Naruto: The First Shinobi

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This fic will be very different from most fics where Naruto is the only male chakra user, this will have more comedy & less drama as most.

"Hi" means talking

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Chapter 1: The Performer

"You're joking right? Best ninja weapons are kunai, shuriken, anything is better than arrows!" A little girl of around 7 argued with a boy who's a year younger than her. The girl had brown hair fixed into buns at the top of her head with matching chocolate eyes; her rosy cheeks were fuming at the boy. "Well, how would I know? Men can't be ninjas and the only weapons we could get are bows, knifes, and whatever you girls throw away." The boy shot back, "Arrows are underused and underappreciated. They are more accurate, more reliable, and they require less training than learning how to properly throw most ninja weapons!" The boy went on.

The boy had blond, wildly spiky hair, bright blue eyes and sun kissed skin that made his hair and eyes stand out boldly. "That's true, but at least you don't always have to replace kunai like you have to do with arrows!" the girl replied. The boy sighed, "Whatever! Hey, wanna see a trick?" he asked as he bent his back to such an extent that his hands reached the ground behind his feet, he later brought his feet up so all the weight was on his hands. The girl was staring at the boy with wide eyes, "Naru-kun try and not to hurt yourself!" The girl called out in concern, "Relax Ten-chan! I know what I'm doing." The boy assured her, as he started walking on his hands.

The other kids in the orphanage stop and stared at him, there was mix of feelings from the group based on gender. The most of the girls were watching with awe as they cheered him while most of the boys were glaring jealously at him because of the attention he was getting. It didn't help that Naruto ended his trick by touching his nose with his feet and did a side flip. Naruto did a little bow as his audience erupted into applause. It was moments like this that made Naruto Uzumaki dream of becoming a professional acrobat.

In most times he was ignored, the only attention he would get would be from Tenten, his older sister figure and best friend, and sometimes his obā-san Hiruko Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, would come and take him out for ramen. He used to want to be Hokage like her, but sadly only woman could be ninjas. It was because women had a stronger and reliable charka system and had better control over their charka than men do. So men usually had a less significant role in…everything.

But that didn't discourage Naruto. He was determined to become an acrobat and famous one at that. He wanted to see the world and met all kinds of different people, and maybe when he's done he could settle down and start a family. Of course, besides being an acrobat, he wanted to be an archer. He was bullied a lot, mostly by the boys but there were times were he met a girl that kept harassing him, so that led to him sticking close to the books, Hiruko taught him who to read. One of his favorite stories was about a Kiri-nin called Taka Honshi, she was so skilled with the bow that, according to the story, she could shoot an arrow and pin a fly's wing to a tree from 400 yards away.

Ever since he wanted to be a great archer, maybe he could use his archery skills in his act?

5 years later

"Are you sure about this Naruto-kun?" Hiruko Sarutobi asked as she brought her pipe to her mouth as she looked over her semi-adopted grandson. He had on a black sleeveless shirt with matching cargo pants. He had a quiver of arrows tied to his back and a long bow slung over his shoulder. About a year ago, Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage, the caretaker claimed that he simply couldn't afford to take many children but Hiruko knows better. The caretaker just wanted Naruto gone, like most men do. It was strange, most of the female population of Konoha harbored no ill will towards him, adored him at best; admire at least, while the males feared or heated him, sometimes both.

Marriage between two females is fairly common and, in some villages, encouraged. Due to women's natural ability with charka, all ninja clans are either made up most or entirely with females. Clan heads are forced by law to only have a female spouse. A special jutsu has been created many years ago that allowed a woman to develop male genitalia temporally to ensure female offspring, but every once in a while a boy is born from such a relationship. In most cases the boy would be disowned and adopted by a civilian family or made into a servant with the duty to ensure the future of the clan.

Naruto was one such boy. When the Kyūbi attacked Konohagakure, the fourth hokage, Minako Namikaze, sealed it in her newborn son with Kushina Uzumaki. The two disappeared though, Minako was believed to have died by the seal and Kushina in childbirth, Naruto lived on. When news was heard about this boy sealed with a tailed-beast was introduced to the village, most of the ninjas welcomed the boy but most of the civilians were screaming for his blood. Officially Hiruko couldn't reveal Naruto's true heritage due to his gender, as a male he's officially a civilian, but if he'd been a girl he would have been considered to be a kunoichi advocate and therefore be able to inherit receive both of his mothers' inheritance.

