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As we sat in the café, opposite each other with the steam from the coffees rising into the air, we just talked. We talked about our childhoods, our parents, our aims for the future and it felt good just having him there. That hour or two that we spent in the warmth was freedom for me, not one worry of how I had mucked up my life crossed my mind, it was just me and him.

''So what do you think of this vigilante guy that everyone is talking about?'' Peter asked stirring his coffee,

''Um… well I think he's pretty brave, I guess I can understand what he's trying to do,'' I answered, the warmth from the mug warming my fingers,

''You can?''

''Yeah, he's different but he's not afraid of it and he's using it for the benefit of others, that's something to look up to,''

Peter smiled and peered out of the window then back at me, ''I suppose it is, I guess I never really looked at it that way,''

''Why, what do you think of him?''

''I think that, whoever he is, is screwed now,''

I looked down at my coffee, ''Oh…the murder thing,''

''Yeah, it doesn't even matter if he did it or not, he's a doomed man,'' Pete ran a hand through his hair and there was a look of frustration in his eyes.

''Don't you think though that this, girl he's working with, is…good for him?''

He raised a brow, ''Stinging Vine is good for him?''

''Well, being different must be incredibly lonely. He should be relieved of the company,'' I nodded,

''But what if he isn't lonely?'' Peter smiled and placed a hand softly over mine, ''what if he already has someone?'' I squeezed his hand and grinned, but something inside me was telling me that Pete was hiding something.

It was late afternoon before I arrived on the porch of my parent's familiar house. There were butterflies in my stomach as Peter wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close.

''I'll see you tomorrow at school, okay?'' he murmured into my ear. I nodded and he kissed me gently before jogging down the steps. ''I'm sure Flash will have fun when he finds out his two favourite people are together,'' he called jokingly. I laughed and stood watching him as he disappeared down the street on his skateboard.

''Did I just see what I think I saw?'' my aunt squealed excitedly when I closed the door behind me, ''you have a boyfriend?''

I made my way into the kitchen and she followed close behind, her freshly painted toes dancing along the floor, ''Um…y-''

''Why didn't you tell me?'' She exclaimed before I had the chance to finish what I was going to say.

''It kind of happened quic-''

''You know what nevermind! Tell me about it now!''

''Tell you about what?'' I checked through the pile of letters, hoping to find one from my parents.

''What's his name?'' Lily asked, sitting on the kitchen table.

As usual there were no letters from them. ''Peter Parker,'' I replied.

''From what I saw through the window he sure is good-looking,''

''Lily, have there been any messages from my parents?'' I asked, hoping to distract her from her gossiping ways but also eager to know.

''They left one this morning when I was out.''

I grabbed the phone from the wall and hit the button.

I'm sorry your father and I have missed you but we just want you to know everything is well and we've made a lot of progress over here in London. We hope you're doing fine and we miss you loads, but we'll see you in less than two weeks so stay safe.

I breathed a sigh of relief, they were fine- of course they were.

''Come on! I want more details,'' my aunt continued.

I rolled my eyes, ''There is nothing more to tell,''

''You are no fun dammit,''

I laughed, ''Anything exciting and I'll let you know.''

I headed for the stairs but halfway up it dawned on me, tonight I would meet Spiderman on the library roof. I slumped myself down on one of the steps, I couldn't back out now could I? Not when I had got him into the murder mess, it was my fault and I couldn't run away from it.

I stood on the roof, alone. It was cold and I stood as far away from the edge as I could, the last thing I needed was to see how high up I was. The city lights were bright and the wind blew my cloak gently into the air, where was he?

My question was answered almost immediately, when he flew in from nowhere and landed silently. I jumped and the tingling passed over my skin, ''don't do that dammit!''

''I thought you would have backed out,'' he said, folding his arms. His voice was so familiar…I could have sworn I'd heard it earlier that day, but that was impossible.

''I got us into the mess, I'll get us out,'' I replied, trying to sound stern although I had no idea how I was going to get us out of it.

''What do you suggest?''

''We do nothing; they'll be looking for us won't they? So we hide,''

''I think the opposite,'' Spiderman said, ''we need to persuade them that we aren't... villains,''


''Drugs are being smuggled through the city in the form of dog food tins; they'll arrive at an abandoned factory to be stored in crates. The police have been on to these guys for months, we take them out and hand them over,''

''Then leave before the cops arrest us,'' I added.

He nodded.

''You know where the factory is?''

''I have an idea.''

Spiderman knew exactly where he was going, because it didn't take long until we were lying on the factory roof overlooking the scene below. Two lorries were parked side by side down the wide alleyway and orange street lamps lit a square shaped gravelled area surrounded by the factory building. The enclosed area was filled with large crates, piled tall enough to look like rows of walls. Some men unloaded the tins from the lorries, while others packed them into the crates.

''How many men?'' I asked, my stomach churning with nerves, was I seriously just about to attack these people?

''Altogether, fifteen,''

I peered closer, amongst the crate walls there were seven figures moving, and unloading the tins from the lorries there were three. Two were guarding the entrance to the alleyway and three were in the actual lorries.

''We take them out and tie them up, one by one. That way we won't alert them all to our presence,'' Spiderman explained.

I nodded; the men amongst the crates would be easy because they were separated. We had to find a way to knock them out and make little noise as possible…I had an idea.

''When you see the men fall to the ground, tie them up,'' I said, standing up.

''What are you doing?''

''Trust me.'' I jumped down silently into the shadow of the factory. I had stunned Spiderman to the floor before when he gripped me. My skin had stung him, I could it again. Seduce the men to touch me somehow and then knock them unconscious.

I walked slowly towards the first row of crates...

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