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Jack's POV:

The van was bouncing, not from the loud bass that was pumping through it, but from the rutted, gravel road. In front of us was a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. A three-story yellow farmhouse sat on the top of the hill. We were about half way up the bumpy incline when the engine started to sputter and the AC shut itself off.

Rick leaned forward from the back seat and pounded on the dashboard repeatedly. Andrew swung his left boot out and kicked right next to the gas pedal. The van made a grinding noise and crawled its way up the rest of the slope.

We all threw ourselves out of the now hot van and into the burning Georgia sun. I slipped on my shades while Rick and Andrew shielded their eyes. Under a stray pear tree was a rotting wooden bench that held up a curvy woman.

She scrambled up and grabbed a pink tray filled with lemonade. All of us exchanged a look and ran up to her and the tray. We all grabbed a glass and kicked it back.

"Y'all must be burnin' up! Come in. I'm Francine Barker. Y'all talked to Melina Frank, she's inside," Francine rushed leading us towards the air-conditioned house.


I stared in one of the windows holding my camera and thinking someone was spying on us. Suddenly a little round face was against the glass. This little girl was smiling at me making sure to let her teeth show. Her corkscrew curls fell over into her hazel eyes and she blushed.

A quick flash of white hoopskirts swished by the window and the girl was pulled away. My whole body went cold with the thought that came to my mind.

She was a ghost. A ghost. She looked real. She wasn't though.

I looked down at the camera in my hand and darted into the office. Along the walls were deep scratches that looked like fingers nails had tried to tear down the wallpaper. Jack was tracing a thin line with the tip of his finger smiling while Rick downed more lemonade. Melina was blabbing about how the ghosts had done this.

"I have something to show everyone." Jack and Rick turned away from their previous tasks and came to the camera. I re-winded everything and started the tape from when everyone started heading in the house. There was a collective gasp and it almost covered up a little voice.

"But mama I would like to," Was all we could hear until. "Wait until later sweetie." They were both different voices communicating with each other.

"It takes two to tango," Said Rick. Everyone looked at him confused. "Never mind…" Melina slowly turned away from us all wringing her wrists.

"You think this is bad, wait until nighttime. Things really kick in gear." Jack's face spilt into a large smile and he extended his right hand.

"Pleasure doing business with you, Ms. Frank." Melina shook his hand and looked at him as if he were insane. Jack kept smiling as Francine told us more about the scratches.


I nodded along as both the women that run this house told us of the abuse this room had gotten, since the start of adding on in 2005.

"The little boy, was taken away from the Lounsburys in 1851 because of Asperger disease. He loves trains, so bring him a toy train… It'll move throughout the rooms. He is normally seen and only heard saying, 'trains' or 'Mommy,' but there are those times." Francine told us.

Melina then continued with, "Ava Lee died of cholera in the same room her mother died. Mr. Lounsbury—you must address him as that—then killed himself there, after whipping a house slave. The cries of the slave are heard often at night. The whip has hit me once; I have the scar on my back.

"Ana Lee is kind and watches her children. Most of the people that have been alone with her feel loved and comforted. Her husband is evil though. It is claimed that on her dying bed Ana never asked for her husband and told the slave during her final moments she had never loved him."

A loud clap came from the door behind us and footsteps were heard upstairs along with a terrified scream. I looked at the door to see a tall scrawny blonde man awkwardly standing there.

"Hi maw, I brought ya' some lunch. What's goin' on?"

"Aw nothin' Marcus." Claimed Mrs. Barker. Marcus dropped the food off on the table and sat in one of the seats.

"I've been harassed here too Mama," He drawled. "That mean ole boy a theirs went and backhanded me, all 'cause I picked up his train. Overreacted if I say so myself."

"Don't judge him, he is different," A loud cry echoed through the house. "They are just puttin' on a show right now. Marcus I think ya'r maw is fine with you goin' now." Melina smiled. Marcus nodded and left the building pouting.

"Are any of ya' hungry? I had him bring extra." She opened a bag practically over flowing with snacks and sandwiches. We all dug in and thanked her around full mouths.


After lunch we kicked up the interviews again starting with a mouse-ish girl named Carrie.

