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'Huh?'- thinking

"What?"- talking


"What do you want kit?" –Demon/Kiyomi speaking

'What do you wanna know?' –Demon/Kiyomi thinking

Chapter 5: Three Girls & Two Deaths

After Naruto and Tsunami had bought Kiyomi some clothes they had packed their things and were getting ready to get back on the road and go look for more of the girls Kiyomi had been telling Naruto about. Naruto had given Tazuna & Inari a special Kunai that he told them to throw on the ground if they needed him. Tsunami had talked to them as well about taking care of themselves and she told her father not to be getting drunk every night as she was no longer going to be around to watch him and Inari wasn't going to either. They all said their goodbyes before stocking up on supplies, then took their leave of the village.

Outside the village

"So Naruto-kun, where are we heading first?" Tsunami asks Naruto while walking next to him.

He looks at her happily "Well the closest place now would be Suna; I thought we could go and see my friend Gaara considering he's the Kazekage. So we shouldn't run into any trouble there." He says calmly while walking turning to look at her. Kiyomi was walking happily after being sealed inside for so many years, overjoyed to be out in the fresh air again. Naruto took notice of this and smiles "Someone's happy, don't you think so Tsunami-chan?" he asks playfully.

She looks over at the former sealed demon and smiles as well "Well Naruto-kun after being sealed up for so long I'm not at all surprised at how she's acting. Although it's hard to believe that the most powerful bijuu of all in our world is walking right next to us and that she is one of your mates as well. That reminds me…" she says pausing for a moment embarrassed before continuing "When are you and me going to…" She stops talking for a moment and when Naruto turns to look at her she was deep red. After realizing what she was trying to ask Naruto looked away with a blush of his own.

"W-well Tsunami-chan I thought we would wait and at the soonest do it in Suna. I just didn't like the idea of doing that in your house where Tazuna and Inari could walk in on us." He told her honestly. After thinking about it and realizing that he was right, she simply nodded and continued walking but instead moved next to him and grabbed onto his arm while walking "Ok Naruto-kun, I'll hold you to that. I'm sure I can wait a little longer." She said smiling as he did the same.

Kiyomi looked behind her and stared at Naruto & Tsunami "What's taking you two so long? Let's hurry up. I wanna get to Suna and relax in the hot springs." She says with her best pout while whining.

Naruto smiles at her "Kiyomi-chan, Tsunami-chan isn't like you and me she can't travel as far as fast as we can."

Kiyomi stopped and thought on this "Why don't you just carry her Naruto-kun? I'm sure she wouldn't mind" she told him smiling.

Tsunami blushed and Naruto grinned "That's a great idea Kiyomi-chan." He then turned to Tsunami "Uh is there a specific way that you would like to be carried Tsunami-chan?" He asked her sincerely

She blushes and looks at him "Well if it's not too much trouble Naruto-kun, I was wondering if you could carry me bridal style." She tells him quietly but loud enough for him to hear.

He smiles at her warmly "Sure Tsunami-chan." He picked her up and once she got comfortable they rushed to Suna.

In Suna

After Gaara and Temari had returned to their village from the meeting they were called to, they left with themselves and came back with two more girls that surprisingly enough they were both Jinchuriki just like Naruto and Gaara. Their names were Fu and Yugito, Fu held the Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle, and Yugito had the Two-tailed Cat. They had left their villages and had nowhere else to live at the moment and Gaara was kind enough to offer them protection in his village. They took him up on his offer immediately and were happy to have somewhere to stay.

Temari offered to show them where they would be sleeping and surprised the two when they found out they would be living in the Kazekages' house, they thought they would have been shown to an apartment or something similar. Temari decided to break the silence that was in the room "So why do you two like Naruto-kun?" she asked getting straight to the point.

The other two stopped what they were doing and looked at her. Fu sighed and decided to explain it to Temari because she and Yugito fell for Naruto for the same reason and the same time.

"Well you see Temari, we both fell for Naruto-kun for the reason same reason. When the Akatsuki were done extracting a bijuu from a body they didn't destroy it, they would simply dump the body outside and would let it rot. But Naruto-kun found our bodies in good condition and after defeating the Akatsuki he looked at notes the Akatsuki had written and figured out how release some of the demons without destroying the statue they were in and released them so they would go back to the demon realm, well for five of them at least. For me, Yugito, and Gaara he released our demons so they would go back to our bodies only because our bodies were in the best condition while the others were beyond recognition and decomposed for a while. So he decided to give the others proper burials before he revived me & Yugito. When we came to we were confused and weak, so until we could take of ourselves he did, after healing serious injuries and infections he took us to a nice hotel, fed us, protected us, and gave us anything else we needed." She stopped for a moment to catch her breath & let Temari absorb everything that had been told so far.