Though she did her best to look after the boy, even coming to view him as a grandson, seeing him ready to go out into the world nearly brought tears to her eyes. "I guess nothing I can say could change your stubborn mind." The Goddess of Kunoichi said slightly. Naruto hugged the old woman, "Thanks for everything Obā-chan." He said happily. Hiruko hugged the boy back before breaking it and gave him a starting push out the gate. "Be sure to stick to the road!" She called as she waved goodbye.

Naruto gave her a foxy grin, "I will!" He shouted back as he walked on. Hiruko waved as she watched the boy fade into the distance, she knew that Naruto would be back. But when was the real question.

2 years later

"See ya Hasaki-chan, Haku-chan!" He said as he waved at the two women who waved back. One was a very tall and older woman with a large E bust and pale skin she wore a tight black shirt and matching pants that showed off her rather ample chest, tight waist, and alluringly muscled stomach. Her lower face was covered with bandages so only her gray eyes could be seen, but if one was to look closely one could see the faint outline of a small smile. She had black hair that was mostly combed to the left that went down to the top of her chest. She had a large sword attached to her back.

The other was a girl more around his age. She had a pleasant smile on her beautiful, pale face. Her long black hair framed her face delicately and her large dark brown eyes were enough to make Naruto's face red. She wore a ninja outfit of moss-colored turtleneck with a matching split skirt. In her hand she had a white mask.

Naruto had met the two by accident; he was stalking a snowy white rabbit by following its tracks in the snow. He followed the tracks, only to stumble upon on a naked Hasaki coming out of a natural hot spring. So it wasn't long until he was met with a large carving knife near his neck and several senbon needles near his delicate parts. He managed to strike an agreement with them, they'll let him live and he'll in turn play a few songs for them on his flute and give them the ingredients for a nice stew.

To his surprised they agreed, reluctantly but still agreed. He did as he promised that night around the campfire; it was sort of surprising what happened afterwards. When he was done and started talking to them, they opened up to him. Hasaki told him about her past, the things going on in Kiri that made her leave, how she met Haku, Naruto was surprised by this. But it was like what one musician in Kumo told him, 'Share a fire and a meal with a fellow traveler and play them the best songs you have, and then they'll treat you like a friend they know their entire life.' Though, he never thought that it extended to missing-nins.

It lasted through most of the night. Hasaki told him about the kage of Kiri and the Kekkei Genkei purge, how she found Haku as a little girl on the side of the road with no family. He learned that Haku, herself, had such a power. He didn't know what her Kekkei Genkei did exactly; he thought it best not to ask. He heard that when a ninja went rogue, they usually lose any value for life but after seeing how Hasaki and Haku were with each other he knew that it wasn't true. They had a strange master and mother to servant and daughter motif. He couldn't help but feel lightly envious for Haku. He never had a true mother figure.

After the two women went off into the distance Naruto turned around and went on his way to his next stop, Nadeshiko Village. He heard a few things about, but mainly how it had such a high female population. Most ninja villages had a male to female ratio of 1 to 3, from what he heard about Nadeshiko that ratio was more of 1 to 10. This was going to be his prime spot because one thing he noticed woman seemed to really enjoy his show. Ninjas especially, some of the civilian women and most of the man would complain that he was either driving business away or disturbing the peace.

It would have been a problem, a day or two in prison or a fine, but luckily since most of the ninjas didn't care, if not enjoy, his act the civilian's complaints weren't taken seriously. Some would even give him enough money to rent a room and get a decent meal. And the tricks and skills he learned from different people, some were less-than-chivalrous, of some villages though like musicians, pickpockets, thieves, con artists, traders usually.

Naruto spent the past week in Kirigakure. He got quite a bit of wealth but didn't want to stay long, with the civil war going on. As a civilian, and a foreigner on top of that, he didn't really learn much about the war or the purge. Not even when he was invited to play for the Mizukage herself in her office. She was an attractive women in her own way, short feathery grayish hair, pink eyes without pupils like a Hyūga, but short almost child-like build. She also had a scar underneath her left eye and seemed like she was…dead inside, like she was way out of it.

