They stick around Bobby's for another week before Sam helps Dean gather the few belongings he's accumulated in the trailer and packs them away into the trunk. They'd said their goodbyes to Ellen and Jo a couple of days before, Ellen making them promise to stop by when they're in the area. Jo tried to convince Dean that if they ever had a job in Nebraska or anywhere within a good five-hundred-mile radius, to give her a call and she'd give them a hand. That was quickly followed by Ellen emphatically warning them against ever doing so if they'd like to keep breathing.

It was easy and not at all painful, and didn't really feel like saying goodbye. It was markedly more difficult to say the words to Bobby, given what the man had done to help them.

But Bobby keeps the mood light as they stow away the last of their things into the Impala's backseat. "Be careful, ya idjits," he chides good-naturedly, tugging Sam in for a quick hug before releasing him in favor of Dean. He claps Dean on the back twice before pulling away to hold him at arm's-length. "I'm proud of you boys."

Dean ducks his head, grinning even as his cheeks turn pink. "Thanks, Bobby."

"You take care of your brother," Bobby tells Sam.

"I will. I promise."

"Oh, jeez," Dean sighs with false exasperation. "Why don't you just start braiding each other's hair already?"

Sam and Bobby share a laugh at that as Dean climbs into the passenger seat.

"We'll see you," Sam says, reaching his hand out for Bobby to shake. "Thanks again for everything you've done for us."

"You're welcome, Sam."

Once they're both inside the car, Dean relaxes back against the seat, small line of confusion creasing his brow. "What?" Sam asks, starting down Bobby's lane and turning onto the county road that'll lead them to the highway.

"Nothing. Just..." Dean leans forward then, braced against his seat belt, and reaches underneath his seat for the dusty box of cassette tapes.

Sam feels something like hope flare in his chest when Dean runs a finger along the titles before selecting Led Zeppelin and popping it into the deck, drumming his fingers on the dash to "Ramble On" on the B-side of Zep II when it crackles through the speakers. Sprawling out in his seat, Dean turns to Sam with a grin on his face.

Dean might not remember everything just yet – and he might not ever – but this feels like something kind of big and Sam trusts that it's all going to be okay so long as they're together.