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'Huh?'- thinking

"What?"- talking


"What do you want brat?" -Demon speaking

Chapter 12: Problems and Training

In Konoha

Tsunade and everyone currently standing in her office stared at the Anbu guard silent until Tsunade herself finally broke the silence "You want to run that by me again? I don't think I heard you correctly." Tsunade finished with a level glare.

The Anbu felt very nervous under the woman's glare but cleared his throat before he spoke again "Sasuke Uchiha had gone to visit Sakura in her cell. We left them alone as he asked because we were outside the door and she still had her chakra sealed." He stopped for a moment to catch his breath.

"We were waiting outside the door when we heard a cry of outrage that sounded like Sakura but knowing of her anger issues left them alone. It wasn't until we heard Sasuke scream out that we ran in there but by the time we got the door open the Uchiha was dead on the floor and the wall of her cell looked as if someone had either blown a hole or smashed their way out and she was gone." He finally finished and waited to see what she wanted.

Tsunade was going through the story in her head to decide her next action before speaking up "Is the Uchiha's head still intact?" She asked to everyone's confusion.

The Anbu was confused "Yes it is Hokage-sama but why?"

Tsunade got up and started walking to the door "SHIZUNE! Get me Inoichi and tell him to get to the cell that used to hold Haruno Sakura NOW! We only have an hour at the most before Sasuke's brain stops functioning. If we hurry we can check his memories to see what exactly happened."

Shizune jumped surprised at her tone but quickly recovered "Yes Tsunade-sama."

Anbu Prison Cell

Tsunade was already looking over Sasuke's body when Inoichi finally arrived "You called for me Tsunade-sama?" He asked momentarily stopping at the sight of the dead Uchiha.

Tsunade looked over her shoulder "Yes Inoichi. As you can see Sasuke has been killed and I would like you to go into his mind before it stops functioning so we can see what exactly happened and where Sakura is."

The Yamanaka clan head simply nodded in understanding and moved over to the Uchiha's body before doing his clans jutsu.

Sasuke's Last Memory

Sasuke Uchiha was walking in the Anbu prison following a guard to the cell holding Sakura. When they finally arrived the guard let him in before leaving him with a warning before closing the door "Don't try anything stupid" Sasuke merely scoffed at the remark before he turned around and saw who he was looking for.

"Hello Sakura." He smiled never thinking that she of all people would have fallen so far.

Sakura instantly looked up at hearing Sasuke's voice and cried tears of joy seeing her boyfriend. "Sasuke! You're here! Oh Sasuke you won't believe what Tsunade did! Just because my parents had told us how Naruto was actually the Kyuubi she KILLED THEM!" She cried out in outrage.

She had a furious look on her face and continued "After that meeting we all had in her office and she told the rest of you to leave she asked me why I had called him a demon and when I told her she sent an Anbu to get my parents and when they finally got there and admitted to it she sent a kunai through each of their skulls!" She started getting tears in her eyes as she recalled the memory.

She looked up at him again but with a glare this time "She KILLED my parents! I was so angry that I wanted to kill her as well…I still do." She said with a dark look on her face that unnerved even Sasuke for a moment.

She looked up at him finished "So you came here to get me out of here right? You're a clan head. I'm sure you convinced the council to let me out right?" She asked smiling with hope and love in her voice. Only for her smile to drop when she saw him smiling and chuckling.

Sasuke shook his head and said quietly to himself. "Smartest girl of our class and was an apprentice of a Sannin but still so naïve." It was loud enough for her to hear what he said.

He looked her in the eyes and saw her look of confusion "You are a prime example of why ignorant civilians should not be allowed to be Shinobi Sakura. If you actually believed what your parents said about Naruto then you are even stupider than I thought."

He pulled a scroll out of his pocket and showed it to Sakura "What is this Sakura?"

She looked at him confused "It's a sealing scroll Sasuke-kun. I know that so why are you asking?"

Sasuke held his hand up. He then unsealed the scroll and grabbed a kunai. "What is this Sakura?"

Growing tired of pointless questions Sakura growled out "It's a kunai Sasuke-kun. Why are you asking me all these stupid questions?" She asked losing her patience.

Sasuke smiled "But the kunai came out of the scroll Sakura, so according to your parents' logic this isn't a kunai it's a scroll." He said seeing her realize what he was trying to say.

