I just don't think JIGGLY cares anymore.

Ok guys i recieved about 19 requestes for mah new album Algi Princess Diary accroding to lord thyrowig so if u leave a revow and tell me dat u want 2 chemk out my album i wil ltotaly send it 2 u lik the lyrics stuff. Pleeeze reviow if u want in mystoru lik rjalker then tell me pleseplase. ok thnaks bye

oh and heres sum story i know u lik that winkwinkle

Algi thats me was stitchding up her fleshs woundrds from the zombiees but im mortal so i cant die so im not a zombi but other ppl lik that guy was a zombi i killd them and savd human.

everbody got bones in my honoor and i got my own holidday called algidayforever and theyty played mah theme songz frum my new album Algi Princess Diary its called ALGI U DA ONE lik the rihana song onlyy like fifty thousanrd negatives betterr than dat.

but of the aorta there wereee only mirrors. i saw myseslf staraing bak i was so prettty that i got a thingy.

a man said somethin

suddenly we were all at the paryty. i drov every1 jus so u know how we got there, becus i now sum of the reader are stupido and cant read as good as me.

excavate teh wine i sprinkled. oprah was ther she gav me a car but thats raacist so i returned it.

johnh mayer was there 2 omg he was soooo hot he was kisssing zander ina tree first cum marriagen then luv then a carry. in volleyball thats a fowl.

i askd him 2 sing 4 a trak on my new alubm Algi Princess Diary he sad ok, but

buffy mom wasnt there becuz i gave her a stroke so we coud party all nite like were gonna die young but not rally cus i cant die.

the housee boat wid the chef that i expounded waz there. I aquaducted him to my steopmom Morgan.

"hey yall'''' he gorganed. But i didnt lik that my stepmmom was married 2 my uncle so i cut out his spleen.

"aceint egyptian gods i offer this 2 u" i fiended then i ate his heart. ever1 cheeered and Medusa the egyptain goddesss of watr made me queeen of rome.

howover there was a war brewin. we had 2 fihgt...the black eye peas!

omg revow if u;u want moremore!