He tried his best to entertain her, he even did his best trick, the one where he span chakram ringed blades around his ankles while standing on his hands and tossed them into the air and caught with his hands as he did a back flip. Normally that would have gotten him a conclave of applauses and gasps but it didn't faze her, even the Raikage of Kumo gave him a slight amused smile and a slow clap. Even though she didn't seem to be entertained, the Mizukage gave him enough money to get to Nadeshiko Village and a ticket to a free meal. But then again, he should be grateful that the Mizukage didn't send him to prison, unlike that old Kage in Iwagakure when they learned that he originally came from Konoha. Luckily he befriended his captor, who just happened to be the Kage's granddaughter, and convinced her to let him go.

In his months of traveling, Naruto met and made friends with a lot of kunoichi. From Kumo to Suna, he made at least one lasting impression on a kunoichi, even if he didn't know it. Naruto was about a few miles from Kirigakure, his encounter with Hasaki and Haku slowed him down more than he would have liked, when he figured he would stop to hunt. Little did he know that he was being hunted as well. Ameyuri Ringo was given a simple yet strange mission; stalk the young musician. And when the time was right, strike him down and take him back to the Mizukage…alive. She didn't ask and she didn't really to think why she, a proud jōnin, was sent on this mission alone. The Mizukage had taken a shine to the handsome, young traveler. She wasn't surprise, only a man-hater wouldn't fantasize about the flexible performer that knew how to finger a flute.

She stalked him when he left the village, but that strange hooded cloak played tricks on her eyes. The grayish color seemed to make him fade into the scenery itself, she actually lost him a few times and when he entered the area where the fresh snow laid made him even harder to track. Whatever secrets his cloak had, she was really impressed. When Naruto bumped into The Demon of the Hidden Mist, she thought he was screwed…figuratively and literally. But it seemed that the blonde's charm was strong enough to save him. But now that she was gone, she was ready to finally strike.

Naruto caught sight of a good sized stag, enough to feed him for a week. He drew in his breath and pulled the string back slowly as he closed one of his eye to aim better. The deer had no idea what laid in store for it, not even when it looked straight at him. The arrowhead gleamed brilliantly in it light, showing its deadly jagged teeth sharp enough to penetrate a samurai's armor and surely enough to kill the deer ahead. Overkill, maybe, but where else could he get another chance to test one of his custom-made arrows?

While he was in the Land of Iron, he met a fletcher who hired him on for a few weeks. He learned how to forge his own arrows but it was always the same ones, broad headed hunting arrows. Which is what everyone used since bows weren't a favorite weapon in today's world, but for Naruto his bow was his best protection and survival tool. He became a master marksman with it, sure not to the extent of his childhood story idol, but still a great marksman. He also picked up a few knife fighting skills by secretly watching some the local kunoichi, even though his hunting knifes weren't exactly like kunai. There were also the chakram ring blades he bought from a traveling merchant. Same story, the times changed and the rings weren't as easy to master as kunai or shuriken.

Naruto saw the deer stare right at him but something wasn't right. His hood should have hid him from sight…unless. He turned his head quickly to see a kunoichi behind him in the trees, "Oh shit!" He swore as he took running. The kunoichi was hot on his trail as she jumped from tree to tree. Naruto looked up and saw her pull out two twin blades jumped down on him. He shifted away just in time so the blades lightly cut his left arm. Naruto slammed himself into a tree by accident just as the woman sent blade over his head that cut the top of his hair off and the tree behind him down.

Naruto stared at the blade as the crackled with lighting and smelt of ozone. "Come with me back to Kirigakure." She said with deadly seriousness in her blue-green eyes. Naruto toke a better look at her, she had an attractive face that was complimented by her eyes and her long flowing red hair that was tied with a simple cloth that made them protrude upward. She was at his first show in Kirigakure. "Why?" He asked at the sword was near his throat. "The Mizukage wants something with you." She answered, "So come with me…or die."

Naruto was scared, terrified even. At least with Hasaki and Haku he offered music and food, but that won't work with this situation. "Why me? I haven't done anything!" He claimed but the blade neared his throat. "Silence!" She shouted, "I don't care. The bottom line is Yashira-sama sent a warrant out for your arrest and you are coming with me." She said. Naruto thought of a thousand and one different ideas and scenarios in his panicked. But out of all of the escape tactics, he probably went with the dumbest one.

Naruto, with as much force as he can summon, he smacked the blade away and head butted her, the blow was so sudden, unexpected and strong that it pushed back the kunoichi away. "You fucking little bastard! Your broke my nose!" She screamed with both pain and rage just enough for Naruto to take off running again, only this time with an arrow ready. He could hear her coming for him with the crunching of the snow behind him.