"That's different Sasuke. That is an inanimate object. We're talking about a demon here." She said holding back her anger as she started to hear what sounded like a whisper in the back of her head.

Sasuke shook his head looking down on her. "No Sakura it's the same thing."

Sakura finally had enough "Ok Sasuke I get it whatever. Now when am I getting out of here?" She asked only to grow angry as Sasuke started laughing again.

"WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT NOW!?" She asked having enough

Sasuke looked at her with pity "I didn't come to get you out Sakura, to be honest I could care less. You can rot in here for the rest of your life, raped by a cell mate, or even executed, I really don't care."

Sakura looked horrified at what she heard "You can't be serious Sasuke-kun…" She said getting tears "I thought you loved me?"

Sasuke laughed once more "I never loved you Sakura. The only reason I even bothered screwing you was to hurt the dobe. And once he left, you not only served your purpose, but I also grew bored of you."

Sakura's POV

Sakura looked down taking in everything he had said when she felt power going through her body like she had never felt before 'How is this even possible? My chakra is sealed off.' She thought to herself when she heard a voice.

'You like this power? …I can give you more." A voice came in her mind.

'Who is that? Where are you?' She said looking around confusing Sasuke

'I am with you…I can help you. Give you the power to get revenge on the Hokage and kill this…boy for betraying you. Make an example of him. All you have to do is let go and relax.' The voice said in her mind.

Sakura thought over of what the voice was saying before replying 'Why should I trust you when I don't even know who you are?'

The voice chuckled darkly before replying 'You do know me. You just never needed me till now. Look to your right.'

Sakura quickly did as she was told only to see a mirror 'But it's just me…wait." She looked closer only to see it wasn't her. It looked like her but her clothes were a darker shade and her eyes were black except for where her pupils should have been. Instead they were a dark red.

And the reflection suddenly smiled darkly at her before replying 'I…am…you.'

Sakura gasped before she felt a tug on her mind, and when she finally opened her eyes again she cried out at the sight that she was now looking at her body instead of looking at the reflection. The darker version of her smiled 'So…do we have a deal?'

Sakura looked over to Sasuke and thought about everything that had happened and weighed her choices before mirroring the other Sakura's smile. 'Yes. I agree.'

The Dark Sakura smiled using Sakura's body before she took advantage of the Uchiha's lowered guard and grabbed the kunai he had been holding before advancing on Sasuke as the memory started fading.

End Memory

Inoichi got up quickly before Sasuke's mind had shut down effectively trapping him in there. He got up with a forlorn look on his face and looked over to Tsunade. "Tsunade-sama…we have a problem."

Back to Naruto's group

Naruto and his group were currently walking towards their next destination which was Kirigakure.

Kiyomi looked over to Naruto smiling. "So Naruto-kun, do you have any idea on who we are going to be looking for this time?" She asked even though if he didn't know she did.

Naruto looked over at her and tried to play it cool "I have a few ideas yea."

Kiyomi smiled at his reply while the others watched in amusement. "Oh really Naruto-kun? Would you mind sharing with the rest of us then?" She smiled trying to call his bluff.

Naruto smiled and looked back to the others "Why ruin the surprise?"

Kiyomi smiled "Right…"

Tsunami walked over to Naruto and grabbed one of his arms stopping him. "Naruto-kun do you think we could stop and rest for a moment before we get to Kirigakure? I would like to try and relax a little before we get there and if possible go over my techniques again." She finished with a warm smile.

Naruto looked around to see the others staring at him and looked back over to Tsunami before smiling "Sure Tsunami-chan, we'll go ahead and rest for a bit. I'll get some food heated up for everyone to get reenergized." He quickly pulled out a sealing scroll before unsealing some fruit and small bars for everyone.

Tsunami smiled and grabbed some fruit and started eating as did everyone else so they would not have to worry about eating again till they got to the next village.

As everyone sat and ate slowly to relax Tsunami finished her food before walking over to Naruto and hugging him them whispering sensually into his ear "I'm ready for my training….Na-ru-to-Sensei."

Naruto smiled playfully putting Tsunami onto his shoulders before leaping to the nearest clearing and setting her down. "Ok Tsunami-chan. Since we are so close to the village I'm going to go ahead and let you try the three basic techniques again and each of them only once. I want to see how far you have come." He finished smiling.

Tsunami smiled and nodded happily before closing her eyes to concentrate on her chakra. She started to feel something coming and when it felt bigger she smiled and looked over to Naruto and nodded.

