Author's Note: This idea came to me out of nowhere. I don't know why, but I write angst-stories about the Duncan family the best. I will be posting a series of humorous one-shots about our favorite T.V family soon though, so don't worry. Anyways, just give this first chapter a chance and see where that leads. I hope you enjoy! (BTW, I MADE SOME CHANGES IN THE AGE DIFFERENCES. P.J IS STILL 18 AND TEDDY IS STILL 16, MEANWHILE GABE IS 10 AND CHARLIE IS 4. NOT A HUGE DEAL BUT I JUSTED WANTED YOU GUYS TO KNOW).

Full Summary: After the death of Bob Duncan, Amy is left to pick up the pieces of her already shattered family. Too young to remember correctly, Gabe and Charlie's memories are altered. Teddy and P.J, who suffered a dark childhood, try to cope with not only the absence of their father, but the things they have brutally witnessed over the past years in the Duncan household.

Story Title: Far From Gone

Written By: ButterflyCryx

Chapter One: Just Another Day

She examined herself in the mirror, hardly recognizing the girl staring back at her. As her eyes analyzed every part of her weary face, a yell from the top of the basement stairs snapped her back into reality.

"Teddy! Mom says it's time to go!" P.J Duncan called. Sighing, she put her loose curls into a tight ponytail. She forced herself to smile at her reflection then repeated the same words she told herself every single day for the past ten years of her life.

"You're Teddy Duncan. You're strong, you're amazing. You can get through anything."

As much as her shattered heart wanted to believe that, they both knew it was false. Teddy wasn't strong and she wasn't amazing. She was broken. For as long as the girl can remember, there wasn't a moment where she was completely fixed. Despite her younger siblings who were completely clueless as to what was going on around them, Teddy and her older brother P.J never had a true moment of happiness. Not since she was six and he was eight. That's when their family started to fall apart...

Teddy straightened her clothes then walked out, ascending the stairs so she could get to her so called "family".

"Gun shot!" Gabriel Duncan called as he ran past his mother and got into the passenger seat. Amy Duncan rolled her eyes then bent down so she could address her youngest daughter.

"Charlie, sweetheart, I want you to listen to mommy. Okay? What I'm about to tell you is important." Amy began, looking into her precious angel's face. The four year old nodded then waited for her mother to continue.

"Today is one of those days where we'll be going to the cemetary, as a family. I want you to know that if it gets too scary for you, Mommy, P.J, Teddy and Gabe are here for you. Okay baby girl? You're not alone." Amy explained, looking over her shoulder and eyeing her two oldest children. Teddy folded her arms across her chest and looked away. P.J bent down beside his mother and faced his little sister.

"Mom's right Char, we're all here. No need to be afraid, okay kiddo?"

Charlie nodded once more then reached out for a hug. P.J happily accepted while Amy studied him with a small smile. She had hoped for this. After Charlie and Teddy were settled in the car, she stopped P.J from going in and began to say something. Once P.J interrupted her, her heart sank.

"Don't think I did that just to please you. She's my little sister and I'm doing my job as a big brother by looking out for her." After one last look, P.J got into the car. Amy's face immediately fell at his words. So much for hope. Composing herself, she opened the car door and got into the drivers seat. Gabe noticed the change in his mothers demeanor and decided to question it.

"Mom, are you okay?" the ten year old asked, eyeing her. Amy flashed a fake smile at her little boy then reached out to ruffle his hair. This caused Teddy and P.J to roll their eyes and switch their attention to the windows beside them. Charlie looked at them both and realized she wouldn't be getting any attention from them throughout the whole ride.

"I'm fine Gabe, we better get going." Amy finally said as she pulled out of the garage then drove away.

She never hated her mother the way she did now. She never had the urge to poison every cup she drank out of or push her down a flight of stairs and call it an "accident". Teddy knew that it was bad to think of such evil things, but she couldn't help it. Sure, Amy was a great mom at some point in her life. And maybe, just maybe, she still was... but Teddy didn't care. She was too blinded by the family's past tragedies to see her mother in a positive manner. She had spent all of this time blaming Amy for everything bad that ever happened to them. Teddy knew she would spend the rest of her life doing just that.

"P.J, Teddy, would you like to place these flowers on the grave?" Amy gently asked. P.J looked like he was about to cry but the mother knew he wasn't going to let that happen. He snatched the bouquet from his mothers hands then encouraged his sister to follow him. Amy flinched at his actions but said nothing. Charlie hid behind her mother. Gabe found himself staring at the familiar name engraved on the stone.

Bob Gabriel Duncan. 1975-2009.

It had been three years since the incident. Three whole years since their father had died. Gabe didn't like to think about it. He usually woke up in the middle of the night crying, yelling for his father to come save him. Charlie, on the other hand, was barely a year old when Bob passed. She had no clue who Bob Duncan was as a person, but she did know that he was her father.