Temari nodded her head telling Fu that she could continue "So he ended up taking care of us for a couple months and when he told us how we were revived, both of us found it hard to believe that a younger, and what we thought to be a weaker ninja could have defeated enemies that were too much for the rest of us to even stand a chance. But when he told us why he had bothered to help us he told us how he had been given the same cursed life as us and even had the strongest tailed demon in him, we were both shocked at this and thought this had been the only reason that he was so strong, but once he told us what his drive was and after he had told us of his life, we were both in tears by the end of it and even though our lives were as typical for a Jinchuriki, they were nowhere as bad as his. Once he told us that he we were good enough to take care of ourselves, he told us that the two of us should stay together. But before he left he gave us a special kunai and told us that if we ever needed him again to just put chakra in it and throw it on the ground." She took a breath and continued "After he was gone we both felt empty without seeing him every day and his smile cheering us up, but we knew of what the council in his village would do to us after he warned us, so we stayed away and continued our travels." After she was finished she looked at Temari.

Temari looked up and after seeing that she was finished spoke "Wow, well to put my response short I know now that neither of you have bad or hurtful intentions towards Naruto-kun." She said to them looking them in the face.

Yugito was the next one to speak "Thank you for understanding Temari-san" She looked at her and smiled. "So do we know where Naruto-kun is now?" Yugito asked curious.

Temari looked up "The last I heard he was on his way here and will be here by tomorrow" She replied smirking.

Yugito & Fu were quiet for a moment before yelling "WHAT!?" They then began running around frantically yelling random questions like "What does he look like now?" and "Do we need to go shopping?" and the one Temari thought was the most hilarious was when they both yelled "Do we have enough ramen?" Once she heard this one Temari started laughing her head off.


After each passing day everyone started getting worse in Konoha. With their supplies becoming less and less people were starting to fight over things like food, supplies & clothes. Stores were closing & riots went from being small to large almost every day. While the village was getting little to no missions, some people were planning on leaving the village before things got worse while some already had left. Some of the smaller but still known clans were smiling knowing that this had all happened because of Naruto leaving and thought it was funny to those who hadn't realized it and even funnier to those who had. The ones who were annoyed the most was the Council because they were always arguing over what the solution was to stopping the chaos and restoring the village before they went from the one of the greatest ninja villages to the lowest now being a laughing stock in their eyes. Only a select few knew what the solution was and some were already working on solving the problem.

Sasuke, Sakura, Kiba, Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino, Neji, Tenten, Chouji, Kurenai, Asuma, Shizune, Yamoto, Anko, Iruka, Hana, and Kakashi were all called to the Hokage's office. When they got there they were greeted by Tsunade and Jiraiya "Finally, well now that you're all here I'm sure you are aware as to why our village is in chaos and what we will need to do to fix it?"

Everyone except Sasuke and Sakura looked down ashamed and Hinata was the one to speak up for them "Yes Tsunade-sama, the reason we have been put into this position was because of those of us who hurt and betrayed Naruto."

Sasuke scoffed as did Sakura as she spoke up "What are you talking about Hinata? It's not our fault the demon left the village because he was too childish to grow up and get over his depression. That he didn't want to face the fact that he would never have a wife because no girl would want to give birth to a demon spawn." She said coldly, everyone looked at her shocked.

Tsunade was the first to speak "I want everyone except Sakura to leave my office for a moment…" When no one moved Tsunade grew furious, she stood up slamming her fist into her desk leaving a crack in it "I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT!" Everyone rushed out of the room after that.

Tsunade sat back down and hid her anger from Sakura "Now Sakura would you please explain to me as to what has changed your opinion of Naruto so suddenly."

Sakura didn't think anything of the question so she answered truthfully "After the demon left my parents and some other civilians threw me and Sasuke-kun a congratulations party for finally ridding our village of him and my parents told me why they along with other civilians always hated him" She told her.

Tsunade raised an eyebrow as her response "And why is that Sakura?" Tsunade asked waiting to see if she was going to have to kill some civilians' soon

"Because he is the Nine tailed fox Kyuubi, and that's why he was always so strong" She told her and was surprised when she was suddenly grabbed by Anbu and held in place on the floor.