The smell of ozone increased as he felt the hair stand up on his arms. Is this what a kunoichi's power is? "You stupid boy! You think you can run from me? One of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist!" She shouted as a blot of lighting shot next to him barely missing. Naruto turned and shot an arrow but she sliced it in half. Naruto swore as he readied another arrow and fired again, the kounichi dodged under it before he run off.

Ameyuri was getting angrier with every breath. She was one of strongest generation of seven swordsmen that Kirigakure produce in its history. And yet this mere boy, around 16, was making a fool of her. Kiba, her signature dual blades, were crackling with pure raw electrical energy. She's never been this enraged, this determined for something, but yet…she couldn't stop her heart beat from reaching a feverish pace and the flushed state of her cheeks. When she got a hold of him, she was going to rape him for days as payback.

As she chased after him, his hood would do that strange thing where it seemed to make him vanish against the snow. She didn't think much about it, she was more interested in that blond hair. That hair that she was going to pull on when she will be violating him, though he would occasionally fire an arrow at her but it was nothing that she couldn't deal with. The accuracy though was rather impressive for a civilian.

Naruto was getting frantic. If this went on he'd be dead, or worse, at the hands of the crazed swordswomen. He didn't know why, maybe it was the adrenaline or something else he never experience in his normally confrontation-less life. But everything seemed to slow to a pace and his eyes started to hurt. He managed to kick some snow into her face just in time to hide behind a tree. He opened his pack and quickly sped through it. Looking for one parting gift that Hasaki gave him just in case of such of a situation. An explosive note.

Naruto tore a bit of his clothing and tied it to an arrow. The note was rather simple, when the paper was disturbed or tore in any way it would explode. "Found you!" The kunoichi shouted just as she sent his sword to lob off his head, but Naruto dodged did a backflip that kicked her in her jaw enough to send her off a few feet. Naruto landed perfectly on his feet and drew his bow. Everything was stilled slowed so he watched as the kunoichi got to her feet.

When let it run loose just as everything returned to its normal pace. The arrow landed right next to her, making her filch. Naruto drew a chakram ring and aimed it at the note. Once again everything slowed to a pace and his sight 'zoomed in' on the note. "You! You have a Kekkei Genkei!" She sneered at him. Naruto froze in place. "Wh-What are you talking about?" He said. The kunoichi glared at him, "You're eyes. They've changed…what are you?" She glared, "You're…You're a woman?"

"NO!" He shouted instantly, "Of course I'm a man." Naruto had no idea what was the kunoichi talking about. One thing he learned from going to ninja village to ninja village was that men can't have Kekkei Genkei. They can carry the recessive gene for one, but it can't get active due to the male's lack of ability to control their charka to do it. Naruto tossed the ring at the note so it would cut the note and cause it to explode. It sent the kunoichi flying against a tree and knocking her out.

Naruto ran away as fast as he can. Nadeshiko Village would have to wait. His Oba-san had to answer some questions. If he would look at his own eyes, he would have seen that they have developed rings in the iris. The first ring was his natural blue color. The second was a dark blue. But the third was a shade of dark purple. As the rings faded away, so were the effects of the world slowing around him. He ran and ran, not bothering looking back.

Ameyuri came to after several hours. The sky was dark and snow was falling, covering up any tracks her quarry had made. Failed and tired she left to report on her failure, but one thing was certain. Her discovery will overwhelm her failure. Little did she know that kunoichi loyal to Kumo had already seen what happened and were already on their way to report to the Raikage. As were Kiri rebels. This news would not go unheard. Like a plague the lands of water and cloud will be infested with the story of a male with not just a Kekkei Genkei, but could use it.


AN: Here is a list of major gender-bent characters along with their FemNames.







-Rock Lee= Lei

-Neji= Nejiko


-Kakashi= Kazumi




























-Killer B= Queen B









-Gaara= Aka

-Kankuro= Kanko



-Orochimaru= Orika












-Kisame= Kishiko

-Itachi= Izumi

-Kakuzu= Kakuza

-Hiden= Hisa

-Deidara= Hakai



These are just the names of some of the major gender benders. Not the list of the actual harem. Officially there is no harem list yet but as the story goes I will ask you as readers on who you want to see in the harem. Feel free to give me you're suggestions. I hope you enjoy this story as much I as did typing and I hope to see you at my other stories and at the next chapter.

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