He nodded back and smiled "Ok Tsunami-chan the first thing I want to see you do is the Transformation technique, ok?" he asked getting a nod in response. "Now I don't care who you change into but remember that it should be someone you can remember every little detail about."

Tsunami nodded as she already had a person in mind and in a poof of smoke Naruto was happy to see a perfect copy of Tazuna standing in front of him. Naruto smiled and clapped "Very good Tsunami-chan." He walked all around her to make sure there weren't any mistakes.

And when he couldn't find any he walked back in front of her and waited for her to return to normal before speaking up again "Ok Tsunami-chan the next thing I want you to do is the body replacement technique, but just to make it a bit harder…" Naruto walked over and grabbed a decent sized tree branch and showed it to her. "I want you to concentrate on this rock, and when I throw it I want you to keep an eye in it and as soon as you see it land switch, ok?"

Tsunami looked really nervous with this task as up till now she had only switched with objects that were stationary. She looked up to see Naruto smiling at her. "Don't worry Tsunami-chan. I believe you can do it."

Seeing how much confidence he had in her abilities made her resolve stronger as she nodded and concentrated on the branch in his hands. She watched as he threw it through the air holding back so she could keep up with it and as soon as she saw it land she concentrated, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and immediately felt a pull.

She slowly opened her eyes to see she had been successful and became overjoyed as she ran over to Naruto and hugged him "I did it!" She yelled out feeling proud of herself.

Naruto smiled and hugged her back "See? I knew you could do it Tsunami-chan." He said proud of her and happy she was so relieved. Now then Tsunami-chan I want you to try and do the shadow clone technique this time. But unlike the past couple of times I really want you to concentrate and make no more than ten clones ok?" He asked seeing her nod.

Everyone watching knew that like Naruto when he was younger was still having some trouble with chakra control. It was the main reason for Naruto to teach her the Shadow clone technique instead of the regular one.

She nodded and once again concentrated and as she did she had slowly started the hand signs needed for the technique. Everyone watched in silence as she went through the signs until the silence was broken when she finished and yelled out "SHADOW CLONE TECHNIQUE!"

In Kirigakure

Two red heads were sitting and talking in an office after they had heard that the person they were dying to see would arrive in a little over an hour.

The Mizukage Mei Terumī sat in her chair sitting across from someone who had been in her village for a while now as they waited for a certain blonde shinobi. She looked up to see the young girl deep in thought with a blush on her face and smiled "Now, why is your face almost as red as your hair Amaru? Are you having dirty thoughts about our favorite blond?" She asked playfully smiling at the young girl's reaction.

Amaru jumped at hearing the Mizukage's voice and started sputtering trying to recover herself "What?! Of course I'm not! I was just…feeling a little warm…" She finished trying to hide her face.

The Mizukage smiled and walked over and sat next to the young girl "I know exactly how you feel Amaru. Just thinking about Naruto-kun gets me all warm and fuzzy as well." She said winking at her.

Amaru blushed again "That's not what I meant!"

Mei simply laughed playfully at her and patted her on the shoulder. "I know Amaru. You don't have to wait much longer now though. He's almost here. And from what I hear he's no longer the innocent boy we knew years ago. In fact I bet he'll know just what to do to rock your world." She finished whispering the last part into Amaru's ear causing her to faint.

Mei simply smiled before laying her down in a comfortable way on her couch before looking out towards her village's entrance. 'There. Now if I'm lucky she will be out long enough for me to get a taste first. Poor girl is so innocent it would probably take her hours to get courage to do anything with Naruto.' Mei thought to herself smiling.

Back to Naruto's Group

Everyone had been surprised to see that the clearing was suddenly filled with at least fifty Tsunami's. Naruto smiled and walked over to the original as the clones started dispelling in groups.

When he finally got to Tsunami he saw that she looked sad that she couldn't do what was set for her until Naruto lifted her head up and looked her in the eyes. "Now, now, Tsunami-chan. No need to look upset. While you may not have been able to do what I asked this was still a lot better than your last tries." He finished smiling at her.

Tsunami looked happy at that and smiled. "Thank you Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled and picked her up before the chakra use would hit her and carried her to the others. "Well is everyone ready?" At all their nods he smiled. "Good, because we aren't making anymore stops. Kirigakure here we come!"

Chapter End.

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