Chapter 4

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Warnings: Bruce has a very bad mouth in this chapter and he says some nasty words. I hate writing stuff like this, but his character needed this, so... You have been warned.

Blaine's second night in the prison wasn't as good to him as the first had been. While his body had shut down before, this time his mind kept him awake. He dreamed of his capture; of the way that his dad had kept his mother out of harm's way, of the desperate look on his older brother's face as Cooper had struggled against the people coming to take him. The cold fear and panic filled Blaine once again and he woke up to the sound of a scream and an irritation in his throat.

He listened to the echo of his cry reverberate around the now-familiar room. And then, there was only the lingering remnants of his fear, like mist dissapearing in a cloudless sky, as he felt the touch of two gentle hands that were not his own. Blaine let his tears fall as Kurt pulled him into his arms and onto his lap and he cried into the thin shoulder of his only companion and friend. He had only known Kurt for a few days, but he felt safe being held by the taller boy and had a trust for him deep down in his heart.

Kurt was whispering soft reassurances and comforting words into his ear as he held Blaine close and rocked him softly. "Shh, it's alright." He said, stroking Blaine's unruly curls. "The dreams go away after a while. You just have to let your mind adjust, as well as your body." A soft kiss to his temple that both boys barely registered. "Shh, you're fine."

After a few minutes, Blaine's tears stopped and he simply stayed where he was, warm and content in Kurt's arms. In the sudden silence of the atmosphere and his mind, he could hear the heavy snoring of Bruce from across the room. "Bruce is not a light sleeper, I take it?" He commented softly, speaking into Kurt's collarbone.

Blaine felt it as Kurt chuckled a little. "No, he can sleep through anything." There was no source of light coming from the small window, so it must still be cloudy night. There were a few moments where all they could hear was Bruce's snores and the other's breathing. Then, Kurt asked, "Do you want to talk about it? Your dream?"

Blaine pressed his wet cheek to Kurt's shoulder. "It was about my family." He said after a pause. He felt the pale boy hum a little for him to continue. "When those four men came to my house, my father automatically brought Mother out of harm's way, but that left my brother and me unprotected." He shook his head a little. "I know that Father cares about Cooper and me, but he had to make a choice in a very short time, and he chose Mother."

Kurt shifted a little and brought the blanket around Blaine while he continued to speak. "Cooper, my older brother, tried to keep them away from me when it became apparent that I was what they were after. But, they were too strong and there were too many of them." Blaine squeezed his eyes shut as images once again sprung forth in his mind. "They were hurting him...and I couldn't do anything. All I could hear were his cries of pain and him shouting, and then I was taken away."

Kurt sighed, the action ruffling the hair on top of Blaine's head. "I'm so sorry, Blaine. I wish more than anything that this wasn't happening to us."

"What about your family?" Blaine looked up at the other boy's face to see Kurt bite his lip.

"It was just my dad and me. My mom died when I was eight years old." Blaine gripped the pale boy a little tighter, although Kurt was speaking in the dull tone of long-suppressed emotions. "When they came to get me, my dad fought so hard...and I couldn't do anything. I've always been weak and, when it came down to it, I failed him. They hurt him so badly...I don't even know if he's alive."

Blaine's heart hurt hearing that story. Kurt was obviously dealing with some guilt issues, but he hadn't even looked sad when telling the story. He had kept these emotions locked away to avoid hurting more than he already was. "Kurt, you're not weak." Blaine started, but he was cut off by a brisk reply.

"I don't want to talk about me, alright?" Despite his words and slightly harsher tone, Kurt didn't move Blaine from where he was protectively in his arms and his grip on the shorter boy stayed gentle.

Blaine nodded a little and rested his head on Kurt's shoulder once more. "Okay," He mumbled and relaxed even more when the taller boy rested his cheek against the top of Blaine's head. Sleep found both of them in that position and they stayed in each other's arms until they woke the next morning.

Blaine woke up to the leering voice of Bruce standing over him. "Oh, isn't this cute." He was saying in a biting and sarcastic tone. "Why doesn't Bruce ever get any cuddles from you, pretty boy?"

Kurt gently dislodged Blaine from him and stood up to face the large teenager. "Why don't you just get to your own side, Bruce?" He asked aggressively. Blaine slowly stood up as well, placing himself closely behind Kurt so that he could jump in at any time.

