This is a repost of JIGGLYVONCHEESE's fic, "Wind Above My Wings." If you're into hilariously awful fics, then this is the fic for your masochistic self. If you're not, then stop reading now, or else risk brain melting. Flame away. Just remember I didn't write this, okay?

Hi my name is Algeria. Or rather Algeria Lily Pulaski Angola Honduras Smith. But i normally go by Algi. I am fourteen but i am in eleventh grade. I have purple eyes and super long naturally purple hair with green streaks and Im super skinny. I bet your wondering why i'm telling you all this. Well I should probably start at hte beginning. It all started one mornign as i got ready for scholl.

"Algi"! my mother called out. Well actually, she's my step mother. but who cares. "time for breakfast. I made pancackes!" I drag myself our of bed and walked in to the kitchen. The pancackes smelled good. I love me some pancackes.

""Mmm, smells delish," i say grabbing a plate and fork from the drawer and splat! Tammy drops seven pacackes onto my plate. i put the plate on the kichen table and dump alot of maple syrup all over it.

Sudden;y i hear gunshots. My first instinct is to run out and see whats wrong. So I do.

Once Im outside i unfurl my wings and take off. Yes, i have wings. There purple andgreen to match my hair. everyone knows i have them and they all love me for it. Im enjoying the air blowing thru my long hair when i see the bad guys. I fold my wings up, and free fall I land on my feet unharmed.

"Whats up doc?' i ask casually, as I walkto them. one is holding a gun to a girl I don't knows' head and the other is going thru her purse. He gasps.

'Algeria lily pulaski Angola HOnduras smith! he shouts. I should have known!'

"how about you drop the gun and let the girl go.' I demand. The girl has hair as long as mine but its just an ungly brown and she doesn'r have wings. but she has a wicked right hook.

"How bout no?" the man says. He points his gun at my and shoots. I cna feel the bullet traveling thru my stomach, but it doesn't hurt. there s no blood. The man gasps again and drops his gun on the road and runs away.

'Are you alright' ask the girl.

"I'm fine," i say. "But are you?"

"Oh I'm fine, all becuause you saved me. Thank you!"

"Its nothing, I say, helping the girl put everything in her purse. "What's your name?"

"Im Nicaragua, Nikki for short,' she says, "Are you sure youre ok? They shot you.'

"Im fine," I tell Niki. "Really." Because i cant die.