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It was a bright sunny day in the Valley of Peace as Po walks into the gym wearing silky white pants, and a traditional short sleeves Kung-Fu Shirt that had the a golden dragon embroider on the left leg and on the shirt back. Po had spent the day helping his father with the noodle shop, and it was during that time a small clothing store that stood next to Mr. Ping Noodle Shop was about to be robbed by bandits. When Po had managed to stop the bandits, by using his skills as a martial artist, and turn them over to authority. After this was done the store owner insisted on rewarding Po, and after much protest he caved, and agree for the store owner to give him some free clothes. When he got back to the palace he immediately went into his room and put on his new clothes, and then decided to head to find Tigress to show off what he got. After some was able to find in the gym where she has all her attention and focus in her training. As she proceeds to punch and kick an inflatable dummy, Po immediately stare at the tiger and smiles as he walk right up to her.

"Hi Tigress." Po said with a large smile on his face.

Tigress continues to concentrate on training, and made little acknowledgement that she even heard Po and didn't even glance at him. While Po was ogling at the tigers body as she continue to train.

"Hi Po." responded Tigress.

It was then when the panda stopped eyeballing her, and says: "Do you notice anything new about me today?"

Tigress, who is too wrapped in her training, didn't even pay any attention to Po question had immediately responded: "No". Since she assumed that he was going to ask her to eat dinner or spar with him.

After hearing her response Po's face drops and noticed that Tigress wasn't even paying attention to him. "You're not even looking me" he said with frustration in his voice. The tiger continues to ignore him as she punches the inflatable dummy. He becomes so annoyed that he grabs the dummy and throws it to the opposite side of the gym. At which point Tigress then becomes upset, and then glares at Po.

"Po, what do you think you were doing? I am trying to train, can we do this another ti-" Tigress then gets interrupted by Po. "No, we can't do this another time Tigress; we never get to spend time together outside of our duties and responsibilities as Kung-Fu Warriors."

Although I enjoy writing, I often do not publish my work whether it is an original story or a fan fiction story. I admit that I am a bit nervous about publishing this one. It would mean a lot if you review the story and tell me what you think of it.