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Scip Hop one shot requested by Annabeth Everdeen. (And this takes place during episode 18)

"Yo, Scene. What up?" Hip Hop asked in his gangster tone when he saw Scene at the break room.

"I'm doing totally fantastic! What about you?"

"It was about the party, wasn't it?"

"Yep! Indie and me will be together forever!"

Hip Hop sighed. She was oblivious about what was going on between Idol and Indie the past few days, "So you haven't heard haven't you?" He asked using his normal voice full of concern.

"Heard about what?"

"That Idol and Indie and are actually dating..."

"What?!" Scene's smile faded.

"I'm shocked as you. I guess opposites attract..."

"No! It was supposed to be me and Indie!" She said starting to cry.

Hip Hop felt sorry for Scene and her broken heart. He held her hand, "Scene, you deserve someone who actually cares about you not someone who couldn't care about less about you."

"Really?" She asked looking up at him with curious eyes.

"Really," Hip Hop said giving her a tight hug.

"Maybe I can forget about Indie..." She said to herself as she was surrounded by his arms.

Very sweet! I might end this story by 20 chapters or maybe 60 chapters or until I run out of ideas. So keep on sending requests!