"Well one time I was cleaning up the kitchen, since we had just hosted a wedding. Everyone loves the view outside and find it holy, so they marry here. Anyways, I was cleaning and I turned around. There the lady of the house was. She was all 'I'm better than you' and I was all 'GHOST!' I left that day and never looked back."

Turner then stepped up to the plate and held up a scarred hand. "Mr. Lounsbury is still whippin' I know that for cert'in." Andrew slowly nodded and Turner walked out of the house.

Lily was our next interview and she led us out of the room and into the real house. The walls were in pristine conditions and all the furniture looked authentic. "No one has cleaned here in 5 months. I've been working here and I always see a slave cleaning and taking care of the furniture. This is from this house was made. Nothing has been changed since."

I took a second to look around before waving in the next person. A man in his late sixties hobbled over to us using his cane with every step. Rick rushed forward and assisted him to the couch.

"My name is," He paused a moment to cough into a handkerchief. "Thomas. I worked here in 1970 at the age of 42. They had to ponder the idea of closing it. Mr. Lounsbury got angry and acted all the visitors because Ana Lee was fond of a living breathing man.

"Six times I got attacked. The last one made me quit since I was shoved down the stairs. My leg was broken in four different places and I lay at the bottom of the left spilt staircase waiting for someone to come." He again used his hanky and then put pressure on his cane to help him stand and leave the room.

Rick looked at Andrew and then me. I could feel the huge smile on my face. Tomorrow was going to be better than anyone else could believe. Andrew stared at his camera and broke our silence, "I-I don't know guys. Are you sure?"

I laughed along with Rick and nodded my head happily.

"Damn. Walk through time?" As if hearing what Andrew said Mrs. Barker walked in.

"This is the foyer! These windows almost always have the face of Ava Lee plastered on it, as Mr. Badlose saw. Sometimes the panes fog over from the chill emanating from her. You can hear parties being hosted here and laughter." She then led us through a second door on the left.

"This is the living room. You may hear glasses clinking here. The little boy likes this room because of that," She extended her index finger to the small train. "Otherwise nothing really happens."

We then went through the door on the right. "Welcome to the dining room. You hear laughter from both Mr. and Mrs. Lounsbury. They also like to have conversations together here." She then led us through another door on the left.

"This is the last room down here, the kitchen. You sometimes see Ruth Ann cooking or hear her singing. She mostly cleans during the day," We then walked out of the kitchen into the dining room and then through an arch back to the foyer. She led us up the left half of the split staircase. "I found Thomas at the end of that. I was only fifteen."

We went down a hall that had a branch off in the middle. She took us into a larger room, "This is where Mr. and Mrs. Lounsbury slept. Sometimes you hear coughing or readying here. This was where they were fighting earlier." We went back into the hall and walked down the branch off.

"Left is Dalton Ford's room and right is Ava Lee's. Ava isn't normally in her room. Dalton is always there playing with trains. Oh, be careful tomorrow he likes to move them all around." We walked back to the stairs and took the last flight up.

"This is the sick room. Three people died here. Dalton Ford died in his 'insane asylum,' but no one knows exactly how. Ana, Ava, and Dalton died here. Ana of child labor, Ava of cholera, and Dalton of suicide. This is the hot spot. Ava plays with the lights, while Ana and Dalton bicker." She walked all the way down the stairs and out of the house with us following.

"The slave quarters," She gestured to a run down rectangular building. "It still has the same cots, but no one tends to stay there," We walked around to behind it, "Voodoo happens a lot here. Ruth Ann tries to bring herself back to life."

Rick turned around and pointed to a dirt plot. "What happens there?"

"Where? Oh! The graveyard, nothing really no one here accepts that they are dead. We think that's why they come back so strong and life like."

We all headed across the ground back to the van and shook hands with our interviewees and the ladies running this house. The three of us piled into the van again and Andrew turned the keys to start it up. The engine grinded and then nothing happened.

Rick groaned, "Andrew get a new van!"

"NEVER!" He turned the keys again and it started. He stuck his tongue out at Rick in the rearview mirror and floored it down the bouncy hill screaming the entire way.

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