put the pieces together.

He planted the idea of foster care in Kurt's head. He watched as the idea grew and smiled to himself the day Kurt talked to his brother, who was a social worker, about signing in himself up. None too soon...

Murmurings were going around within the guardian angel network. Something big was about to go down. A young couple was about to lose their lives. A young couple expecting a baby. At their weekly assembly, Dave approached the two angels who were currently the guardians of the couple. They were stoic, not out of the ordinary for an angel, but they were especially so. Dave understood why. He had lost charges before. Even though every guardian there knew that when it was someone's time… it was their time. Nothing could change that. It didn't make it easy though. Losing someone you spent every day of your eternity protecting would always be hard.

"Who will get the child?" David dared to ask.

"It hasn't been decided yet."

"I think I know where the babe should go."

"Then you know who to talk to, David."

"Are you sure?" The Big Man spoke to Dave. "It's rare for a guardian to take on two charges at once."

"Yes sir. I want to do this."

"So be it."

Dave watched the dramatic scene unfold at the hospital. The panicked yells from the E.R.

"O2 stats are dropping!"

"We're going to need a transfusion over here."

"It's too late, we need to get that baby out now!"

"Prep the O.R!"

Dave watched the entire staff grieve.

"We lost them both."

"What in the world will happen to the kid."

Dave watched Kurt slip off to his secret place of reflection beyond the wooded lot in the back of the hospital. He joined him there and pulled the man to his feet, guiding him back inside, step-by-step. Once inside, they made their way to the NICU. Dave looked between his two charges carefully. He had to handle this just right. He gently tilted the newborn's head toward the doctor and encouraged the babe to open his tiny eyes… and look directly into Kurt's. He didn't need to do any more prompting. Not a pull on Kurt's hand, not a tug of his heartstrings. Blue eyes met blue eyes. It was done. It was love.