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Garth crumpled up yet another Kit Kat wrapper and tossed it away, and commence chewing slowly, like a contented cow with some particularly succulent grass.

Dean looked from Garth to the immense pile of wrappers on the bed, and back to Garth, eyes running over his rake-thin frame. In his mind, he returned to that afternoon, and the five slices of chocolate cake Garth had eaten in the time it took Dean to finish one piece of pie.

"You always eat like this?" asked Dean.

"Like what?" said Garth around a clump of melted, chewed chocolate.

Dean waved his hand over the pile of wrappers and the two empty cups in the trash can, which had both contained jumbo chocolate malts.

"Are you kidding?" said Garth. "This is a slow day for me."

"Wow." Dean shook his head.

Garth pulled a wrapped Twix bar from his pocket and held it out. "Want one?"

"Nah." Dean pushed himself off the bed. "I need to get something from the car. Back in a bit."

"'Kay," called Garth through another mouthful of chocolate as the motel room door slammed shut.


Two Twixes and half a Tootsie-Pop later, Garth heard Dean's muffled shout, "Garth! GARTH! Help!"

Garth vaulted up, forgetting his fun on the bedside table, and spastically sprinted out the door into the parking lot. It took him half a second to register that Dean was fine, standing completely at ease near the Impala's trunk, but in that one half second, Dean struck a match and dropped it to the ground at Garth's feet. A ring of orange flames erupted in a circle around him and Garth flinched.

"Dean, what the hell are you doing!" he demanded.

Dean only folded his arms.

He and Garth stared at each other for what felt like an hour. Dean blinked expectantly. Garth blinked innocently. Dean cocked his head to the left. Garth cocked his head to the right. Dean raised his eyebrows.

Garth sighed.

"Dick," said Gabriel the archangel.

Okay, you know it's true. First of all, the first time Garth is mentioned is "Weekend at Bobby's", only a few episodes after Gabriel died (Bobby answers the phone and tells someone to call the FBI, and a few seconds later his FBI phone rings and he answers, then says, "No, Garth, the real FBI!"

Secondly, he's so ridiculous and annoying to Dean, it almost has to be on purpose, and he does have the metabolism of an insect, just like the Trickster.

And let Mr. Fizzles speak for himself.