Return of the Knight of the Wind

Chapter 1 – Revival of the Past

"You shall regret the day you ever raised your sword against me!" proclaimed the Black Knight. Sonic and his trusty sacred sword Caliburn had quickly gone to Avalon to face off against the Black Knight and bring order once more to Camelot Castle and to the citizens of the kingdom.

"Let's finish this off once and for all!" replied Sonic as he took off in pursuit of the Black Knight. "Onward Sonic, Knight of the Wind!" exclaimed Caliburn as Sonic neared to make his Soul-Surged strike…

BANG! Sonic awoke to the sound of Knuckles' fist pounding on the front door. He had fallen asleep on his soft blue couch after reading through his old adventure in King Arthur's book, now dubbed Sonic and the Black Knight. As he looked around dazed and thought about why Knuckles came to his house at such an unusual hour, Knuckles' temper got the best of him and broke through the door. As Knuckles tossed aside the door's splintered remains Sonic asked, "Whoa Knux! Ever heard the expression KNOCK on wood?"

"That's not the issue at the moment. Tails has something urgent to tell you and since your royal knightliness wasn't awake I had to bust your Z's… or your door anyways," replied Knuckles as he saw Sonic holding his book.

"Alright I'm coming; I'll be there in a Sonic second… Or two…" answered Sonic groggily as he slowly got up and pulled on his beloved red sneakers.

When Sonic finally pulled himself together and ran to Tails' house, he found the yellow-orange two-tailed fox sitting nervously on a recliner chair in his modernized yellow living room. Knuckles, still worked up from having to wake up Sonic, was in the adjacent game room, punching the stuffing out of a fighting dummy oddly resembling a certain blue hedgehog.

"Hey Sonic! What took you so long?" Tails urgently asked.

Before Sonic could answer Knuckles uppercut the dummy, sent its head flying into the living room, and mocked, "Well his majesty couldn't pull his big nose out of his book!"

"You're one to talk with the snout you sport Knucklehead," Sonic retorted. "Anyways, I was having a heck of a dream where I was back in the story book fighting the Black Knight, King Arthur-"

"Do you still expect us to believe that you went into two story books where you fought alongside a genie in a (jewelry) ring to defeat an Eraser thing and a talking sword to defeat a black knight and crazy witch?"

"No offense Sonic, but that does sound quite far-fetched…" commented Tails. No wonder Amy was mad at Sonic for a week after he got that book… "Anyways, lately there has been a large amount of Egg Fighters and hovercrafts entering deep into the forest. They seem to be searching for something, yet my equipment doesn't detect any Chaos Emeralds. I think it'd be for the best to go check out what Eggman's-"

"Finally something to do!" interrupted Sonic with joy. "I thought for a moment ol' Baldy Nosehair had given up after the Time Eater incident failed!"

"Baldy… Nosehair? Where… the hell did that… come from?" Knuckles said between laughs.

"It was back when the wisp Yacker… Never mind, let's get going to the Deep Woods," answered Tails. "Something looked odd about the Fighters that were going in… Anyways, it's been a while since Knuckles came on an adventure hasn't it?"

"This will be just like the good ol' days! Remember how the once short and childish Tails used to kick your ass to send you into a team blast Sonic?"

"Yeah, that was also back when you weren't as much of a hothead," Sonic jokingly said. "Anyways, here we go!"

Author's Note: Well here it is, my first fanfiction. I hope this is enjoyable as I'll try to post new chapters every few days. Please review and offer feedback to what you liked and what could be improved, thank you!