"Do you mind helping me go through my songs for my mashup?" Chris asked his new girlfriend.

She nodded and picked up his song book off of the coffee table.

She read the first song and just rolled her eyes at the old song.

"But if you're the one for me, then I'll be your hero?" Jessica asked Chris with a straight face.

He shrugged with a smile.

She flipped to the next page with a discusted look on her face.

Memories went through her head and she tried not to smile at them.

"Wait," he frowned. "You don't like it?"

She smiled slowly and pushed him. "Just joking with you..." she told him and then gave him a short kiss.

"I love you," she said afterward and looked deeply into his amazing blue eyes.

He looked back at her and just smiled.

"What?" he finally asked.

"Nothing..." she shook her head.

He looked at her. "No, tell me."

She groaned. "Ugh, fine..."

She looked down shyly.

"What is it?" he asked frowning. "Didn't I comb my hair right today?" he asked and got up to check a mirror or something.

She laughed and shook her head. "No!"

He chuckled and kissed her. "I know.. I'm just kidding."

She sighed.

"Tell me.. Please?"

She groaned. "Ugh, I hate that you have that power over me..."

He looked at her confused. "What power?" he smirked.

"You just ask and I instantly just wanna tell you everything." she told him.

"Well..." he kissed her again. "I just have that power over you."

She laughed. "Okay, I was wondering... If I could sing with you."

He looked at her shocked. "Umm..."

She laughed. "My singing.. my old singing; it's not real... I faked it."

He looked at her confused.

"You- You faked being a bad singer?" he asked.

She nodded nervously. "I'm actually a pretty good singer..."

He sighed. "Well... sing something for me."

She blushed. "Here? Right now?" she smiled.

He nodded and kissed her on the cheek. "Please..?" he pouted.

She rolled her eyes. "Fine... just- sit down Chris."

He plopped down on his sofa next to her and rested his head on his hand and stared.

"Ugh, stop that!" she giggled.

He picked his head up and just smirked.

"What?" she asked when he didn't say anything and just kept staring.

"You know what..? I don't think I want you to sing to me right now..." he told her.

She looked at him confused.

He bent down slowly and kissed her slowly and gently.

"Chris..." she smiled.

He put a finger on her soft lips. "Shh..." he told her and continued kissing her.