Super short drabble, hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal sad as it is haha

Derek sighed as he got to the door of his office. The team had just gotten back from a difficult case; the last thing he wanted to do was paperwork. However, being the acting unit chief he knew that he needed to get the work done. Hotch had always done it and never complained.

Derek swung his door open unenthusiastically. He wished he was at Penelope's having movie night like they usually would after a case. But now he was stuck at the damn BAU filling out useless forms.

As Derek set down is go bag he saw a toy on his desk. Upon closer inspection he realized it was a superman nightlight. A smile flickered across his face as he realized who must have left it there for him.

Sure enough there was a note scribed in unmistakable handwriting laying next to where superman had been.

Hot Stuff-

Even superman needs someone. Come over when you're done. :)

Derek grinned for the first time in days. That woman knew him well. For the first time, he sat down happy to do his reports, eager to get home to his Baby Girl.