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Ch. 2

Tigress sighs as she looks into Po's eyes and says: "We do spend time together Po. Just last week we had lunch together in your father's restaurant."

This information did little to better Po's mood: "Tigress we didn't have lunch together last weeks since you decided to invite the other to come on our date." Po said in order to reminding of that tiny detail of that day.

Tigress nods as she began to acknowledge that Po was right. They didn't have lunch alone together last week since the other members of the Furious Five had caught them sneaking out to. At first the other was suspicious about why the two were leaving while they were supposed to be training. Only for the tiger to make up some excuse that Po's dad was offering a two for one special on his soup, which she knew was to be true. Po invited her to eat lunch with him, but didn't invite them since the two of them assumed they were extremely busy with training. The other had bought the excuse, and agreed to have lunch with them.

She then tried to think of a time when both she and the Dragon Warrior did spend some quality time together, when it finally came to her. "Two days ago we spent the entire night together." She said with confidence. Once again Po reminds her of a small detail she is forgetting: "Yeah, on a stake out." Tigress flinches as she is forced to acknowledge that the Dragon Warrior was right. They were on a stake out trying to spy on a home that was suspected to be the lair of Tong Fo, but all she could remember was spending time with the Panda. As they continue to talk and learn tiny details about each other lives, and personal interest, which did help pass the time before Tong Fo arrive at the home. This forced the two to fight and defeat the criminal.

Tigress noticed that Po was beginning to become extremely upset, as she desperately tried to remember any moment that she or the panda spend outside their duties to China, Valley of Peace, or the Jade Palace. "Okay" she said "Well two weeks ago we did," Po looks and listens to the tiger very carefully as cross his hand, and uses his foot to tap on the floor. "No wait I had to skip that in order to meditate, but we did…oh no I had to cancel because Shifu ordered me to go on a mission." As Tigress continues to speak, Po became more and more angry. "We did go to … No I actually forgot about our d…" He then interrupts Tigress since he couldn't take it anymore: "You see, you can even name one time that we spent alone together since we started dating!" Tigress tried to calm him down "Po, please just listen…"

"Listen! I have been listening to you Tigress and it very clear that you care more about Kung Fu than me" Po said as he looks at Tigress with tears in his eyes. He immediately turns away from the Tigress and he runs out of the gym in tears. "Cub! Come Back!" she cries as she watches him leave.

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