It's the Night of the local Farmer's Council Ball and Alex is taking his fiancé' Fiona. Stevie has decided to fight for him and she's pulled out all the stops. She's confessed her feelings about him to the two biggest gossips in the district Dave and Jodie. She's going against everything she'd normally do. She doesn't normally share her personal details and she doesn't normally play on men with her looks but this is war.

Stevie has conned Dave into taking dancing lessons with her for the past six weeks and they're both pretty happy with their progress and figure if all else fails they won't embarrass themselves at Alex and Fiona's wedding.

Jodie has primped and preened Stevie to within an inch of her life. They've shopped for the perfect dress and Jodie has suggested Stevie wear a push up bra although Stevie's not convinced. "Jodes I don't know about wearing this." Jodie is straight faced and says "Stevie he has to notice you." Stevie quips "Yes notice not fall over. Bloody hell Jodes I can see them without looking down." Jodie looks at her and chuckles. "Stevie do you want to win or do you want Fiona too."

Jodie asks "What's his favourite perfume?" Stevie looks puzzled and asks "What do you mean?" Jodie looks at her and says "Stevie stop thinking like an overseer and think like a vixen. I've heard him tell you that you smell nice." Stevie nods and grabs the perfume Alex never fails to notice. Jodie says " Right the dress is his favourite colour, the perfume most commented on, push up bra, dancing lessons and I'm glad you've stuck to wearing heels at home you look brilliant in those and you move well. Hair perfect and make -up stunning. Just make sure you mingle heaps and laugh lots. You'll be the talk of the district tomorrow Stevie." Stevie grins and says "I don't care about the district Jodes, I just want him to notice what he's missing. "

"Hello!" Dave calls as he walks in the back porch. "We're in here!" Jodie calls. As Dave walks into the living room he says "Bloody hell!" Stevie looks at him and says " Dave do you think he will notice me?" He laughs and walks over to her and grabs her hand and rests it on his chest.

Stevie looks concerned and says "Dave are you ok?" He laughs and says "It was beating normally until I saw you." Stevie laughs and says "You're sweet Dave." Dave looks at her and says "Sweet! Stevie you are ravishing!"

She laughs loudly and says "They'll be no ravishing Dave we're just mates!" He laughs and says "Righto come on lets go and shake up the Farmers Council." As they're about to leave Jodie whispers something in Stevie's ear, she roars laughing and says "I'm not saying that Jodes." Jodie grins and says "Works every time." Stevie says "Jodes you're a tart." They both laugh.

Alex and Fiona are seated and he's wishing he hadn't even brought her; she's moody and unwilling to mingle. Some of the local farmer's wives have come over to introduce themselves but she's fobbed them off. Not really what he'd hoped for. Alex is angry that she insisted they come and yet she doesn't want to dance with him or have a beer. So he sits wishing he'd stayed home and wondering if this is what married life will be like and feeling very unhappy. He thinks about their first couple of weeks together and how she was fun to be around but that was months ago now. It all just seems like hard work.

Outside Stevie is really nervous. Dave says "Stevie just breath, you look exquisite, relax and remember why we're here. You have to look confidant no matter what. The secret is confidence." Stevie inhales deeply and says" Dave I'm out of my comfort zone I'm not used to dressing like this." He grins and says. " Stevie you should definately dress like this more often." She smiles at him and says "Dave thank you for everything you're a great mate." He kisses her cheek and says "I'd rather see the big fella with you Stevie let's go and get him."

Alex is leaning on his elbow feeling bored and pissed off when the mood of the room changes he can here murmurings and wonders what everyone is looking at. Dave walks towards him but he doesn't notice him, all he sees is Stevie. Fiona notices too and isn't happy. Greetings are exchanged and Dave says "Stevie would you like to dance?" She says "Sounds like fun. Why not." Dave holds out his hand and she takes it. Alex is mesmerized.

Stevie smiles and says "Dave this is fun we're doing ok aren't we." Dave laughs and says. "Yeah we are thanks for asking me to learn with you. I'm enjoying this." They have two dances and Dave says "Come on let's get a beer. " He places his hand in the small of her back and guides her to the bar. She sits and crosses her very shapely legs and the room watches. Dave leans in and whispers. "Stevie every man in the room is watching you because you're so beautiful." She laughs and flicks him. "Dave stop it."

Several farmers join them and they laugh and joke and talk farming. Stevie's well aware that some have stopped in the pretence of chatting to ogle her but she knew this would happen and it's part of their plan. Stevie slides off the stool and says "I'll be back in a minute Dave." She walks into the bathroom and almost bumps into Fiona. "Hi Fiona how's your night going?" Stevie asks pleasantly. "I wish I didn't even suggest we come, I'm bored I don't want to talk about cows or sheep." Stevie says "Well you're about to marry a farmer that's all we talk about." She grins and walks off.

Stevie returns to Dave at the bar and a few more people have joined them. Dave says "Stevie another beer or a dance?" She smiles at him and says "Beer thanks." Dave steps of the bar stool and Stevie climbs onto it and again crosses her legs. All the men appreciate glimpsing her legs that are perfect but usually covered in denim. Stevie engages with everyone and has them laughing around her they talk farming and pool and beer. Dave says "Righto Stevie time for a dance." She slides off the stool and they begin to dance. Stevie says "Do you think this is working Dave?" Dave smiles and says "Stevie he hasn't taken his eyes off you since you walked in." She inhales deeply.

