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Story Title: Far From Gone

Written By: ButterflyCryx

Chapter Eleven: Nightmare

He could hear the heavy footsteps pounding hard against the wooden floors. His little heart raced as the sound grew louder. He knew that the boogeyman was coming for his mother, the only person he felt at ease with. She was his constant, his touchstone. He loved her with every inch of his heart and he couldn't let anything bad happen to her. He held her tight and promised her that everything would be okay, that she was safe. While shielding her from the evil that would soon enter his room, he began to recite a silent prayer.

"Dear God, please, keep my mommy safe. I love her so much God, please protect her..."

Suddenly, the door swung open. He swallowed hard then stepped in front of his mother. The dark shadow soon appeared and it's evil red eyes began to pierce through his soul. He suddenly felt a pang of inevitable fear in his heart, no longer wanting to be the center of it's attention.

No. He could do this, he could be strong. As it inched closer, he began to think twice about his strength. What if he couldn't protect her? What if the boogeyman took them both? Each question swirled in his mind as the shadow's hideous teeth began to seep through it's equally hideous grin.

"Leave us alone! Please! Just leave us alone!" He pleaded. The boogeyman's laughter began to filter the air.

"No! Please! NOOOOOOO!"

Helen shot up from the couch at the sound of Gabe's screams. She stretched a bit before ascending the stairs and checked the time on her watch. It was currently 3:45 am. She sighed then dragged herself to Amy's room. She peaked inside and found the small boy kicking and punching at his pillows. He mumbled a few words then began to fight the air around him. Helen quietly made her way in then turned the lamp on. It rested idly on top of Amy's bedside table next to a round digital clock. Carefully but firmly, the worried aunt began to tap her nephew, in hopes of safely awaking him from his nightmare.

"Gabe? Sweetie? It's me, Aunt Helen. Wake up baby boy." She tried, shaking him a bit. It took a few seconds for Gabe to regain a hold of reality as his screams died down to low whimpers. Helen sat on the bed and pulled the ten year old close to her chest.

"Mom, where's my mom... mommy, are you okay?" He whispered softly. Helen sighed then spoke.

"She's okay Gabe. She's at the hospital with your sister. Open your eyes." She encouraged. After a few seconds, the boy did so. Gabe examined his surroundings and felt relieved. Th boogeyman wasn't there. It was just another nightmare.

"Are you sure she's okay?" he asked once more, looking up at his aunt. His big brown eyes seemed to match hers. Helen smiled for the first time in days then nodded.

"Yes, I'm positive. Are you?"

Gabe grew quiet and snuggled closer to his aunt. He didn't want to think about his previous dream, or talk about it. He just wanted to be with Amy. He needed to feel her warm embrace and smell her welcoming scent. It was the only thing in this world that could keep him calm.


"Can you drive me to the hospital?"

"You know I can't do that. Charlie is asleep and I don't want to wake her."

Gabe rolled his eyes then began to whine.

"But P.J is there! I want to be there too."

Helen sighed then kissed her nephew's forehead.

"You will be tomorrow, after school." She promised. Gabe was not satisfied and the older brunette could tell.

"I don't want to go! Why can't I be with mom?!"

"Gabe, your mother needs sometime to be with your brother and sister-"

"It's not fair! They hate mom! They always did, they never cared about her feelings or dared to ask her if she was okay when she started to cry! Teddy doesn't deserve mom's attention, she such a bitch!"

Helen stared at her nephew in shock then took a deep breath. Although everything the young boy said was true, it was still wrong of him to say it. Gabe realized the errors in his words as well and immediately straightened.

"I... I'm sorry. I'll just-"


"I'll go back to sleep. Goodnight Aunt Helen."

The middle-aged woman took one last glance at her nephew and felt defeated once he turned his back to her and hugged the pillow in front of him. She didn't want to pressure him into speaking to her so she respected his silent wishes for her to leave and immediately left the room.

