A/N: Ok so my best bff freind told me goths be out and boybands in so i dedicat this new chappster to One Director i just luv their songs like U Know UR BEautiful and little thingies even thogh i think there stupid stalin is always rite right?!

I was at a One Director concerta. they played sum covers of my songs like channel pInk and algi i luvluvu and then they invitationed me on stage. I glady took theyre panckackes and stole there knickers for my collection. just then there was a hurrycane but i destroyed it with my lazer eyes that i got frum the supermakermarket. Its calld WallStore and i invented it with alberta eintein just be4 the world war 4 that i won by myself no thanks 2 buffy becus did ;u; know she was a mexico spy spying on mexic o? i didnt but that didnt matter becuase atomic bombs are like my good lookin body.

Then the egyptains were blastin us from the past.

"Algi do u have the pyramid power?" marginalized the QUEEN OF CRANES.

"WJHAT BIATCH of course i do silly. U mad. " I empired.

"Nikki BIATCH get behind me" i unrapped then i guarded her with the speen of nellentorp.

The bombs be in place. "ITS gonna mayby blow up soon. " Oreganoed Haiti then he blew it up what a bimbo but it worked and the pyramid was destroyed be334fore thelasers lased.

conspired the crowd. I could not beliebe it. Theyre all in on the conspiriciy!11


Beafro i could tho i gav my respects to those dead dummies like One Directino but i savd them at the last minuet with a kiss frum my lips. I smild. But it didnt work they still dead oh crapat least i tried didnt i. Its not like i secret poisoned them at the concert and then blew up the pyramid where they be 2 double kill them then the kiss i sucked all the blood and air outta them thats not what happend at allll please believe me please ur my only hope.