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Chapter 59

Severus stalked up the many stairs to the Gryffindor tower, dare he say hoping that blasted Elf actually listened to him for once and stayed away from Harry's bed. Out of all the years he had been in this castle he had never actually came up to the Lion's den. Never once for Lily, curiosity, or for revenge that was well deserved; but one thought of Hermione going near that bed, had him nearly rushing up the stairs to make sure she didn't. Each harried step, making his once cold heart warm slightly; beat a little faster; causing his lips to turn ever so slightly up at the corners. Severus could lie to himself; saying he these reactions were to keep his Enrai safe; to keep Hermione safe, but that would be a lie. This was all caused because he would be able to see that Elven daemon one more time.

The same daemon that warmed his heart was able to get under his skin, make him feel again. In the last month he had felt more emotions since the time his world went cold with pushing Lily away. The cleansing fire of anger, blessed coolness of displeasure, bitter cold of fear, nervousness, joy, could he even say happiness? All of which surrounded a know-it-all former witch now turned Elf; that seemed to live just for these reasons. With the news that the Heiress would be brought back; all the jealously and anger he felt at loosing Lily came flooding back. Before while not bearable, Severus at least had someone who understand his pain. But with Aubrey back the Dark Lord now could no longer relate to Severus. With the news of today; when seeing fate being kind to the Dark Lord; who was he to deign fate the second chance it was giving him. Even if that second chance was wrapped up in the too curious package of the Elven Daemon named Hermione.

Before Severus noticed it he was already poised at the portrait ready to knock; when said portrait opened quickly nearly taking out his overly large nose. A small hand reached through grabbing his sleeve pulling him through quickly; the portrait swing closed with a hushed snick.

Words barely loud enough to be heard filtered across his senses, "The fat lady would have told McGonagall that you were here if we woke her up; didn't want to take the chances of her telling the headmaster of your presence."

Severus lifted an eyebrow before leaning forward to whisper, "Very astute… I am almost impressed with your forethought… Ms. Granger." And just because he couldn't resist with a near smile tilting his lips he reached out and flicked the top of her perfectly looking human ears.

A shocked gasp escaped Hermione's mouth as one hand flew to the offended ear, "What was that for Severus, I know full well my glamour is in place?"

Severus felt his chest rumble with the slow baritone drawl, "Sorry, my eyes must have deceived me like they had been doing all week. I could swear a couple of times I saw those delicate appendages peeking through the curls."

Not taking any chances Hermione covered her ears with her hands; turning sharply on her heel to walk quickly up the stairs that must lead to the boys dormitories and Harrys bed. Severus quickly ducked into the room filled with the snores and other such sleep sounds of 15 year old boys. Having the urge to impress, he quickly waved his hands towards each bed housing a sleeping wizard; casting a frozen time spell. Next he locked the door, and put up a silencing ward so neither Hermione or he would be heard will inspecting the cursed bed.

A long forgotten spark filled his black eyes as he spoke; his normal voice sounding overly loud in the quiet room. "Hermione…" He almost winced at the use of her given name; he hadn't meant to call her that yet; but it was getting harder every day to keep it off of his tongue. The setting was too intimate, to quiet, and her name rolled off before he had a chance to stop it. "Come we need to work quickly."

Hermione gestured towards her dorm mates, "what about them? Will they be all right?" Her cheeks flushed eyes wide as she stared at him. Her innocence shining through that usually is hidden by bravery.

A sneer formed as Severus spoke, nearly forgetting about the frozen wizards, "Yes… they will be just fine it is only a simple Elven spell that will let us work undetected." He walked towards Harry's bed looking at critically, "Come here… help me look for anything that is out of place."

Hermione came over quickly and started looking for anything out of place, first peering at the bedposts and around the foot of the bed. Next she reached out to grab the end of the blanket; when a hand shot out stopping her from touching the bed millimeters from making contact. "Do not touch the bed… We think it's cursed and you want to touch it with your bare hands?"

Severus noticed with a smirk color rising in Hermione's face as he let go of the hand he was holding. She slowly took out her wand and started casting the needed spells in order to move things and lift them so as not to actually touch the bed. With a small nod of approval Severus went back to his own inspection.

