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I walked down the school hallway carrying a pile of books, bright green eyes searching for my locker along the walls.

'Well look who it is...'

I sighed, recognising the voice.

'What have you got there, book worm?' he taunted, standing in front of me to grab the books from my hands.

'Give them back, Flash,' I demanded trying to sound stern as people gathered around us.

'No,' he laughed, throwing them on the ground and kicking them accross the hallway.

'You jerk,' I hissed, as the pages scattered in the breeze from the open windows,

'Oh,' he mocked, 'is the worm getting angry?' The crowd laughed,

'Piss off,' I said, pushing past him in an attempt to pick up the books from the floor. He smirked and kicked me in the shins, knocking me down, my head hitting off the hard, cold floor.

I sat up weakly, my head spinning as the crowd watched to see what would happen next. My hand flew to my forehead and my fringe felt damp, drawing back, my fingers were stained with blood.

'You've really done it now Flash,' a boy's voice said, crouching down beside me,

'Shut it Parker,' he said before storming off, the crowd dispersing from the corridor, leaving me sitting on the floor and the pages trampled.

'Are you okay?' the boy asked, his brown eyes watching me.

Was I okay? My head was throbbing and I felt slightly dizzy but apart from that nothing. 'Yeah,' I nodded, 'going to have to do something about these pages though,'

'Go to the school nurse, i'll deal with these,' he smiled, picking up a book still intact,

'Thanks...um' I said, not knowing his name,

'Peter,' the boy replied,

'Right,' I smiled standing up weakly, a hand covering my head to stop the blood, 'thanks Peter.' He nodded and watched me as I disappeared around the corner.

'What happened this time?' the nurse asked as soon as I walked in.

'I tripped in the corridor,' I explained, taking a seat and lifting my fringe so she could see the cut. The nurse inspected it, peering over a pair of round spectacles.

'It's going to need stitches,' she said, using a anti-bacterial wipe to clean away the blood.

I flinched, 'Stitches? It can't be that bad,'

She nodded lifting a small box off the bench, 'You hit your head quite hard, how did you trip?'

'Um, my shoelaces were undone,' I shrugged, avoiding her gaze,

'You are wearing ballet flats,' she replied applying the last stitch,

'I meant...' I began feeling flustered,

'Eve,' she sighed, 'you're in here almost every week, it's obvious what is going on. If someone is hurting you, you need to go to the Principal and get it sorted out.'

I knew that, but there was no way I would go running to the principal, I could sort it out myself. 'Look,' I said getting up from the seat, 'thanks a lot for your help, but I really should be getting to class now.'

I grabbed my backpack and walked out of the nurse's office, I knew that she was only trying to help but I didn't want anyone involved and I was relieved to be free of her prying.

Checking my watch, I realised I was already ten minutes late for Biology class. Hurrying around the corner, I stopped at the familiar navy door and ran a hand through my wavy brown hair, then straightened my oversized cardigan- not wanting to look like i'd been used as a punch bag. Pushing open the door I was met with stares,

'Miss Forrest, you do realise you are interrupting this class, what is your excuse?' the professor asked with folded arms,

'Sorry,' I said, making my way to the back of the room, 'I had to visit the school nurse.'

I heard a couple of sniggers but chose to ignore them as I sat down and got out my books. The professor said nothing more about the matter and continued with his teaching. As I listened carefully and made notes, I found that I seemed to forget about everything else- I zoned in on what he was explaining as if learning were an escape from reality. I was startled when the bell rang.

Packing up my belongings into my backpack and leaving the classroom as quickly as I could, I walked along the hallway as students began filling in and kept my head down, hoping to avoid any encounters. Opening my locker, I took out my parka coat and stopped at the sight of a folded piece of paper. It read-

What remained of the books have been taken back to the library, no need to worry.


I smiled properly for the first time in weeks, relieved to have the worry of getting the books back to Mrs Elliott off my shoulders and relieved to have someone be generally nice to me. Someone who didn't think I was the odd geek who could only afford to wear charity shop clothes.

Putting on my coat I left the school building and began the journey home in the rain.

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