Amy examined her daughter and son who seemed to be clinging on to her. Gabe's tears began to fall and thats when she used all of her strength to pick him up. He cried on his mothers shoulder and held onto her tight. Charlie, completely clueless, remained behind her mother. She was beginning to feel scared.

So why wasn't mommy, P.J, Teddy or Gabe there for her?

"I hate you!" Teddy shouted, storming into the house. Amy, who had a sleeping toddler in her hands, signaled for the teenager to be quiet.

"Teddy, please, don't do this now-"

"No! I don't care anymore! I'm tired of this! I'm tired of pretending like everything is fine when it's not!" Teddy continued to shout, disappearing into the kitchen. P.J let out a frustrated sigh then grabbed his little brothers hand.

"Mom, give Charlie to me. I'll take her upstairs." the blonde boy said. Amy gratefully accepted, although she knew he wasn't doing this to help her. He was just doing this for the two siblings he had that weren't fucked up like the rest of them.

Is that what they were? Fucked up? Amy cringed at the harsh words then watched her son guide her two youngest up the stairs. She sighed then entered the kitchen.

"Teddy, please, just listen to me-"

"I'd rather stick knives in my ears." the sixteen year old said, her tone flat and cold. Amy tried hard to block out the inevitable hurt that crept into her heart. She had been dealing with Teddy and P.J's resentment towards her since Bob passed, being the last straw that broke them. That's when she came to the conclusion that maybe she wasn't attempting to block it.

Maybe she was just used to it.


"I am NOT your baby! Never was and never will be."

Amy reached out for her daughter who quickly backed away. Did Teddy really hate her like she had said? The girl had thrown that same word in her mothers face for, what felt like, forever.

"Why do you keep treating me this way Teddy? Why are you so angry with me?"

How many times has she asked that very question? Amy huffed in her mind. It had to be more than a million times, she was sure of it. Teddy shot her a cold glare.

"Unless you can bring dad back, there's no way in HELL I'll ever treat you better." the teenager swore, exiting the kitchen in angry tears. Amy wanted her little girl back. She wanted to have 'Mommy and Teddy' days again and watch their favorite movies together. She had hoped for that for a long time now.

She was smart enough to know that it wasn't going to happen.

As the night sky fell over Denver, Colorado, the Duncan househeld was finally quiet. Teddy had fallen asleep after arguing with Amy, yet again. P.J had caused a scene by calling his mother every bad name known to man and reinstated his hate for her, but eventually slammed his door in her face and got himself to sleep. Charlie was put to bed early, thankfully sleeping throughout the whole mess. Gabe was the only one that was awake, now tossing and turning in his bed. The screams that emerged from his family's mouth didn't allow him to sleep. He didn't understand why his siblings hated his mother so much. One look at Amy's face and he knew he couldn't do that to her. He just couldn't find it in himself to disrespect her. He was curious and wanted to know why they treated her the way they did, but never had the courage to ask.

"They still blame me for it, Helen. They still think it's my fault that Bob is dead. I can't believe it. After all we've suffered with him and-"

"Mommy?" Gabe interrupted, walking into the living room. He was wearing his favorite pajama's that his father had bought him exactly one week before he died. Amy smiled at the small boy then gestured for him to approach her.

"Helen, I gotta go. Gabe needs me. Okay, we'll talk tomorrow. Alright, buh-bye." Amy hung up the phone then turned to her son. It was a long day for the family, but it wasn't like any of the others were better.

Amy had been crying and the young boy could tell.

"Is it dad again?" he asked. Amy looked at her son with such sadness in her eyes, it pained him.

"Yes, baby. It's been three years and that man has managed to stay in my heart. To be honest, it hurts." Gabe knew this already, but he always felt so special whenever his mom spoke to him about her feelings. It made him feel like a grown-up.

"It's okay mommy, you're in his heart too." Gabe promised. Amy lifted her little boy onto the sofa and invited him to cuddle with her. He smiled as she pressed light kisses to his forehead.


"Yes sweetheart?"

"I don't hate you."

That was it. That was all it took for Amy Duncan to breakout into silent tears, thankful her son wasn't facing her. She kissed the top of his head as he laid against her chest and smiled.

"I'm glad you don't baby boy. Momma's really glad you don't."

At least two of her children loved her... but the other two?

She was beginning to think it was impossible that they ever will.


I know you're probably wondering why Teddy and P.J "hate" their mother so much. If you haven't already guessed, it's something much deeper than just their father's death. Do you dare to find out why? Stay tuned, LOTS more to come. And please, review. I need every single one of my readers opinions. Thanks so much for your interest. OH, BTW, don't think Gabe isn't going to be his usual mischevious self in this story. I was just showing a much softer side to the boy. Besides, he wouldn't be Gabe without doing at least one bad thing. *winks*