After thirty minutes of searching nothing could be found indicating anything unusual by the eye, Severus began casting other spells to see if the curse was woven into the bed. After exhausting every spell wizard and Elvan he knew; it turned up nothing that would tell him anything different than this was just a normal bed. Severus looked over to Hermione, when he saw her standing there, almost with a look of awe on her face. "There is nothing here…"

Hermione closed her mouth with a snap, and shook her head before speaking, "Then I guess we will have to conduct more research to find the spells needed. And Severus… I do mean both of us."

Severus couldn't resist the near smile, nor his heart warming again before answering, "I wouldn't have it any other way." He undid every spell he casted on the room, and quietly followed Hermione out of the lion's den; leaving a silently as he came through.

Coming to a final decision; Severus was not going to let this second chance slide through his fingers. He was going to grab ahold of it, protect it with his entire being, and cherish it like the miracle it was. He only had nine months to wait till he could properly claim what was his; and was nine months compared to the hell he was living for more than decade previously? His steps became lighter as hope for the future filled him; he now had everything he was always missing at his fingertips; as long as he could hold on tight enough.

Harry awoke to the steel eyes looking at him from under the blond lashes of his mate feeling for the first time completely rested and full of energy since coming back to school. A wide grin spread across his face and his eyes danced with mischief as he looked at Draco. Who now narrowed his eyes at his morning fate he saw filtering across Harrys face.

With a lithe twist and a surprising show of agility and strength; Harry maneuvered his reluctant mate onto his back with him sitting on Draco's stomach, feet holding his legs down, and hands holding down arms. With a quick whispered "Incarsouces!" Draco's eyes widened and his lungs drew in great gulps of air.

Harry knew Draco was better than he was at the start of the winter holidays; but it still wasn't enough for Harry. He wanted more; he wanted to see what the blond hid under his clothes, to feel the warmth of skin seep through his fingers as he discovered all of Draco's secrets. If he hadn't tied his mate down than Draco would never have let him find out; and waiting for his birthday was too far away to wait.

"Harry, let me up!" Draco said through clinched teeth; the muscles in his arms and neck standing out from trying to break free.

Harry bit his lower lip, shaking his head no to uttered demand from his mate. Leaning forward as he slid back onto Draco's lap whispering, "I can't, you need to protect me."

"Protect.. You from…" The shimmy that Harry did cut off Draco's words, making them into a gasp.

Leaning forward again creating more friction, Harry whispered, "From myself…" He looked into Draco's eyes; that started to cloud over in need and want, but he wasn't their yet. Not nearly to the point of losing control that Harry needed right at that moment. He was close though, looking into those stormy eyes; Harry slowly released each button pushing Draco's shirt off to the side. He wanted to feel, touch, taste the beautiful being under him. Slowly running the tips of his fingers of each muscle; scratching hip bones, and reaching down to take a slow swipe of his tongue of a hardened nipple; caused Draco to nearly arch off the bed in pleasure.

Harry placed his lips a hairsbreadth from Draco's, a plea whispered across them, "Please…" He hoped his mate understood that right now he needed this more than anything else. He slowly deepened the kiss when a groan from under him rumbled through his body. Before he could release the magic holding Draco in place; his mate broke through with a gasp; bring his arms around to hold Harry closer to him.

Harry's heart skipped a beat as he felt the bottom of his shirt lift higher; only breaking the kiss a second before Draco resumed it with renewed passion. Sitting both of them up as one hand went to the back of Harry's head getting entangled in his hair. While the other reached lower grabbing his butt; bring them even closer together.

Harry couldn't move, Draco effectively trapping him with arms trapped between two bodies and his legs trapped between a back and headboard. Draco bent his knees up and out, making it so Harry's crotch slid a delicious inch down; when the arm contracted moving his butt back up the same inch. Making both Harry shudder and gasp as the blond shivered and growled breaking the kiss; "Tell me to stop…"

Draco had yet to stop the torturous slow inch by inch friction that was sending shivers racing up and down Harry's spine. Clouding his mind, with each little movement, only able to udder the same plea as before; "Please!" Harry begged with his eyes instead to not stop, never stop.