Again they dance and she's having a lovely time when she hears his voice say "Brewer can I cut in?" Dave steps back and Alex takes her in his arms. Alex smiles at her and says "When did you learn how to dance?' She giggles and says "Well Dave and I thought we'd better learn so we don't look silly at your wedding." Alex says "So you learnt with Dave?' She replies "Yes we're having a great time, twice a week for the last six weeks. I should have learnt years ago it's so much fun."

He smiles at her and says "Stevie you look stunning tonight." She grins and says "I've always looked like this Alex but you've never noticed." She feels him pull her in closer and knows he's inhaling her perfume she smiles as he says. "You smell so good." She smiles up at him and says "Thanks Alex that's nice to hear."

He looks at her thoughtfully and says "Your dress is perfect Stevie and it's my favourite colour." She smiles and says "I know it is Alex." He looks at her and says "Stevie are you flirting with me?" She giggles and says "If I was flirting with you Alex I'd pull you in tighter like this and I'd whisper something like "What would you say if I told you I wasn't wearing underwear?" He inhales quickly and deeply. She giggles and says "Now I'm flirting with you. ' She places her hand on his chest and feels his heart pounding and says "You're enjoying this a lot. I can tell. But I think I'd like to go and get a beer now." She lets go of him and moves back over to Dave. Alex smiles broadly and shakes his head as her watches her walk away.

Back in the toilets Stevie stops to check her makeup and hair and is confronted by Fiona "What do you think you're doing Stevie?" Other women stop and listen. Stevie says "What are you talking about Fiona?' Fiona accuses "Oh don't play dumb Stevie since when do you get dressed up?" Stevie laughs and says "How much have you had to drink Fiona, you're not making sense at all?" Fiona sneers "You've done this deliberately haven't you?"

Stevie fires, "What are you babbling about what am I supposed to have done?' Fiona says "You've learnt to dance and that dress you're wearing is so he'll notice." Stevie isn't happy and says "Dave and I both learned to dance so we wouldn't make fools of ourselves at your wedding and this dress is just a dress. I can't help it if I fill it out better than you fill yours and the dress code was after five and I don't have after five jeans or believe me I'd be wearing them so why don't you go away and leave me alone!"

Fiona looks at her and says " I'm not stupid Stevie I know you like him." Stevie thinks quickly and says. " If you're not stupid why would you get engaged to someone you've known for five minutes and of course I like him he's my best friend." Fiona says " I wish you weren't." Stevie is aware of the other women stalling so they can listen and says " You know what Fiona I don't want to upset you or your wedding day so I'll bow out now. I won't even come to the wedding, I want no part in it." Stevie turns and walks out. The women gathered collectively think Fiona's a bitch and Stevie was very classy in her handling of the situation.

Stevie has a beer and tells Dave what's going on. Alex approaches them and says "Stevie what did you say to Fiona?' She looks at him and says "Alex I've had enough of her and her accusastions and games. I don't like her and I can't pretend anymore, I did in the beginning for your sake but I can't anymore. She accused me off wearing this dress deliberately to make you notice and had a go at me for learning how to dance amongst other things so I told her I want no part in your wedding."

He looks hurt and says "Can't we talk about this?" She takes his hand and says "Dance with me Alex." They move onto the dance floor and she continues." I don't like her, I don't trust her, she's selfish and a bitch and god I hate the way she calls you baby." Alex grins and says "You did wear the dress for me didn't you?" She smiles and says "You'll have to figure that out for yourself." He smiles and says "You've also learned to walk in heels. By the way your legs look fabulous in heels." "Thank you" She says and asks "So how is the view from up there." He grins and says "If we're talking cleavage sensational if we're talking face stunning." She giggles.

"Alex Ryan we're going home now!" Fiona growls from behind him. He turns and looks at her and says "Fiona it's been fun but I'm really not looking for a relationship right now so if you're willing I'd like to remain friends." Stevie laughs out loud. Fiona screws up her face and says "What are you on about?' He looks at her and says "I'm not ready to go home Fi, you take the car and I'll get a lift with Dave and Stevie." Fiona knows how to get him to do as he's told and she spits her words at him." The engagements off Alex I don't want to marry you."

He looks at her angrliy and says." Fine that makes two of us and you can keep the bloody ring Goodbye!" She storms out of the hall and the locals breathe a sigh of relief." He continues dancing with Stevie." Stevie enquires. "Aren't you going to go after her." Alex shakes his head and says "No I've had enough of her lies, ultimatums and tantrums." Stevie asks "Are you sure about this Alex?" He smiles and says "Yeah I just want to stay here and gaze at your lovely cleavage." She chuckles and says "I thought you'd like that." He hugs her and then says "So you did wear it for me?" She giggles and says "Perhaps." As he slides his hands down her sides over her curves he says "So are you wearing underwear?" She laughs and says "Perhaps." From across the hall Dave smiles and holds up his beer and mouths cheers and Stevie blows him a kiss.