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'Huh?'- thinking

"What?"- talking


"What do you want?" -Demon speaking

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Naruto Uzumaki was standing at the gates of Konoha. It was almost midnight and was thinking about everything that had happened and what he could do now. His choices being he could stay in Konoha and hope things would get better or he could leave the village that has been causing him nothing but frustration and grief. Now you might be wondering what caused the Blond Shinobi to end up at this point in his life. Well it all started a couple months ago-


For the first time in his life Naruto was truly happy. The villagers no longer hated him; they saw him as a hero in fact. He was one of the top ninja in the village despite only being fifteen. The Sound Village and the Akatsuki were gone and defeated, and he finally had his pink haired angel. It might have taken him over ten years, but he finally had Sakura.

"Hey Naruto!" Someone yelled out

Naruto turned around to see Sakura running up to him. "Hey Sakura-chan, what's up?" He gave her a fox smile.

"We just got a report that Sasuke was seen near the Fire Country Border, let's go!" She yelled excited

They both rushed out of the village to get him before he got away again.

When they arrived back in the village late at night with their mission completed, they were both overjoyed that they finally had Sasuke back.

Two Days after the retrieval mission

Naruto was called into Tsunade's office after being requested for a mission.

"Naruto I think you're ready for your first solo S rank mission, and it should take about a month. Do you accept?" Tsunade asked him.

He happily accepted the mission and went to go pack. Then he stopped by Sakura's house to say goodbye. He thought everything would be ok, but he didn't know just how wrong he was.

A Month Later

"Finally done, it's feels great to be back home." Naruto said to himself as he ran all the way to the Hokage's office and handed in his mission report. "Did you need anything else Baa-chan?" Naruto asked grinning.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Tsunade yelled at him. When she calmed down, she dismissed him.

"Well I'm gonna go tell Sakura-chan that I'm back now so bye." As he went to leave she stopped him for a second.

"Naruto, wait!" She yelled out to him standing up. He turned and looked at her. "Yes?" He asked looking at her. She stopped for a second and then sat back down "Nothing, never mind." Naruto looked at her confused then rushed out.

Jiraiya appeared next to her. "Why didn't you tell him?" He asked his old teammate.

Tsunade sighed and told him "Because he would have never believed me, he needs to see for himself.

Naruto was looking around the village for Sakura unable to find her. 'Well there is one place I haven't checked, but why would she be there?' He thought to himself heading towards the Uchiha district.

When he arrived at Sasuke's house he was assaulted with the sound of people being intimate.

His heart froze for a moment. 'She wouldn't.' He hoped. It was just some girl Sasuke had picked up off the street. That's when he heard it.

"Oh Sasuke, faster! Harder Sasuke!" He heard Sakura yell.

His heart broke into a million pieces when he heard her, he turned to leave and he left a note for them.

Sakura, I know what you've done and I hope you're happy. I guess you finally got your dream.



He quickly left the house with the pink ring he had been planning to give Sakura. He headed to a nearby bar and got drunk for the first time in his life.

End Flashback

Now you might be thinking that couldn't have pushed Naruto to where he is now, but the sad thing was the same thing happened nine more times. Each time it caused him to drink more & take higher risk missions.

After his heart breaking revelation with Sakura, it became even worse when she told him coldly that they should just be friends. She wasn't however expecting his response. He looked down and quietly whispered "You bitch…" The next thing she knew she was punched in her cheek bone hard, then she woke up in a hospital weeks later, in casts.

After Sakura, Ino was his beautiful flower girl. He got to know her better when he went to go get flowers at her family's flower shop for the third. They became close friends, then lovers. When Naruto left on another diplomat mission, this time for two weeks, when he came back the same thing happened except this time Ino was with Shikamaru. Naruto left the same note, and left with another ring. Every time he left the same thing happened, next was Tenten & Neji, then Hinata & Kiba. Naruto thought he would have better luck with some of the older women, thinking experience would make it to where they would know better than to cheat on him. Boy was he wrong; first it was Kurenai & Asuma, Shizune & Yamoto, Anko & Iruka, Hana & Kakashi, and then Tsunade & Jiraiya. The last one however hit him the hardest, Ayame, the girl he thought he could always trust. The one he had known since he was a kid, he thought she would have stayed fateful, but he was wrong…


Naruto had just gotten back from a two month mission and left his report with Tsunade. He no longer called her Tsunade-him or even Baa-chan once he found out that she had been cheating on him. He walked home and saw Ayame there waiting for him.

She ran up to him "Hi Naruto-kun!" She screamed as she tried to hug him.

