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The sickening dread returned as she listened to the elders ramble on. Their harsh whispering caused an uneasy feeling to settle in the pit of her stomach. She knew the moment they turned to her with a troubled look that it wasn't going to be good.

"We are very sorry Sakura-san, but we cannot allow you to divorce your husband."

"…But why? I filled out the papers properly and I know Sasuke will sign th—"

A pudgy elder interrupted, "Konoha law states that any bride married into a clan, especially a clan head, is prohibited to divorce."

"That's a stupid law!" Sakura screeched and was tempted to throw the stack of papers to his wrinkly old face. It had only been a week since Sasuke left on his mission to the border and she was determined to end the relationship by the end of the month before he returned. She wanted out. Sakura had no reason to be married to a man who wanted nothing to do with her.

"…unless…" Another elder began before mumbling on.

"Unless what?" She all but screamed. Whoever came up with the brilliant idea of having old farts politically running the village was an idiot.

"Well, unless you can get another clan head or heir to vouch for you," he replied evenly while scratching his gray beard.

YES! She was a free woman. She could definitely get Ino or even Neji to sign the stupid papers by the end of the day. She would even babysit her friends' unruly (crazy) children for a whole year if it meant having her freedom back from Sasuke and his dead clan.

"…either in marriage or by a parent." While mentally doing a victory dance Sakura failed to listen to the whole explanation.

"Wait, what?" She asked stupidly while tilting her head to the side. Did she hear what she thought she heard? She was certain her goal of freedom was within reach, but Sakura supposed all things come with a price.

The elder sighed grumpily, "You can only divorce if you have a clan heir claim you for marriage or if your parent, a clan head, can claim you back as clan heir."

Damn clan politics! Why the hell did she marry into it? Oh, that's right! She fell in love with an idiot whose emotional capacity was that of a rock, which was none, and whose loyalty laid to his clan and himself only.

"We are sorry Sakura-san," the pudgy elder began, "but there is not much we can do for you since you were born into a civilian family."

Sakura held the tears at bay as she numbly thanked them for their time. It wouldn't do any good by throwing a fit the size of the Hokage monument. Their hands were tied by the ancient law and all they could do was humbly apologize. By the time she realized she was no longer in the Hokage tower, but instead Team seven's training field she wept.

There had been complaints throughout the whole night from the neighborhood about construction and Tsunade had quickly realized that it had been Sakura's doing. With a heavy heart she sent Kakashi to check on her and had demanded him to fix her with a knowing glare. He didn't question her because he knew Sakura was important to both of them. It was all he could do to make up for time lost while he was away being selfish and wallowing in his own grief.

He frowned when he found her amongst the rubble of the Uchiha home. Kakashi knew Sakura and Sasuke were going through a rough time, but didn't think it was to this extreme.

"Yo, Sakura-chan!" He greeted with a little smile. She glanced up then downed a bottle of sake. He noticed several broken bottles as well.

"Hi Kaka-sensei," she grumbled while wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Not attractive at all especially with her sweaty hair covered in plaster sticking to her face and neck.

Sitting down he glanced about and patted her sticky hair, "I see you're decorating again."

She snorted, then laughed and burst into tears. He braced himself as she flung into his arms, a messy embrace of tears, spilled sake, and rubble.

"The stupid elders and their stupid law won't let me divorce Sasuke and I HATEIT! IHATEIT!" She yelled, "I WANT OUT!"

Whimpering through her tears she managed to whisper into his vest, "I can't take it anymore, sensei. Sasuke doesn't love me…I don't think he ever did."

He could only hold her as she wept her sorrows and that moment Kakashi knew he had to fix this mess; for his family and Sakura's happiness.

Petting her head he told her evenly, "Don't worry Sakura-chan. Your sensei knows what to do."