My word...

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"Algi i shall grant U almost five wishers" fascist fairey godmother spoken to me.

"five wishes almost yay thats awesomeful!" i goddered. It was a pretty scool day, but i was home alone baking cooks when all suddenly fairy godmomster apparearated in my kitchn.

I get o no respecto from the cocacola companeis. they dont sell me soda even when i fly to they're carts and ask reallly nicely. its like the vietnmanese war all over again. curse the witcheers!

So instead of a bread buttton purdle there was a hell raised up in the streets.

"Fairy stepmothergod i command u smite the unbelievers!

So she waved her magicks wand and all the pepol were slam dunkered by Mickeal jordan SPACE JELLY

Rjakler the hooker he sedeuced the queeeen into given up her year supply of doctor whooooooo for a single kiss. haha he turned her into a frogger and became queen also he had a sex change so hes a girl now rjalker is that rite?

anyway i threw the queen over my shoullder and deposed her with a smittensmile.

HA! The french lionrevolutunion was statin but the presses were still goin. they didnt stop like cnn did in amercia they lost so much businessss becuase no one cared about those litttle blind girls.

it was all sad until i got my baby bumper stick rumper. it was only 5.99!

blak frida;y sales rok like ice cream;y hats.

oh and ps keep askin for mah new album Algi Princess Diary and ill post it someday!1

next chappter: rjalker dies BUT HOWWWWWWW