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Surprisingly the role of father of the year and soon to be grandfather was filled quite well by the legend known as the Copy Cat. It was second nature for Kakashi, almost like breathing when it came to Sakura's needs and the soon to be little Hatake heir, even with the obsessive undertone. With Tsunade formally introducing Sakura as his daughter now there was no reason to hide the connection.

At least this time around he could openly display his affection for his daughter without having the accusations of being a creepy teacher or worse a pedophile. There were many instances during Team Seven's beginning that all Kakashi ever wanted to do was pull the scrawny little pink haired brat to his chest and cuddle. He contemplated many times telling her the truth as well as kidnapping her from her adoptive parents (becoming a farmer and locking Sakura away from prying eyes) and taking her far away from her disastrous infatuation of Sasuke, but relented each time with a heavy heart knowing it was wrong.

He had taken it upon himself to be involved as much as possible, annoyingly so, to the point where Sakura had no social life. He was literally there to physical remove her from any situation he deemed too strenuous and away from anybody he did not like. Naruto had once commented that his actions were "totally cock blocking Sakura-chan", but he quieted him with a well-placed punch. Sakura had no business 'getting it on' with his grandchild safely nestled in her womb. He would make sure of that.

Sakura mused as she watched from the safety of the couch as Kakashi and Yamato brought in furniture…specifically her furniture into Kakashi's modest three bedroom apartment. She thought about helping them, considering they were struggling without her awesome super strength, but the moment she quietly made a move to roll off the couch she heard Kakashi swear from down the hall.

"Damn it! I told you to FUCKING REST, you stubborn girl!"

Damn that man and his inhuman hearing.

Really, she should be upset and insulted being called a girl, she is a proud woman, but she was just sour at having to lie back on the frumpy couch like a beached whale. A mass under the blanket snorted then laughed as he wiggled out.

"Be a good pup and listen to your Daddy, little girlie," replied Pakkun with grumpy smile. Sakura huffed, mortified at being scolded, jokingly at that, by her father's nin-dog. She brought her arms to rest on her growing belly and kicked the dog off the couch with a side glance to Kakashi's direction.

"You little brat," he replied just as irritated from the cold floor. As much as Sakura annoyed him being pregnant and uncontrollably moody Pakkun was happy at seeing Kakashi not miserable or destructive for once. If anything he seemed more chipper and energetic; the slouch was gone and he was showing up on time for most occasions (mostly for Sakura's appointments). It could have been Sakura's insistent whining about good posture equaling good health or the early bird gets the worm, but the pug realized it was just Kakashi being happy and eager to please his offspring. Not that he could complain since he was getting extra belly rubs and treats since Sakura was finally declared the Hatake heiress.

"Can I call you Daddy?" Taken aback, Kakashi could only stare at the blush that spread over Sakura's pale features. He noticed she had gone back to shuffling her feet as well as shyly twisting a lock of her pink hair.


He held back the snort that got stuck in his throat as the blush quickly spread to her neck and ears. God, she was just as pasty as he was. Hopefully his grandchild would be blessed with darker skin; probably not considering who the father of his grandchild was. Sigh.

"Hhmm, I don't know," he replied evenly, hiding a knowing smile behind his mask. As tempting as it was to tease her endlessly he held back to watch the situation unfold. She huffed, growing belly protruding and swiftly looked up to give him an earful.

"You're being a pain," she whined noisily as another powerful kick to her ribcage had her gritting her teeth. Damn the Uchiha and their gifted nin. This child would be the death of her with all the summersaulting it was doing in her womb.

"Maa, I wasn't aware…" The humor in his voice did not go unnoticed and Sakura held back from causing him and not to mention herself bodily harm. If only she could use her chakra without disrupting her child's then she would be the one laughing. Stupid jerk probably enjoyed having her pitifully defenseless so he could tease ruthlessly without having his face caved in by her awesome fists.

Kakashi settled back on the worn sofa and silently urged Sakura into an embrace with a wave of his arms. Delighted at such an odd, but tender gesture Sakura waddled to his side letting him adjust her in his arms before comfortably leaning back on the cushions. With his chin on her head and his heartbeat against her ear Sakura could only sag in relief as the fluttering in her womb settled.

"I wish…" Kakashi swallowed hard before continuing, quite aware as Sakura stiffened at the emotion in his voice.

"…I wish I had not given you up so easily. Rin would have been disappointed with my rash and selfish decision."

He did not make a comment about his wet shirt or her pathetically hidden hiccups. She knew he was a private man and a loner by nature, mostly due to tragedies in his life, but having him share a little bit of his guilt warmed her heart.

"I still love you Daddy," with a watery laugh Kakashi hugged her tighter. She truly was her mother's daughter.

"I'm sorry it took me this long to make it right," he replied in her hair. She shifted in the embrace to get a better look at him and the blush returned tenfold at the emotion in his bicolored eyes.

"Sometimes we get lost on the road to life," Sakura cheekily replied then quickly ducked to hide her grin, "You owe me a lot of birthday presents."

Kakashi hummed in reply. He could get used to this.