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Italicized = A person inner thoughts.


Aubrey was like any other five year old, well maybe not like other five year olds. She was to become the Enrai, highest Elf; ruler of all the different branches of Elves. In the eyes of the Realm who set her above everyone else; with only her father higher than her. It wasn't like she had to rule now and that was what the current crisis Aubrey was having; she didn't want to be stuck listening to her tutor drone on about the history of the Realm she was to rule; when she could be outside playing with her friends.

"Heiress are you listening; or do I need to tell your father that your mind is wandering again!"

"No tutor Rosier, I am listening to every word you say," Mumbling to her herself, she stuck her tongue out when the tutor turned his back.

"Then Heiress, you should be able to recite the current lesson."

Aubrey didn't need to see the face of her tutor to know that he was sneering. Why does her father have to have his councilor tutor her? Tutor Rosiers' children, being some of her best friends, were nothing, like their father. The insufferable, boring, sneering Elf that was currently walking back and forth waiting for Aubrey to reply. It wasn't like she hadn't heard him, she was purposefully ignoring him, with her current ideas of the mischief she could be getting into with her friends. Looking back up into the eyes of the Elf who had now stopped pacing to glare at her, Aubrey came up with the perfect idea.

"Ummmm… You where talking about the First Families that were on the council, and how they are a different race of Elves." The statement sparks another memory for Aubrey, and in greater confidence she started to recite the different houses. "The Malfoy's are moon elves, because of their platinum hair and steel colored eyes. The Riddle's are wood elves, because they are able to speak to animals and serpents. The Prince's are dark elves which is a close kin to the wicked drow, with their dark hair and eyes. Black's are wild elves, with their nature to prank everyone. Rosier are averial elves, because of their wings. The Greybacks are the Lythari elves, they can change into wolves and the humans often mistake them for lycans or werewolves. The Lestrange's are the savage elves, because of their nature and love of torture".

Aubrey looked up to her tutor, shocked, noticing that her tutor's face was turning a very bright shade of red; his face pinched, like he had eaten a lemon.

"That was last week's lesson; this week's lesson was on the roles of each family you just described…You have completely ignored everything I have said for the past two hours…You…You insufferable…"

"Councilor Rosier that is enough…"

The commanding voice that came from the door had Aubrey looking up into the familiar face that she loved so dearly. Running, she jumped into his arms screaming, "PAPA!"

"I'm sorry Your Highness…There are times that the young Heiress's lack of attention drives all reason from my head."

Aubrey gave the mumbling tutor a glare when a deep chuckle that shook her with her father laughing. Looking into the same green eyes that Aubrey had, she started giggling with her father.

"Councilor Rosier, I am sorry to cut your lesson short, but our spy has brought dire news from the Wizarding World."

Aubrey stopped giggling; hearing the serious tone her father was taking. She felt herself being set down, her father was looking down at her; he smiled, the lines creasing in the corner of each eye.

"Run along and play with your friends, just make sure you do not cause too much trouble."

Giving her father a mischievous smirk, which she shared with the tutor, who was now groaning, she shouted a joyful yelp and raced out of the room.

Gellert Grendlewald stopped just short of entering the war room. He had to stop and collect his thoughts on what he was about to say to his trusted councilors. They were more friends than servants to him. The bonds of friendship went back to his days of childhood; much like the bonds his daughter Aubrey was making right now. This was about to all change if a power hungry wizard could not be stopped. One sure way to gaining complete world domination was to control the Enrai. Through him they would have unlimited resources and magic to control every last soul on earth. Elves didn't think of controlling everyone, their magic was spent on creating paradise and enough creature comforts to live comfortably; it wasn't because they were lazy; they just felt it was too much of a headache to control a world they thought of as silly creatures.

Gellert knew these times would come, he only hoped that his Elves would be prepared to meet the hard times that were now upon them. With a feigned resolve, he squared his shoulders, held his head high, and pushed through the double doors making them crash into the walls with a thunderous boom. Smirking as every Elf present jumped, knowing that it wasn't only his daughter that could be mischievous.

In a slow commanding voice, Gellert starts "My trusted councilors, advisors, friends…Our spy has come back today to give the worst news possible, our foe has decided to finally strike. Now it is better to hear the news directly from the source instead of a second hand account. So I will let our young spy take the floor." Gellert then sank into his chair and turned expectant eyes to the youngest Elf in the war room. Laughing to himself at how the nervous young Tom was acting.

As all eyes turned to Tom, he didn't know what to expect. He didn't want to give the news he had learned, it was too horrible to recite for a second time. With the Enrai looking at him with complete trust in his eyes, he knew he had no choice.

"Councilor Riddle, maybe you should give your son a calming draught, to help loosen his tongue."

Tom was nervous; this turned to embarrassment when the council members started snickering. Then, to bring the worst shame possible, his father was rising from his chair; turning a small blush into a glaring hue of red.

"No No, Your Highness that's…Please father sit back down," Tom wanted to calm down, he would not be able to get through what he had to say, if he was a shaking blubbering mess. Taking a couple of deep breaths, he started again closing his eyes to block out distractions.

