Sudden inspiration(and an overdose of DBZAbridged). Short and hopefully(very, very hopefully) funny.

The following is a non-profit fan-made parody.

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"Surrendering so early? You can do it better."


"Embrace your dreams and, whatever happens, protect your SOLDIER honor. Well, you never were in SOLDIER, but it's the heart what it counts. The heart."

Cloud got on his feet again, his back on Zack's own.

"Need some help?"

-Not really. But I'd like to fight alongside you.

"Well, I can't materialise. But I can give you a 'lil trick."


"You just repeat after me."

Cloud wasn't moving. Sephiroth kept on his attack. Just when he slashed his blond enemy moved away and put some distance between them.

-So, there's still some fight left on you? -As Sephiroth ran to Cloud, the hero began to talk.

-Infinite in the mistery is the gift of the Goddess. -Sephiroth stopped on his tracks.


-When the war of the beasts bring around the world's end, the Goddess will descend from the skies.

-No, no, no... -A step back.

-Her wings of light and darkness spread away, her gift everlasting. -That was too much! Sephiroth took his head into his hands.

-No, no, no, no, no, no, no, fuuuuuuuuuu... -Suddenly he could feel Cloud's blades piercing and cutting through his body. A stronger version of the Omnislash. -...uuuuuuuuck.

-Now Sephiroth, stay where you belong. On my memories.

-... God damn it, Genesis.

Also I neither own nor created Dragon Ball Z Abridged, all the merit for it goes to TeamFourStar. Obviously, if you hadn't see DBZAbridged this probably will have little to none humor...