Naruto side stepped her and walked into their house.

Ayame looked confused. "Naruto?" She called out to him and then followed him inside.

He didn't say anything as he took off his armor and sat down on his couch thinking on his next action. She followed him and stood while he sat down.

He looked at her and asked "How long?"

She looked even more confused and asked him "What do you mean Naruto-kun?"

He threw the empty bottle at her, making it shatter and break to the left of her.


He looked at her again and asked "How long have you been fucking him?"

Ayame had a surprised look on her face.

Naruto looked at her and continued "Oh, you didn't think I would notice? Please I could smell him on you a mile away."

Ayame suddenly looked sad and started crying "Please Naruto it's not like that!"

Naruto got up and started yelling "Please you're just like every other girl I've dated, a fucking liar. Now get the fuck out of my house, I'll send you your things tomorrow."

She didn't move from her spot.

"I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!" This time he added killing intent.

She ran out of the room that time. He sniffed the air again "Shit!" Naruto got up and saw Ayame by the front door, He handed her a couple hundred thousand ryo.

"What's this for?" She asked

"For the baby and tell Chouji that I hope he knows what he was getting into." He then slammed the door in her face. He sat down and started thinking, feeling the ten rings in his pocket. He also never went to Ichiraku's when he knew Ayame was going to be there.

Flashback End

After that he wore always carried the ten rings around with him, and if anyone said anything negative about the rings or about him he responded by pinning them into the nearest wall, daring them to say more. He hated more and took more dangerous missions; the only thing he got less of was sleep considering that every time he fell asleep he only had dreams about the people he hated. Then one day as he came back from a double S class mission and went to ask for another one, he was surprised. In the room were all the girls including Tsunade sitting in a circle.

Naruto took deep breaths to remain calm and then spoke "What's this all about?"

Tsunade the spoke directly to Naruto "Naruto please take a seat."

He did just sitting in between Sakura & Ayame, the ones that hurt him the most.

Tsunade then spoke again "Naruto, we're worried about you. You barely sleep, you won't talk to anyone, and you're running yourself ragged with all these missions." Tsunade finished

He just sat there unfazed by their looks of concern which he found funny as they didn't give a shit before and replied "Thanks for the concern, can I have that double S class mission now?"

Tsunade got annoyed and looked at Naruto then told him "Naruto, grow up and be a man. Face the facts, and stop drowning yourself in misery."

With all the control over his anger he had acquired over the years Naruto calmly got out of his seat and threw his chair at the wall the others watching it shatter to pieces. He then turned and looked at all the girls "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TELL ME HOW TO BE A MAN! I HAVE GROWN UP TSUNADE & I'VE SEEN ALL OF YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE! LYING, BACKSTABING, CHEATING BITCHES! And I've already faced the fact that I was cheated on by every single one of you, and I was betrayed by all of you. I was just a replacement for them." He then pulled the rings out of his pockets and showed them to the girls. "Do you know what these were supposed to be for? What they stood for? I was going to ask each and every one of you to marry me at some point in my life." He then showed them the rings one by one.

"Pink was for Sakura, Yellow for Ino, Brown for Tenten, Blue for Hinata, Red for Kurenai, Black for Shizune, Purple for Anko, White for Hana, Green for Tsunade, & Orange for Ayame. Ten names for ten fingers I worked to the bone for. And every time I went to ask you to marry me, I found each and every one of you in another man's bed."

He then punched a giant hole in the wall and saw every guy that stole his girls in the room next door "How the fuck do you guys get the balls to steal my girls' right before I ask them to marry me? Also if I ever see any of you ever again, I will kill you." Naruto then walked out the door, nobody tried to stop him.

He immediately went to a bar and got drunk for the second time in his life. A few weeks later, he packed up everything that was his in a sealing scroll, went to the Hokage's office and put everything that belonged to his mom and dad, after he had overheard Jiraiya & Tsunade talking about them and his heritage. He had taken everything from his both the Uzumaki & Namikaze Estates weeks ago. He then walked to the Village gates.

-And that's where we came in. So he can stay or leave. "Naruto!" He heard his name being called out by multiple people, turned around and saw his former fiancée's running towards him and for once in his life decided to be selfish. He quickly replaced himself with an exploding shadow clone and when the girls were close enough made the clone flip them off with both hands and say "Bye bitches" then it exploded, throwing them back a couple feet. His headband left behind with a slash through the Village's symbol.

Naruto watching from a distance enjoyed the view and then proceeded to run as far away from the village as possible. He had a couple ideas on where to go but would see what happened.