"Okay Teddy, you're free to go." Dr. Vitalli announced, handing the teenager her clothes. Teddy gave her a faint smile then waited for her to leave so she can change. She felt a mixture of relief and worry as she began to undress. She paused at the sudden thought of suicide again. What if she attempted to hurt herself while she was home? Being stuck in a hospital room (with 24/7 surveillance) and receiving pills that help you sleep at night can distract you from such things. If she went home, those thoughts would only come back to haunt her, wouldn't they? Seconds later, Amy softly knocked and waited for an invitation to enter.

"Just a second!" the sixteen year old shouted back, removing her night gown and replacing it with a light blue shirt and dark blue jeans. Amy waited patiently then heard the door unlock. Teddy opened it and revealed her mother's face.

"Hey, I brought you some food." she kindly said, holding out a white plastic bag. Teddy didn't know what to say and decided to give her mother a small smile.

"Do you want to eat it here or in the car?" Amy asked, walking into the room seconds later.

"Uh... in the car." Teddy replied as Amy nodded then grabbed her daughters bag of everyday necessities that Helen had brought two days prior.

"Okay, you ready? I just have to fill out a release form at the front desk and then we can go home. Wanna wait here?" the blonde suggested. Teddy honestly had no words. She felt weird speaking to her mother in such a nonchalant way but it somehow felt... right.

"I'll wait here, I guess." she finally replied. Amy nodded once again then approached her daughter.

"I know that things aren't very perfect between us right now, but... I'm so glad I didn't lose you Teddy." the mother admitted, tears aching to be released. Teddy felt a tear come along as well but quickly recovered and looked away. Amy took a deep breath then left the room, taking that small gesture as her que to go.

"Hello Dr. Anderson!" Helen exclaimed as she entered the waiting area where the therapist happened to be. Charlie was holding her right hand and Gabe was standing on her left. P.J, who was less than happy to be there, stood a few inches behind them. Paul smiled at them then stood up from one of the chairs. He was reading a book and quickly closed it at the sight of the family.

"Hey guys, I was beginning to think you wouldn't show up. How's Teddy? Has she been released from the hospital yet?" the doctor asked, his voice full of genuine concern.

"Yes, Amy is taking her home as we speak. I decided to bring Gabe and P.J for their session today."

Paul looked at the eighteen year old boy. He could sense P.J's anger was still there.

"That's great, I'll see Gabe first so you can wait out here with P.J, then-"

"What? Why does she have to wait with me? I'm not five." the boy protested. Helen gave him a look as Paul spoke.

"Just to ensure that you won't run off. We wouldn't want to repeat Friday's actions, now would we?"

P.J rolled his eyes and slumped into a chair. Charlie examined everyone's features but failed to catch on. The four year old didn't know why they had to come to this place and decided to ask her aunt about it once they were alone.

"Okay Gabe, let's go. We've got thirty minutes." Paul announced, guiding the ten year old to the same room they were in before.

Teddy seemed out of it and Amy didn't fail to notice. The teenager was silent on the car ride home and she didn't even take a bite of her favorite food, Italian Pasta. Concerned, Amy got out of the car and walked to the passengers seat. She tapped on the window and waited for her daughter to snap out of her daze. Teddy jumped but quickly recovered. She opened the door and avoided her mother's look.

"Teds? Are you okay?"

Teddy swallowed hard as she held back her tears. How could she be so stupid? The one woman who truly cared for her was standing right before her and just twenty-three minutes ago, when that same woman was signing her release form from the hospital, she realized that Amy had been there all along. Despite how mean and disrespectful Teddy was towards her, Amy managed to suck it up and continued to love her. It took her a while, but it finally hit her - Teddy treated her mother the same way her father had. It made the sixteen year old sick to her stomach. She carried on the nightmares that Bob had started. The worst part of it all was that despite the fights and constant disrespect, Amy never treated Teddy any different. She still gave her gifts for her birthday and Christmas. She still left money for her whenever she was home alone while Amy worked night shifts at the local grocery store. Somehow, someway, Amy never gave up and continued to be a mom. A very amazing one, now that Teddy actually thought about it. The teenager didn't realize her tears began to fall until Amy actually reached out to wipe them. The older blonde was hesitant at first, waiting to see if Teddy would push her away, but since the teenager didn't make any attempts, she continued.