"Yeah," Bruce sneered. "We should draw a line in the ground so that we know the boundary between my side and the fags' side. Are you two gonna fuck every night or something? Give me a little warning if you plan to, alright?" Blaine's blood was boiling at the other boy's words and also at the tense set of Kurt's shoulders as he took the verbal abuse. The bigger guy turned to walk away, but Blaine moved forward and shoved him.

"Shut the fuck up!" He shouted, his anger getting the best of him as he saw red, his muscles tensing. "I'm not going to stand here and let you talk to him like that!"

Bruce shoved him right back and Blaine stumbled at the force of it. This guy was as strong he looked. "Yeah that's right, Blainey, protect your little slut!" He shouted mockingly. Blaine clenched his teeth and lunged at him again.

"Stop this!" Kurt was yelling. He tried to move forward into the fray, but Bruce reached out and shoved him hard. Kurt fell back against a pillar with a crack and slid to the ground. Seeing this fueled Blaine's fury even more and he jumped at Bruce and landed a few hits to the other boy's abdomen. However, Bruce was too strong and Blaine was too short, so he couldn't deal that much damage.

The door slammed open just as Blaine stumbled back from a punch to the face. Suddenly, the fighting boys found themselves forced apart by the same leather-wearing men that had escorted them. "Break it up, you two." One of them growled.

The three boys found themselves restrained. One of the men had grabbed Kurt from where he had fallen and was holding him with his arms behind his back. Two of the men were keeping Bruce immobile, and another man had hold of Blaine. There were two more guys standing by. Breathing hard, Blaine asked, "What are you doing here? What's going on?"

"Didn't your friends let you know-" One of the men started, but was cut off by Bruce.

"I think we were a little busy." He sneered, and Blaine noticed with satisfaction that the bigger boy's lip was bleeding. One of the two guys restraining the blonde boy smacked him across the head and he shut up.

The man holding Blaine jostled the short boy and moved him towards the door, followed by everyone else in the room. "It's shower day."

The three boys were led by the six guards down the halls once again. Blaine didn't waste his brain power memorizing the route this time. After a short trip, they found themselves in front of a door like the rest in the prison. Blaine could hear the sound of running water behind it.

Sure enough, when the door was opened by one of the men with free hands, they were shoved into a room nearly entirely taken up by a waterfall. The steady flow of water came from a jagged cut in the rock at about the hight of 10' above the ground. The room was made completely of stone, with an ankle-deep pool at the base of the waterfall. The waterfall itself was nearly wall-to-wall in width.

The men released the three boys, and half of the entourage left the room and shut the door. Now there was one leather-wearing goon for each teenager. One of them jerked his square jaw at them. Kurt and Bruce evidently got the hint and started to remove their clothes with their heads downcast. Blaine followed their lead until all three of them were standing there wearing only their pants. Another sharp movement of the head and they moved towards the waterfall under the steady gaze of their guards.

Blaine noticed with curiousity that all three of their Marks were glowing bright blue. Bruce's looked smaller located on his broad and muscled shoulder. The large boy saw Blaine looking and gave him a glare. The curly-haired boy moved to the opposite side of the room, where Kurt was approaching the waterfall.

When he stepped in the ankle deep water before the cascade, Blaine shivered. The water was freezing. And they were supposed to shower in this? Getting closer to Kurt, the shorter boy noticed that his friend was shaking already. Kurt was a naturally cold person. Blaine wondered how he survived this.

When he reached Kurt, Blaine couldn't help but look over his body. Kurt was slim, but not skinny. Blaine admired the delicate planes of his chest and the taught ridges of his muscles. His body was lithe and flawless, and Blaine felt suddenly self-conscious about his curly chest-hair and short stature. Those doubts fluttered out of his mind, however, when he saw Kurt look him over and blush.

"We have to shower in this?" He voiced his concerns loudly to Kurt over the roar of the water. "It's freezing!"

Kurt nodded, his teeth already chattering (and they hadn't even gotten under the water yet!). "Yeah, but they give you a change of clothes afterwards, so we won't freeze to death...hopefully."