"All of you are aware that I have been attending Hogwarts School of wizardry and witchcraft, on the High Elf's request. I was sent there discretely to keep an eye on Professor Dumbledore; at this point, he has proven to be a true enemy. I have spent years befriending the basilisk that lives within the chamber of secrets, under the stones of Hogwarts, until finally, after heavy persuasion; she agreed to spy for me. What I learned, I learned through her, at the cost of a witch that attended within those same walls. Last night, the basilisk overheard a conversation between Professor Dumbledore, and what we now know as the order. Professor Dumbledore claims to have found an instrument, which will give him the power to kill the Enrai. With the Enrai dead, and the young Heiress malleable and under his control, he would be able to control all the different Elvin families. He believes that this is for the greater good of the Wizarding World…Not only did the basilisk hear this conversation, but so did this young witch. Dumbledore after catching her snooping, grew enraged, and tortured her. He interrogated her with all sorts of questions about the Elven Realm. The basilisk took pity on this witch; figuring death was better than torture, she stared in the witches eyes and drained the essence of life from her battered soul; he was furious that he did not learn anything, and stormed off. I was in the chamber of secrets when this took place, and after learning of these events, ran through a secret tunnel, which took me to the forbidden forest. I walked for hours until I was past the apparition fields; I pray that I have delivered this message in time. Heed me now; the Enrai's life is in danger, as is the rest of our realm; Dumbledore plans to attack tonight."

Tom was exhausted after having to re-live the events that brought him back in such haste. Sitting down heavily into his chair, he sighed, took a faltered breath, and with eyelids drooping, fell asleep. The last thing Tom said as his eye lids were failing him, haunted his dreams; Dumbledore…..Tonight.

Outraged voices continued to climb higher and higher as each Elf tried to out speak the other. Each raised voice caused Gellert's headache to grow just a little more. Inhaling deeply, he let the voices pass him by, only catching snippets here and there.

"Just spell off Dumbly…something or others dick; that will teach him not to mess with us again." The statement came from councilor Black, always thinking that everything could be solved with a well placed prank. Gellert chuckled at the implications that action would cause.

The silky voice of the councilor Prince, spoke up, "Oh…. do grow up councilor Black, a prank is not going to stop someone who is intent on gaining our magic…If we only had more time, we could have slipped a potion and got rid of this menace."

The cold voice of councilor Malfoy cut over his, "Can you two stop fighting for one night; we need real answers to this problem, neither pranks nor wishes will help us".

Gellert noticed Councilor Malfoy's voice of reason, and stepped in before his other councilor's started fighting. No matter what, each individual Elf is an expert in their given areas; bringing this group together is like housing a room full of children. Another argument and we could have an all out war between the first families.

When he stood up, he almost gained the attention of his fighting councilors. Slamming his hands on the table, shaking the wine glasses with a loud jingle, and producing an echoing thud that would deafen the ears, the room turned their attention toward him. His left hand was outstretched and hovering with a strong finger pointing as if into nowhere and moving from Elf to Elf as he looked each member in the eyes, one by one, demonstrating the rage he felt, which was showing in his brilliant green gaze. Gellert starred them down until they each averted their eyes as he passed them over, stopping on the last Elf. "You are right Councilor Malfoy, we do need real answers. What we are going to do is come up with two plans. One to stop Dumbledore, and the other, in case the worst should happen and I am killed… My daughter….Will… Be protected." The last part was hard to say, knowing that his daughter may have to survive without him.

After several hours of reasonable debate, both plans where finalized. The first plan consisted of playing to each branch family's strengths. The Greybacks were to transform into their wolf forms and attack the people on the ground. In contrast, the Rosier's were to brandish their wings and control the dark sky above. The Riddles who controlled animals and serpents would encumber them to slow attacking forces and to aid the Greybacks, and the Lestrange's were to capture and interrogate live prisoners for more information; torture was always a likely option with them. As for the Blacks, they were to create chaos, confusion, and division with their affinity towards mischievous pranks. The Malfoy's and the Prince's being the equal seconds' in comparison to magic, would aid the Enrai in eliminating anyone that made it through the lines alive.

Everyone understood that invaders where to be either crippled or killed on sight, down to the last one; the only setback, would be the lack of the second and third tier families as they were to scattered within the Realm. The urgency of the crisis; plans that would impart well before they could ever be called to fight.

No one wanted to think about the second plan; although everyone knew what would be required of them. The thought of the High Elf's death at the hands of a distrusted wizard were just too horrific to comprehend. Taking slow steps, Gellert left the war room. He wanted to spend a couple of hours with his family, just in case.

"Aubrey…Aubrey…. it's time to come home."

"Sorry everyone I need to get home, that is my mom calling. Will I see all of you tomorrow?" Aubrey did not want to leave her friends, she was not finished yet; they were having so much fun making plans for their next prank, the excitement would barely let her leave. The prank was a devilish one, against that boorish, over spoken, know it all, Councilor Rosier. He thinks his wings make him smarter than everyone….Ha! Even the councilor's son is helping me with my plans. It was going to be perfect! Aubrey smirked, she just knew that…after tomorrow…that Councilor-know it all…he would be too embarrassed to ever yell at her again.

Bowing their heads, the other children were sad, and almost in unison stated, "Of course young Heiress". Aubrey waved her hands in frantic motions to regain their attention.

"No… please… No bowing…were friends, right!" Aubrey grinned, then after the same mischievous look reserved for her tutors, she smiled again and said curtly, "I only make my fathers' councilor's bow to me, but that's because they are all…well, you know…boring."

The children broke into laughter, after agreeing to plan again tomorrow and Aubrey ran off towards her mother. As she approached her mother, she could hear that musical laugh coming from ahead. She knew her mother heard the last statement she had made to her friends. Shrugging, as if not to have a care in the world, she skipped along beside her mother, smiling and laughing at some unknown humor that was all her own. As they made their way back into the citadel, she spied her father…His Majesty, Lord Grendelwald, Enrai, Keeper of Secrets, Master of the Branches, High Elf of the Elven Realm. He was standing in the atrium humbly awaiting them. With a laugh, she breached her mothers' grasp, and ran into the waiting arms of her father.