Tsunade then called for some more Anbu. Who quickly appeared and knelt in front of her "What are you orders Hokage-sama?" One of them asked.

Tsunade looks at the one who questioned her and replied calmly "Bring me Sakura Haruno's parents. And if you find anyone that went to a recent party held at their house I want you to find and kill them." She said in a deadly calm tone.

When they received their orders the Anbu disappeared and were back within a couple minutes with Sakura's parents "Some of the others are still out finding the rest of the party guests Hokage-sama" He told her then. Then bowed and left with the other Anbu after being dismissed.

Jiraiya came in surprisingly through the door this time and when he closed it Tsunade had Jiraiya put up privacy seals while she never took her eyes off Sakuras' parents "So I heard that you two revealed something regarding Naruto Uzumaki to your daughter? Is this true?" She asked calmly.

They looked at each other then back to Tsunade and Sakura's dad spoke up "Of course we did she asked us why we had always hated the demon and we told her the truth, that he was the nine tailed fox." He said speaking calmly and not realizing what he just did, Sakura was watching the whole ordeal when she was noticed Tsunade's hands tightening into fists.

Tsunade then looked at them "You have both broken the third's law and shall pay the price set for it." And the next thing Sakura saw was two kunai's into the air before piercing her parents' skulls and shattering them into a pieces killing them instantly.

Sakura had been covered in the blood from her parent's remains and was shocked into silence for a couple seconds before screaming at the top of her lungs "NOOOOO!"

Back with Naruto

Naruto stopped for a moment and started smiling, when Kiyomi noticed this she looked at him confused "What are you so happy about Naruto-kun?"

He looked at her "I don't really know, but I feel like someone just got something that was way overdue and that their suffering is far from over." He told her still smiling

She looked at him silently "Wow Naruto-kun that sounded so evil… I love it." She said smiling as he laughed at her response

"I wonder if it was someone in that cursed village." He said with venom in his voice.

"We can only hope Naruto-kun." She tells him with an evil smirk

They were making great time and could already see Suna in the distance. "Hey Kiyomi-chan I can see Suna, wanna race and see who will get there first?" He asked playfully and stretching.

She laughed "Sure Naruto-kun even though it's obvious who will win." She told him grinning.

Naruto looked at Tsunami still in his arms "Are you ok Tsunami-chan?" She nodded "Yes Naruto-kun, just get it over with, I wanna get there already so you can mark me as well" She said in trying to be sexy, but it came out in a cute whining voice instead.

Naruto laughed and was about to summon a toad when Kiyomi stopped him "Wait Naruto-kun, the frogs could tell the pervert where you are. I think you should cancel the contract or tell them what happened and see if they will cancel Jiraiya's." She told him in a serious tone. "For now I'll summon a fox and tell the Kazekage that we'll be there in about an hour"

Naruto nodded and picked Tsunami back up. Kiyomi did some hand seals quickly when a small light red four tailed fox appeared in a puff of smoke "Kyuubi-sama! You're alive!" The little fox started jumping around happily, until Kiyomi grabbed it and made her calm down "Yes I am. I'll explain later but right now I need you to go that village over there, find the leader and tell him that Naruto Uzumaki and friends will be arriving shortly, ok?" She told her in a tone that calmed her down. She bowed and rushed to the village in speeds that would make Gai jealous.

Naruto looked amazed at the little fox's speed before snapping out of his trance when he noticed that Kiyomi had gotten a head start. "Hey! No fair!" He yelled before rushing after her. After he caught up with her, they were evenly matched and were both laughing happily while running. With what seemed like infinite stamina they made it to the village in twenty minutes and Naruto would have won had he not been jumped by two yellow and a green blur, all he heard before he had been jumped was three happy cries of "Naruto-kun!" Luckily before he had hit the ground he had made a shadow clone and threw Tsunami at it to keep her out of harm.

When he was jumped he was instantly smothered by what seemed like six extremely soft pillows "Hello…Temari-chan, Yugito-chan, Fu-chan." He said while smiling knowing exactly who had jumped him. He was however surprised when instead of getting a hello from them he received three extremely enjoyable, long kisses from each girl. When they were all finished he sat there with the biggest grin on his face "That…was awesome." He said while looking at each of the girls. "So ladies, as much as I love this welcome party, I think we should make our way to the Kazekage's office, because I need to have a chat with him." He said getting up and still smiling, he got five replies that each said "Hai Naruto-kun."

Chapter End

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