Harry tried to wriggle his hips creating more of that friction his body was craving, but the arms tightened again, cutting off that tiny bit of movement he could manage. The arms, hands, fingers should have hurt, but they didn't only holding Harry closer, almost reverently as they started the slow inch slide up and down again.

It became too much, yet not enough, Harry wasn't in control; but he wouldn't have it any other way. He loved the feeling of not being in control for once on his life; as each pass of his clothed erection came across Draco's. A litany of incoherent words fall from his lips, "Please…More…Need…" And even that must have been too much for Draco as he silenced them when he took control of Harry's mouth. Mapping out each contour as he brought Harrys tongue out to play.

It started simply, heat and light radiating out from his groin, traveling up to his brain where a starburst of colors exploded, blocking all the senses. His body convulsed as he felt his release leave him; causing each inch of movement to become too much on his over sensitized flesh. Harry moaned out his distress, breaking the kiss that consumed Draco; as each aftershock made him jerk and twitch.

With a growl of need that Harry had never before heard come from his mate; Draco resumed the kiss with greater intensity. Arms banded tighter around him, as the body under him started to shake; a pledge gasped out over his kiss bruised lips, "Harry."

Hands traced his back relieving the tension Harry didn't even know was there, as Draco moved his head back to stare into his eyes. Words were not necessary; just by looking they both could see the love swimming for the other. He buried his head back into Draco neck, closing his eyes in bliss; feeling his body being moved, lifted, carried to an unknown location. Harry didn't care; he just didn't want this moment to end too soon; still awestruck his imperfect body was able to fulfill Draco's passion.

He felt his body slowly slide down Draco's, as his mate set him on his feet, turning him so he faced away. The sound of shower started, as he felt the bottoms of his sleepwear come off. Hands maneuvered him into the shower as he felt his mate wash every square inch of his body. Worshipping as the glided across every dip, valley, plane, scar; creating tears to fall from the beauty they inspired. Arms secured him to Draco, when the whispered words almost too loud from the silence of earlier whisper, "Thank you love…"

Draco watched his mate from across the great hall, as he laughed and teased a very red Hermione. This morning was unexpected, far exceeding anything he thought would happen, but the instinct that he thought would be plaguing him right now was nonexistent. Maybe it was because he still felt in awe of his mate; the perfection he knew was all his. He didn't know how he became so lucky to have Harry; but was eternally grateful the fates did.

He begged Harry this morning to stop it, because now that he had a taste he wouldn't be able to stop. All he could think about was the next time he got his mate alone again. Even catching the very green eyes, made him harden in anticipation; as the danced with a never seen before light. He placed that light there in those green eyes of his mate; pride filling him as he replayed the events over again in his head. The pretty pleas spoken against his skin; the control he had as his mate surrendered it all to him. It was enlightening, empowering, and humbling all at the same time.

Draco watched as Harrys head tilted forward, his laughter flowing across the great hall. He couldn't stand it anymore; being this far away from Harry. He slowly rose from his seat leaving his plate uneaten as he strolled to his mate's side. He stood behind his mate noticing his mate was unaware of his presence.

He let his fingers have a mind of their own as they carded through the wavy locks; drawing a gasp of delight from the still swollen bow shaped lips. Draco smiled in delight when he felt Harry turn to bury his face into his stomach. Looking down as a soft smile graced his features caught in his own world at such a simple action from his mate creating so much pleasure.

Harry stood, taking his hand leading him from the great hall; Hermione following them both as they made their way to their potions lesson that day.

Lucius looked from Dumbledore to his son and mate; eyes narrowing in concern. Something happened between those two; they were close before, but now it became tangible. Something that wasn't just seen but could be tasted between those two; you could touch the difference. And he wasn't the only one who noticed, the Headmaster was also noticing.

Lucius nudged Severus, pointing out where Dumbledore was looking; watching as the Dark Elf's eyes drew wide in fear for a minute before he also noticed the change in both Draco and Harry. So it wasn't just those two that something had changed; but also between Severus and Hermione as well. Looked like the next six months were going to become very interesting.