"Honey? Is something wrong? You can talk to me, if you want. If you don't, that's fine." Amy offered.

"Can I just go inside now? I... I want to sleep."

Teddy got out of the car and walked past her mother. Amy watched as her daughter stood by the front door of their home. Sighing, Amy locked her car doors and made sure they were secure then got out her house keys so she could fulfill her daughters request.

Thirty minutes later, Teddy was bathed and after refusing her food yet again, she took the pills that the hospital had subscribed to her and fell asleep on the couch. Amy didn't know if this was all a good thing or a bad thing and mentally began to decided to call Dr. Anderson and speak to him about it later.

Figuring that this was a good opportunity for a nap, Amy went up stairs and laid on her perfectly made bed. The exhaustion from the past few days suddenly caught up to her as her eyes closed shut. She fell into a deep slumber and began to dream, a dream she was horrifyingly familiar with...


"C'mere, you filthy slut! You can't stay in that corner forever." The man slurred, approaching the frightened blonde. Amy couldn't stand the tone of his voice, or the aggression in his brown eyes. The way his hands touched her most private parts or made her do things she didn't want too. He grabbed her night gown and pulled her to him. She looked away from him, avoiding his face, but he eventually had his way.

"You don't want to kiss me? Huh? You don't want me to make you feel like the little whore you are?!" He yelled, making her wince in the process. Amy felt her whole body shake as he forced his lips to collide with hers.

"Wait until Bobby finds out how unfaithful his precious wife is." He whispered as he threw her onto the cold floor.

"You can't keep doing this, please, just leave me alone." Amy pleaded, hoping for an end to this horrible nightmare. The man just laughed and got into an unpleasant position.

"Shut up and open your legs! SLUT!" He demanded as Amy fought him until she was weak and had no choice but to allow him perform his dirty acts.

"He's going to beat the hell out of you once I tell him you're a cheating whore." he said, taunting her with his words.

Amy closed her eyes and began to count. His grunting and moaning gave her the urge to vomit as he rapidly moved in and out of her.

Suddenly, the door opened and in came Bob.

"What the hell is this?!" he screamed, his bloodshot eyes staring into Amy's. The man quickly got off of her and pulled up his pants.

"She came onto me Bob, I swear!" he claimed as Bob grabbed the scared blonde by her hair.

"Is this true? HUH? IS IT!" He yelled violently into her face. Amy avoided his eyes and began to tremble. She knew that no matter what answer she gave him, he'd still beat her. Seconds later, Bob dragged her out of the room and into the basement. Amy was mentally thankful that P.J and Teddy had spent the night with her parents, not having to deal with another night of screaming and crying.

"I'm tired of this Bob, I'm tired of you hurting me!" She surprisingly yelled. The drunken man paused then took a moment to look at his wife. Amy felt intimidated by his intense stare and dropped her gaze to the ground. He slapped her hard across the face, which caused her to lose her balance and fall.

"I'm tired of you and how DISGUSTING you are!" He yelled back, hitting her again. And again.

And again.

"Bob, stop! Please, just stop! You're hurting me! BOB!"

*end of flashback*

"Mom? Mom... are you okay?" Teddy asked, standing just inches away from her mothers bed. Amy woke up and glanced around her room, realizing that this was just a dream and that she was okay. Embarrassed by her recent behavior, she shot up and excused herself from the room. Teddy watched as her mother flinched away when she reached out to grab her and decided to just let her leave. She knew what was causing her dreams. In fact, she knew that it was the same thing that caused all of her other dreams since the day her father had passed.

Teddy, determined do to something good for once, walked out of the room and descended the wooden stairs.