Blaine could barely hear the last word over the noise, but he read Kurt's lips to know what he said. He slowly reached out and put a hand on Kurt's right shoulder, near his Mark. "I'm not gonna let you freeze to death, I promise." He said.

Kurt smiled a little but looked slightly astonished at Blaine's touch. "How do you manage to be warm still?" He said, putting his cold hand over Blaine's.

The shorter boy laughed. "We're not even in the water yet, silly!" He said, then he reached and took both of Kurt's hands in his, and pulled them both under the cascade of freezing water.

He almost screamed at how cold it was, and he didn't miss Kurt's yelp of surprise and shock. Kurt pulled on their interlaced hands and they were out of the waterfall just as quickly as they had gone in. However, the tall boy hadn't pulled them out the way they had come. Blaine found himself behind the waterfall, between a wall of stone and a wall of freezing water. Their shuddering breaths echoed faintly in the strange tunnel that was created.

Blaine found himself pinned against the wall and looking up at a very cold and soaking wet Kurt. His brown hair was plastered to his head and fell in front of his striking blue eyes like a dark curtain. Droplets of water glistened where they had gathered on his eyelashes. Kurt stared back at him intensely before realizing the situation and turning away abruptly.

It was then that Blaine got a full view of his back, which was beginning to bruise from the hit he had taken against the pillar. "Oh, Kurt." He said, stepping forward. There was a marring of strange colours against the boy's flawless, ivory skin. Blaine reached out and touched his back gently, not missing the way Kurt shook uncontrollably from the cold. "You're hurt." He said.

At his touch, Kurt turned around once more. "So are you." He stated, reaching a trembling hand up to Blaine's left cheekbone, where he was sure a black eye was forming from his fight with Bruce.

It was then that time seemed to stand still; Kurt's hand was caressing the side of Blaine's face and Blaine had his arm around Kurt to rest on his back. They, once again, got caught in each other's gazes and felt a distinct pull, like a tether between them. Blaine slowly brought his other arm around Kurt's waist. Kurt brought his other hand up to cup Blaine's face.

Then, they both leaned forward and their lips touched.

Blaine felt himself gasp as something that felt like electricity jolted through him. Kurt shivered again, this time not from the cold. They pulled apart from the simple kiss and looked into each-other's eyes once more. Kurt's lips (blue around the edges) slowly pulled up into a grin. At the way the taller boy's eyes lit up, Blaine felt himself smile too.

Then, their mouths crashed together once more. Blaine could barely think past the sensation of their bare, wet chests pressed together and his back against the stone wall. Their lips moved together as if they were peices of a puzzle that knew exactly where they fit. Kurt's hands tangled in Blaine's soaking-wet curls and Blaine sighed into the kiss. He forgot all about the waterfall and the strange men and the prison and the Chosen. All he knew in that moment was everything that was Kurt.

Then, the illusion was shattered as a command rang through the room. "Okay, boys, time's up. Hope you got clean, because your next shower isn't for another four days." Kurt and Blaine parted, resting foreheads against the other and breathing hard.

"We have to go." Kurt whispered and Blaine felt his breath ghost along his parted lips.

"Yeah," He said, and they reluctantly stepped out of their embrace and passed through the freezing torrent of water and back into the gazes of Bruce and the three men. Their fellow prisoner gave them a suspicious look, but didn't say anything. The men simply handed them messily-folded piles of brown clothes.

They each turned away for their own separate privacies and changed as quickly as possible out of the soaking wet pants and into the dry outfit. Blaine looked down at himself and saw that he was now dressed in the same things that Kurt wore. A tattered (but clean) brown shirt, large pants, and some kind of soft brown shoe. His thick hair was still dripping water, but he felt much warmer. He looked over and noticed that Kurt still had his arms wrapped around his own torso for warmth.

When they were escourted back to their room Bruce seemed to have had enough of confrontations, and left them alone to their own side of the room to draw on the walls once more.

Kurt and Blaine lay down again on their blanket, side by side. They talked deep into the day, like their time behind the waterfall hadn't even happened, except it was there in their soft smiles and in the tenderness of their looks. Blaine taught Kurt some more sign language to pass the time. Soon enough, the daylight passing through the window faded into nothing and they fell asleep and dreamed of the other, with their hands linked tightly between them.

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