Hey, Night Owls! I see MyMusic fics are growing to three! I love them but I want a little Scene/Intern 2 so I decided to make one myself! This may be one of my darkest one-shots ever and sweetest. After seeing episodes where Indie and the staff say they hate Intern 2, I thought what if he wanted to end it all! So I'm hoping to have a collection of one-shots at least under a thousand words! Well you know, TrASh! Enjoy!

"Intern 2! You may have nothing to live for but just shut up!" Indie yelled at me after he heard me make a smart remark about his scarves to Scene.

I felt startled and tried to pay attention to the meeting. But I somehow couldn't. I felt his own words hurt me like it was the first time I ever heard it. Which was obviously not true. It hurt when I first came here but I got used to it. But now there just something I can't describe. I've been feeling it a lot lately but I brushed the feelings off.

"You okay?" Scene asked me after the meeting. For a girl who's always so happy and cheerful, she seems to pay attention a lot to a person's feeling.

"Yeah." I answered simply.

But it was a huge lie. The more everybody but Scene yelled at me or insulted me, the more those feelings became. I thought it was nothing. I didn't know it would be very serious.

Until I started cutting.

It hurt like hell and I was bleeding like crazy when I first started. But I felt relief and figured nobody would care if I cut or not. Each time I cut my own wrists, I'd feel my heart pumping and feel relief from the world. I'd always wear long sleeves so I didn't have to worry about suspicions. From all the yelling, they wouldn't notice.

I stopped caring about myself and about the future I've always dreamed of. Maybe Indie was right: I have nothing to live for.

"Intern 2, I told you to shut up! So shut up!" Indie said and shouted some not very nice words.

I finally had it. I was tired of everybody treating me like I'm nothing. I sat up so quickly that everybody was shocked by what I'm doing and shouted angrily, "I KNOW I'M NOT WORTH IT SO QUIT REPEATING IT TO ME!"

I slammed the door behind me and ran quickly down the stairs and looked through Hip Hop's stuff. He won't kill me if I'm already dead.

"Where the hell does he keep his damn gun?" I muttered to myself as I kept looking through his stuff. I looked through the bottom left of his drawer and finally found it.

I had never touched a gun before in my life. Let alone, know how to use. The gun felt cold and kind of heavy. I aimed the gun at my head and felt my heart pound like crazy and the cold metal against my head.

"Now or never." I said to myself as I put my finger on the trigger. I was slowly about to pull the trigger when I heard someone say,

"What are you doing?"

I turned around and saw Scene: eyes covered with fear. I suddenly felt speechless and didn't know what to say. I lowered the gun and felt nervous but I managed to pull out some words and they sounded kind of harsh, "Why do you care if I'm gonna kill myself or not? You might as well go now so you won't see anything."

"But I do care." She answered trying to remain calm.

"Why should you?" I snapped back.

She said nothing. I wanted to grab the gun and shoot my head my off but I couldn't: especially not in front of her. She walked toward me and pulled the gun out of my hands and replaced with her own hand. I didn't know what was going on until she kissed me.

When we broke free, I didn't know what to do. Until something came over me and I kissed her back.

"Please don't go." She whispered.

I hugged her and whispered back, "I won't. I promise."

That was sweet! Originally, this was going to be a one-shot but I found it too short and created TrAsH: a series of one-shots. And this is based deeply on my own thoughts and no, I never cut myself or attempted suicide. I'm fine now (I'm out of therapy). So if you guys got any requests: review below!